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November 2011


The last open house for the largest operating model railroad in Canada was held October 29th -30th in Montreal, Quebec. The HO Scale “Canada Central Railway”, occupies 9,000 square feet of space in a CN building under the VIA/CN railway tracks in a viaduct in downtown Montreal.  Unfortunately, real-life issues associated with rising property costs have resulted in  The Montreal Railway Modeler’s Association (AMFM) not being able to renew their lease on the facility which is forcing the dismantling and removal of the layout. CN owns the 9,000-square-foot warehouse space and wants to lease it out at a higher rent, starting next year. They had warned the club five years ago that its time was up.  The  railway empire will be dismantled, and the remaining  club members  will seek a new home to start all over.   Tony Synette took these shots on October 29th and Yves Cloutier submitted three shots from last year.

Pierre Fournier sent us these great shots he took of the final open house.

We received these from photos from Yves Cloutier that he took of the layout.

Also Tony Synette send these shots of the layout

CRO wishes to thank the club for all the memories a speedy move and rebuilding.

Announcements and Updates

 Athearn has announced products scheduled for April release which include an HO scale  60’ Gunderson double plug door hi-cube boxcar decorated for Canadian National/DWC, CP Rail, TBOX, and TBOX (Forward Thinking slogan).

 Atlas has announced its HO scale Alco RS-11 diesel locomotive in new paint schemes and road numbers including Central Vermont and Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific. Delivery is scheduled for the first quarter of 2012.

Also due early next year is an HO scale kit for a 1937 AAR 40’ boxcar with Dreadnaught ends a straight panel roof and 10’ interior height. Road names will include Canadian Pacific.

In N scale, Atlas is a releasing a 40’ plug-door boxcar decorated for BC Rail

 Bowser will begin shipping its HO scale MLW C-630M this month. The release will include Canadian National (both zebra stripes and wet noodle) and Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia. These will be followed by Canadian Pacific, and Pacific Great Eastern with the production run completed with the arrival of BC Rail schemes, and the balance of Canadian Pacific locomotives in maroon-and-gray.

 InterMountain has announced both HO and N scale AAR 40’ modified boxcar with 8-rung ladders and improved Dreadnaught 4/4 ends for March or April. Paint schemes include Canadian Pacific (1947-era Spans the World herald), CP (grain service), CPR, Canadian National (wet noodle), Canadian National (green maple leaf) and TH&B.

 Microscale has released a large number of new and revised decal sets in various scales including Canadian Pacific cab diesels; maroon and grey scheme.

 Micro-Trains Line has announced an N scale ready-to-run CP Rail PS 4427 cuft triple-bay covered hopper

 Rapido Trains  is developing an HO scale Pullman-Standard 6-4-6 sleeper based on plan 4183A delivered to CN in 1954. The model features all-new tooling including a new underbody arrangement with separate brake, electrical, and steam lines. Additional features include etched-metal end gates, individual marker lamps, factory-applied individual grab irons, trucks moulded on all four sides and an interior featuring individually-moulded seats and tables. Rapido’s battery-powered interior lighting system is also included. Road names include Canadian National (3 schemes) and VIA Rail.

Mt. Albert Scale Models released a new O scale craftsman-style structure kit called Stanley Storage Company (named for Toronto area modeller Stanley Windrim who past away last year). This limited-edition kit is composed of laser-cut sheet wood and plywood, clapboard siding, bass strip wood, a variety of detail parts from Tichy, a die-cast truck, and includes a CD-ROM with color photographs of the construction process. The assembled kit has a footprint of 8” x 11”.

 Rapido has also indicted they are developing their first freight locomotive and has provided some early “teaser” photos in their on-line newsletter.


Mike Zollitsch has not had the time, nor the detail parts needed to complete many projects on his work bench. However he shot these two photos of his HO Scale B&P diesels in an Autumn setting. Just south of the Orchard Park (NY) country club in October, 1996, the morning sunlight rays begin to filter through the thinning foliage, melting an early season frost. As the morning sun grows stronger, so does the sound of locomotives, pulling hard out of Buffalo and the Lake Erie basin. A Nathan P-3 horn is heard echoing off the surrounding hillsides. Soon, the gates descend, the roar deafens and a trio of freshly painted B&P SDs roll across Jewett-Holmwood Road, enroute to Colden, Springville and points south. It’s been 14 years this Thanksgiving since such a setting occurred, never to be repeated and it is getting harder to remember those moments. However thanks to the his models, Mitch can help recreate the memory... (The other photo is the same crossing shot with a different angle and is "northbound"... (Mike Zollitsch photos).

Paul Burgess submitted a formal B&W roster shot of CN 2138, one of the ex-BNSF C40-8W’s. As there are many CN modelers I know that want a model of these, they can use this photo which shows lots of detail seen in the flat light to super-detail their own locomotive.

Quick Canadian freight cars:

CN 85’ general purpose flat:

 Starting with the Roundhouse/MDC 60’ flatcar, two flat car bodies were cut 42’ 6” from one end and spliced together. The frame from an Athearn 85’ TOFC was added under this to provide the deep centre frame. The side sills were filed down at both ends to match shape of the prototype. The model was finished with Pollyscale mineral red paint and decals from a set by Down East Decals. The weathered wood look of the deck was done by brush painting it light grey and then dry applying various other shades of light and dark grey either by applying washes or dry brushing.  Some of these CN flatcars had container shoes mounted to the wood deck, and CP also rosters similar 89’ general purpose flats.


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