October 2011


Don McQueen did some investigating on this historic Candian steam image of Canadian Northern Railway 4-6-0 #145: CaNoR 145 was likely Pittsburgh #743 of 9-1884; as Burlington Cedar Rapids & Northern 81; then BCR&N 145; later CRI&P 1207, then CRI&P 1107; Sold second hand in 9-1906 as CaNoR 145; 1-1912 to CaNoR F-2-B 1002; Scrapped 9-1917 at Fort Rouge.  Photo lcation MAY be Fort Rouge (Winnipeg), MB, the date MAY be 1907 or 1908 judging from the recently painted out "Burlington Route" rectangle on the tender - if indeed that is what is was. Another indicator supporting the 1907 or 1908 date is the relatively new box car in the background - CaNoR 44262 became CNR 316149 after 1919 and was from a group of box cars built between 1907 and 1909.

(Photo collection of Rail Archive Stephenson)

Steamtown USA

On September 13th Grand Trunk Western U-1c 4-8-2 6039 was receiving prep work for paint after coming out of an extensive asbestos abatement program at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania. (Pictures from Daniel Barnett with thanks).

Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society


On August 25th 2011 Wayne D. Shaw photographed Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway (HBLR) 21-ton 0-4-0 S.T. #2 as it prepares to run around its train “The Portage Flyer” at Fairy Lake Station. Many years ago, this old station building was the HBLR Navigation Co. Purser's Cabin at Norway Point, Lake of Bays, ON. Looking closely, one can see names carved into the wooden siding dated as early as 1917!

Wayne explains this odd looking little critter is very practical on a small narrow gauge operation and is called upon to do track inspection and maintenance. Brookville switcher HBLR #4 is also used for yard work and to pull the steamers out of the shed while the locomotives build up steam when fired up. This small loco actually rescued the train once when the steamer broke down at the other end of the line, though Wayne personally would be inclined to utilize GE 26-ton HBLR #3 should a similar situation occur. Wayne shot HBLR #4 at Muskoka Heritage Place in Huntsville, Ontario July 9th. 2011.

Here is the Engineer’s Point of View while taking the old Brookville for a spin up the line after a tune-up. This little switcher is powered by a late '60s Ford small block coupled to an automatic transmission and a reversible transfer case (allowing reversing at normal speeds without over-revving the motor) powering the rear axle. Power is transmitted to the front wheels by two big roller chains which make a distinctive clicking noise while traveling. HBLR #4 is used for track inspections and maintenance, as well as playing around in the yard. A sign on the dash of the engine reads "The maximum allowable speed for this locomotive is 75 MPH”, a speed Wayne (and most) would find hard to imagine for this little critter.


Exporail (CRHA)

In late-September the AMT locomotive and rolling stock donated in August were in transit to the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in St-Constant, QC. Former AMT GP9RM 1311, (ex-CN 4307), EGU 603, (ex-VIA/CN 15402), and former GO Transit Coach 1101 are shown in the West Yard at CN Taschereau on September 18th. They were then  interchanged with CP St-Luc Yard at Parsley, and later lifted to Delson, QC, and dropped on the industrial spur connecting to the museum. 

Alberta Railway Museum

A few corrections to our ARM photo caption posted last month: The ARM is not contracting for the track repair, they are hosting PNR Railworks who are rehabilitating the track from Edmonton to Fort McMurray – changing ties, installing welded rail and fixing crossings. Regarding CP GP30 5000, the ARM are storing it for another society and only exists there because they rescued it from the scrapper. It was unfair to accuse them of neglecting the locomotive because we feature CN and NAR units. CRLX GP9u 1561 will be going to Shell (not Esso) in Scotford, Alberta for further work. We also forgot to mention that GTW 4520 is a passenger geep oriented to run long hood forward – one of the few that still exist. (Herb Dixon – President Alberta Railway Museum).

Kevin Andrusia took these great shots of CNR #6060 4-8-2 Mountain type “The Spirit of Alberta” operating over the Alberta Prairie Railway at Big Valley Alberta August 2011.




 One of my favourite photos is this one by my friend Mark Forseille, of ex-BC RAIL nee-CPR 4-6-4 Royal Hudson #2860 and BNSF 6422 on an excursion at Burnaby, BC February 09 2010 before the Vancouver Olympics where TEAM CANADA won the GOLD, twice in hockey




In late-September the British steam 4-4-0 locomotive was seen loaded and covered onto flat car CN 639957. GWR 4-4-0 563 and the Director's Carriage were brought over from the UK for the summer performances of the “Railway Children” at John St. by the TRHM. The flat was ready to move east to Halifax in Sept 22, 2011 at Toronto's CN Mac Yard.

Walter Pfefferle visited the museum on September 20th and took these great shots of CN 6213. The was taken thru the glass floor of the CN Tower.

CPR 4-6-0 Display

 On September 8th, Bill Thomson caught former CPR 4-6-0 #1095 being mounted on is its new display track in Kingston, ON. The locomotive was constructed at CLC in Kingston in October 1913. The tender is currrently at a shop in Maitland, Ontario being fixed up.


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