October 2011

 Motive Power News


 Wearing full CN Livery with their paint shop and new releases.


2099 - Centralia 
2161 - Centralia 
2135 -  Centralia 2162 - Metro East Industries
2136 - Centralia  2163 - Centralia
2138 - Centralia  2164 - Woodcrest 
2139 - Centralia 2165 - NRE - Dixmoor
2141 - Woodcrest 2167 - Quality Rail 
2144 - Centralia  2169 - Centralia
2145 - Centralia  2170 - Metro East Industries
2146 - Centralia  2177 **- Quality Rail
2147 - Woodcrest  2178** - Centralia
2148 - Woodcrest 2181** - Centralia
2149 - Centralia  2188 - Centralia
2151 - Centralia 2191 -  Quality Rail  
2152 - Woodcrest  2193** - Quality Rail
2153 - Centralia 2194 - Woodcrest
2154** - Woodcrest 2196** - Centralia
2155 - Centralia 2197 - Centralia
2156 - Centralia  
2157 - Centralia  
2159 - Centralia  

** September (37 of 67 total units now finished)     

Trace locations of CN 2098-2199:

         (CN ex-UP C40-8, ex-BNSF C40-8W)

 Report compiled by Joe Ferguson (with thanks):

Six C40-8W’s were painted this month - 2154 emerged from Woodcrest, 2177 and  2193 from Quality Rail, and 2178, 2181, and 2196 by Centralia.
2185 and 2098 (ex-BNSF 847, 865) are in prep at Centralia, 2195 is in process at Woodcrest, 2177 at Quality, and 2168 at NRE-Dixmoor.

Painted but incomplete, on September 24th Mark Mautner photographed CN 2196 in transit at TRRA Madison missing number boards lights etc.


September 15th George Redmond caught freshly painted (but incomplete) CN 2154 on southbound CN train M336 with CN 8876, IC 1028, and dead-in-tow CN 2154, ex-GTW 5947, and ex-GTW 5939 departing Centralia, IL.

September 13th George Redmond clicked CN C40-8 2101 leading a northbound manifest train thru Centralia IL. This locomotive sat stored around the Centralia Turntable for many months waiting on a replacement generator.

George noted CN 2178 (an unfinished Woodcrest repaint), and soon to get repainted ex-BNSF 865 and 847 at the CN engine facility in Centralia on September 27th.

Glen Mounk clicked CN 2149 trailing on #343 with a long 175 car train. The 11,596 foot long train is seen getting longer, picking up grain cars previously dropped off by 437 on August 29th.  This ex-BNSF C40-8W was painted at Centralia only couple of months ago.

 On August 20th Wayne Shaw caught “hunchbacked” CN ES44AC 2263 in charge of CN A45131 20 has just made its early morning drop at Huntsville and will now return to pick up the rest of its train before continuing on to North Bay. The modified long hood houses emissions testing equipment.

Chris Gertz caught Train 331 on September 13th with BC Rail C40-8M 4643 leading through Paris Junction, Ontario, and apposing Train 330 with IC SD70 1015 leading at the same location.


George Redmond captured this scene of CN 2531 leading SB train M336 under the bridge at Centraila, as NS 2670 leading EB train 111 pulls up along side.

George also photographed the following units at Centralia, IL, September 13th: CN C40-8W 2145 is the 2nd unit of stopped NS train 436 which has just arrived with CN 5651, 2145, and 5695.  The CN crew is about to board and take the same coal train SB over CN trackage.    

Trevor Wiley clicked CN at Aldershot (Burlington, Ontario) on July 31st with C44-9W 2684 leading train 422.

CN News

CN is considering to abandon part of the Intercolonial Route and discontinue service from Moncton to Miramichi in New Brunswick. This decision is related to the scheduled closure of the large mine on the Nippisiquit Sub, and almost all the pulp mills along this line have shut down. As well CN is saying the line is in need of upgrading, and had to impose long standing temporary track speed limits. Rather than continue to spend money on the former Intercolonial route, CN would prefer to upgrade the former National Transcontinental line through Edmundston, NB which has several large trestle bridges. However, this will leave the province with only one CN line, the last one remaining, including for use by Via Rail, should the line from Moncton through northern New Brunswick be eliminated. CN is currently assessing the need for the northern line. It might seem logical that the faster, shorter line which is in better physical condition would be the better option for rail passengers and freight customers alike. However, as Marcus Garnet, president of Transport Action Atlantic, explains, that would leave no rail service at all between Moncton and the north shore - for passengers or freight

Michael Da Costa clicked IC E9 101 sitting out in front of the shops at CN's MacMillan Yard “Family Day”, September 18th.

On September 9th Mike Garza noted a CN memorial train at Woodcrest with CN 8911, IC E9 100 and three business cars prepared for the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.


 The same day Mike spotted SOO Gp38-2’s 4414 and 4515 waiting for their move to Progress Rail in Mayfield KY, while EJE 668 worked CN Markham Yard just across from the Homewood, Illinois METRA commuter depot.

September 24th Jesse Acorn spotted damaged CN SD40-2W 5251 at Walker Yard, in Edmonton, AB.  This unit is believed to be one of the units involved in a level crossing collision with a semi truck at Villeneuve, AB on Sept 18th on the Sangudo Sub between Edmonton to Kaybob.



Andy Cassidy was up in Yale, BC September 4th, and clicked this Powder River Coal train destined to Prince Rupert. CN 8850 (SD70M-2) leading two BNSF units 9149 (SD70ACe) and 5967 (ES44AC), and CN 2304 (ES44DC) pushing on the rear. This is the only leg of CP trackage he'll run on, transferring back to CN at Kamloops, BC.



An impressive sight for all our full cowl lovers, on September 2oth Andy Cassidy caught a CN Transfer with five SD60F's moving a train of empty grain hoppers back to Thorton Yard. CN 5526-5540-5508-5521-5533 are passing the BNSF station in New Westminster, BC with  BNSF Van 12548 on the service track as a Skytrain zips overhead on its guide-way.


CN Vignettes

 Kevin Andrusia took these steaming shots of CNR #6060 4-8-2 Mountain type “The Spirit of Alberta” operating over the Alberta Prairie Railway at Big Valley, AB August 13th, 2011

While 4-8-2 Bullet Nose Betty #6060 is better knowm, CNR had another Excursion locomotive in CNR 6218, a 4-8-4 Northern type painted black with elephant ears. Phil Mason submitted these photos of #6218 in excursion service back in the day.

Bill Thomson took these shots at Macmillan Yard 40-years ago! CN SD40 5022, C630M 2033 and GMD1 1917 await their next assignment in Toronto all sporting the large noodle livery.

On January 1st, 2004, avid Baer photographed CQPA GMD1u 1155 at the old Youngstown and Southern Shop in Negley, OH. The CQPA had a pair of GMD1u's for use on the old Y&S, the 1155 and the 1157. Both came from parent D&R and were used by the CQPA from 2000 to 2004. In 2005, the units were returned to parent D&R.

 This roster shot of CQPA GMD1 1157 was taken by David in Sept. 2000 in Darlington, PA, just after the CQPA returned service to the south end of the old Y&S, The 1157 has just been repainted and relettered for the return to service to Darlington.

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