November 2011

Mike Garza clicked brand new Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad 3GS21B #2140 at NRE-Dixmoor, Illinois October 2nd. A few days later, Larry Amaloo caught the IHB genset in service, leading a caboose and a couple of tank cars south through Blue Island junction, Illinois October 8th.

Mike also spotted NREX 418, a 1GS7B built by NRE Silvis  and heading to Mittal in Hamilton ON at IHB's Blue Island yard. IORY GP 40-1's 4034 + 4036 were also on hand that day - a rare pairing.

On October 4th Joe Ferguson caught one of the four Leaf gensets in use at the large ADM mill in Decatur, IL.   RSSX 1681 was built from a former MoPac GP50 still with its former UP number, 1681.  The other Leaf units are constructed from various retired geeps.

In the first week of October, Joe noted the numbers of ex UP SD90MAC-H2’s are dwindling, as many are cut up at Progress Rail in Mayfield. KY. However, Former UP SD90MAC-H2’s 8534, 8542, and 8555 were re-lettered for Alcan Smelters and Chemicals Limited. Stored in Paducah, KY for many years. ALCX 8542 and 8555 were spotted October 21st in Selkirk NY by Ramon Monlea.  These three were in transit e/b in October over CSX destined to the MMA diesel shop in Derby Maine for contract work.

 UP SD59MX's 9903, 9904, 9905, 9909, which feature the 12 cylinder 710ECO engine, were sitting at the Progress shops. 

 An 15 additional SD60M's will emerge as UP SD59MX's 9910-9924. 10 in varied stages of transformation are on Progress property. 5 not yet shopped are stored nearby.

SD60> SD59MX SD60> SD59MX SD60> SD59MX
2424 9910 2470 9915 2488 9920
2428 9911 2471 9916 2503 9921
2431 9912 2476 9917 2504 9922
2440 9913 2477 9918 2506 9923
2450 9914 2482 9919 2509 9924

METX F40PH 130 still also here, sitting back near the south loco storage area. METX 129 shipped out on the Oct 4th and was in Paducah, KY on the 5th.   Several other METX's in various states of rebuild present.   There is quite a bit of other power here, many ex NS and BNSF SW1500's, old CSXT GP40's, a TRRA SW1200, ex UP SD40T-2's... all waiting for future homes.

George Redmond photographed Evansville Western Railway EVWR GP39-2 3836 as the lead unit on a EB grain train MCL1 at Okawville, IL on October 5th. 

The first week of October, George caught one of the brand new GEVO locomotives for Ferrosur, a Mexican railroad that merged with FerroMex back in March 2011. The Ferrocarril del Sureste (reporting mark FSRR, and commonly known as Ferrosur), is a railroad serving the south-eastern region of Mexico. The company was formed by the granting of two concessions as part of the privatization of Mexico's railways in 1998 and the subsequent merger of those two concessions in 2000. The company operates the vital rail line between Mexico City and Mexico's busiest Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic port at Veracruz.

Falling across George Redmond's path near BNSF’s Centralia yard October 12th was BNSF Gp38-2 2353, only minutes ahead of an approaching thunderstorm and creating a dynamic photo.

Mark Herren captured this colorful CLC quartet crossing the Cowlitz River trestle at Rocky Point, WA October 5TH. Leading GP38 Temple and Central Texas TC 2008 and sister 2005 were recently replaced on their former Patriot Rail ranch with LTEX GP15-1's TC 1446 (see Mike Garza photo @ Blue Island in June “South”) and 1455. Trailing in Mark’s shot, Columbia and Cowlitz Gp38-3 CLC 3805 - also leased from LTE, was spied August 21ST  in BNSF’s Northtown yard by Matt Petersen on its way west through in Minneapolis.

The ALCO Heritage Museum in Schenectady, N.Y. held their inaugural Gala on October 22nd, 2011. The Gala was held at the Museum, and the Museum's design was unveiled for the first time. Congressman Paul Tonko was a guest speaker. And all proceeds went to fund the Museum.

On October 4th, 2011, André St-Amant clicked Conway Scenic (CSRX)  GP35 216 and GP38-2 252 leading the Notch Train, at the beautifully restored Crawford's Notch Depot, minutes before its departure for Fabyans, NH, and minutes before arriving at the Crawfords Notch station.  The former MAINE CENTRAL Mountain Divison lives!

On his visit stateside in October, Walter Pfefferle clicked a couple of former passenger geeps currently used by the Northern Ohio & Western (NOW) in Tiffin Ohio. OMLX GP9 1701 and Central Kansas Railway GP7 701 are shown parked behind a building in Tiffin, Ohio October 5th 2011.

Walter also caught one of the starts of the movie Unstoppable, W&LE 6356 paired with 6357 at Greenwich Ohio on Oct 6th 2011.

Later that day he also caught Wheeling & Lake Erie 305 arriving in Bellevue Ohio.

© CRO November 2011