October 2011

AMT - Agence Metropolitaine de Transport

AMT news editor Jean-Francois Turcotte:


Due to Tie Replacement work on the Montreal Sub September 10-13thth AMT diverted the Lakeshore train off the main line at North Junction over o the St. Luc Yard West Loop Branch, and then back onto the Vaudreuil-Sub as it had done a few weeks ago.


AMT ALP-45DP 1350 was spotted outside the AMT Shop Sortin Yard located near CP St-Luc Yard. (Note the clearance measuring markers affixed to the engine in the top photos).   The dual-mode AMT electric loco was at the shop for employee familiarization and have begun testing on the AMT Dorion-Vaudreuil line.  On September 13th Ken Goslett caught AMT ALP-45DP (Extra 1350 west) testing at Dorval, Cedar Park and Brucy, QC with a single Bombardier Commuter cab coach.

 Lorence Toutant clicked AMT 1350, first of the 20 ALP-45DP loco’s ordered by AMT on a test run (shot at MP 19.3) on the electrified Deux-Montagnes line with an AMT (BBD double-decker) coach, and F59PHI 1329 pushing at the rear on July 18th. More are to arrive this month. Nice trumpets!

Ten former GO F59PH’s moved to VIA TMC (Toronto Maintenance Centre). 543, 544, 545, 548, 549, 550, 552, 553, 555, and 556, were purchased by AMT for Montreal commuter service in August, but are still in Toronto.  For safety, they can only be moved one at a time, and will likely be sent to American Motive Power, or another locomotive shop before being sent to AMT. All ten have had the GO lettering covered over and number boards removed and these will likely retain the same numbers on the AMT roster.  However as of September 26th, all 10 were covered with tarpaulins at Willowbrook Yard, Toronto.

AMT rosters several ex-GO F59PH’s obtained in a long-term lease contract through RB Recycling (CAD), as well as some rebuilt and leased from Railworld These ex-GO units from Railworld, SLC 526, 530 and 532 are painted in AMT colours).  As well, AMT owns a fleet of the newer EMD F59PHI’s, so adding standard-model F59PH’s acquired from GO will further standardize the AMT motive power roster. 


(GO news Editor Daniel Dell’Unto)

Rebuilt GO Transit F59PH 561 on train #807 departing Rutherford GO Station September 7th. Trains #806 and #807 were recently added to deal with overcrowding on the Barrie line. GO Transit 557-564 are being retained and rebuilt for continued service."

The ten former GO F59PH’s moved to VIA TMC (Toronto Maintenance Centre) in August: 543, 544, 545, 548, 549, 550, 552, 553, 555, and 556, have been purchased by AMT for Montreal commuter service, but are still in Toronto. For safety, they can only be moved one at a time. All ten have had the GO lettering covered over and number boards removed and these will likely retain the same numbers on the AMT roster.   The ten were lined up in the southeast part of Willowbrook Yard on September 9th without GO markings and numbers. Keith Thomson confirmed September 27th  the 10 were covered with  tarpaulins, and at press time remain stored in the east end of the yard.

GO is also receiving the last of its recent order for bilevel cars numbered 2755-2770. They are delivered by CP from Bombardier's Thunder Bay ON plant to CN in Toronto for final delivery to GO. As of late July, deliveries were up to car 2765.

On September 11th, the Toronto Transportation Society chartered a train of soon-to-retire 1970's era H4 subway cars as a final farewell. They toured various rail lines on the system (Yonge-University-Spadina and Bloor-Danforth lines) which included photo-stops, and trips around Greenwood and Wilson Yards. A photo of the charter train departing Davisville subway station by Cameron Applegath, from the former CNR Beltline Spur bridge (now a walking trail):

Currently, there are a number of new Bombarider "Toronto Rocket" subway trains out in service on the Yonge-University-Spadina line. Delivieries of new cars are continuing, and Bombardier T1's from the YUS are expected to migrate to the Bloor-Danforth line to allow retiring of the H4 cars. The H5 anf H6 cars will be retired in the future as more trainsets come online.

It was announced that the TTC is going to sell 255 of its H5 and H6 subway cars to the city of Lagos in Nigeria, for a light rail project. Price is still under negotiation.

Details on the newest TTC Streetcar fleet:


Toronto Transit Commission TTC Trip

Text and Photos Walter E. Pfefferle


The Geezer Club took their annual TTC trip whichj involved riding anything in Tornto Ontario that ran on rails. The trip started with a trip on GO into Toronto. We then switched to streetcars and headed to the subway entrance. Here is one of TTC's skinned streetcars as it makes it way through Toronto.



Next we hopped on the subways and made our way under Toronto heading to the light rail in Scarbourough Ontario. We had a lookout for the new subway cars but never managed to be in the right spot to see one.

Here are a couple views of the subway in action.




We arrived at the Scarborough Rapid Transit and rode it to the end of the line. This is a driven by linear induction motor system similar to Vancouver' Sky Train. In Toronto an operator is on board unlike Vancouver where they are fully automatic.



We then headed back to Union Station to catch the rush hour and then catch our train home. Here we see some of the GO trains waiting their turn to join the rush as well as VIA arriving to add to the confusion.




We all enjoyed the trip and for the price of a $10 day pass you can ride all modes of transportation all day and night if you want. :-) We are already looking forward to next year. Additional photos of the trip can be found at:


Walter also took a trip to the Torornto GO Maintenance Center on the 20th of September. Photos of his trip can be seen at can be found at

Below are a couple from that trip.




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