November 2011



EMDI Summery of deliveries

(Edited by Don McQueen)


During the month of August, 14 new units were reported shipped from London.

Sightings were sparse, but all deliveries were in order 20106374 for 40 UP SD70ACes (8671-8687).

They included UP 8688-8691, 8694, 8696-8701 & 8703-8705.


Seen about the plant were the first of the 23 new SD70ACes for the Progress Rail lease fleet in order C-528 (likely 20106528).   It is believed ten are to be painted for KCS (two or three had been painted by the end of the month).  Only five had been painted in EMDX blues, grey and white by the end of the month (road numbers EMDX 2110-2114).    It is believed these MAY be the units leased to the CSXT.  The "missing" 2100-2109 could be the ten numbers set aside for the KCS lease.


EMDX Tier 3 demonstrator SD70ACe 2012 (20106455-01 8-2011)! was at LaGrange at the end of the month, after being on display at the Railway Interchange 2011 Show in Minneapolis between September 18 and 24.


An employee ‘Open House’ was held on October 2, 2011 with two SD70ACes on display outdoors, UP 8677 and EMDX 2112. (See pictures below)


Class 66s for Gabon


The Nedtrain workshop at Waalhaven Zuid in Rotterdam recently modified two new JT42CWRM Class 66 diesels (EMDI works numbers 20088076-002 and 003) for Societe d'Exploitation Transgabonais (SETRAG) in Gabon. The locomotives received a yellow livery plus numbers CC 401 and 402, and left the workshop on 21 July to be shipped from Rotterdam to Africa. Incidentally, the other two locos from this batch (20088076-001 and 004) went to HHPI in Germany. [Today's Railways Europe 9-2011 p51] These four JTs had been shipped from London 11-07-2010.


Progress Rail/Caterpiller made this announcement in Railway Gazette International:

New EMD “Passenger” Diesel:

In October, Progress Rail/Caterpiller announced in Railway Gazette International that Electro-Motive Diesel is developing a 200 km/h 'next generation' diesel passenger locomotive for the North American market. The design is being produced on a speculative basis, and a prototype is to be rolled out for demonstrations during 2014.  The four-axle diesel-electric locomotive will have 'streamlined' styling, including a prominent roof-level headlight for a 'classic' American look.  The body will incorporate a high level of collision protection, and the microprocessor- controlled onboard equipment will be designed for 'mission completion' with predictive and diagnostic capabilities and no single point of failure.  The Caterpillar engine has not yet been finalized. It will meet EPA Tier 4 emissions requirements for new locomotives built as of January 2015

Meanwhile, EMD is no longer actively developing the 66EU, which was to have been an updated version of its popular Class 66 freight locomotive specifically adapted for the Continental European market.

EMD rolls out its first U.S.-made diesel in almost 20 years!

 Nearly 20 years after Electro-Motive's legendary La Grange, Ill., plant built its last locomotive (Metra F40PHM-2 No. 214), EMD locomotives are again being built in the United States. On Friday, one year less a day after Progress Rail Services, which acquired EMD in June 2010, formally announced its plan to open a locomotive assembly facility in a long-vacant factory in Muncie, Ind., America's newest locomotive plant unveiled its first completed locomotive. In a dramatically choreographed ceremony -- complete with blaring heavy metal music, dry ice smoke, and dramatic presentation, Progress Rail unveiled Ferromex SD70ACe No. 4092 to an enthusiastic crowd of employees, local media, and politicians from all levels of government. EMD built locomotives at its London, Ont., plant after phasing out its Illinois plant. 

 Work to transform the former-ABB factory, which had been closed for more than a decade, began just 10 months ago. Today, the Muncie plant is a state-of-the-art locomotive assembly with nearly two dozen locomotives under construction for Ferromex and BHP, customers in Mauritania,  and Gabon. "We've got the right business, at the right time, with the right people, in the right place," said Billy Ainsworth, president and CEO of Progress Rail Services, adding "we're where we want to be, and where we're going to stay."  Read more about EMD's return to America in the locomotive column that appears in the January 2012 issue of Trains. (By Greg McDonnell).

Walter Pfefferle caught NS 1025 and 1028 on the test track Oct. 18 2011 in London Ontario.



Bill Cresswell also captured some nice video of the units in action on the same day on the EMD test track..


EMD Open House London Ontario Oct 2, 2011

Photos Walter E Pfefferle


EMD’s Open House October 2nd, 2011 showcased their SD70ACe model, and included a tour of the plant with demonstrations and explanation on their construction. Walter photographed EMDX 2112 and UP 8677 that were displayed in the front of the plant. With several already competed at the plant, EMD is constructing 23 EMDX Tier 3 SD70ACe (ECO) locomotives, which will be available for lease for the Progress Rail lease fleet: EMDX 2100-2114, and two units painted in KCS colours and the rest in CSXT livery.




To assist in their efforts, all proceeds from food and T-shirt sales at the EMD event were donated to the United Way foundation.  CRO wishes to thank the EMD London plant employees and management for putting together this exceptional open house event.


Jeffrey Williams clicked EMDX Tier 3 demonstrator SD70ACe 2112 at the London plant on October 2nd.

Another SD70ACe demo has appeared at London, ON - EMDX 2112 (besides the 2012 which left in September). Currently in London are EMDX 2110 through 2115 as part of Progress Rail leasing fleet. Also there are 2 units painted in KCS colours which are also part of the leasing fleet. There could be 23 units in this leasing unit order.

Walter also spotted this KCS unit was parked out back the plant the day on October 11th, 2011.


CADRAIL / RB Recycling

The F40 rebuild program is continuing at a steady pace. In late September  CADRAIL released VIA 6438, and in early October released VIA 6441  to further add to the total of rebuilt F40s.  

One former SOO SD60 was released from Cadrail (Lachine, QC) in early October; CP SD60 6250 is now repainted in CP colours.  The former SOO 6050 has been rebuilt to Dash-3 standards.   Another SOO SD60 quintet is currently at Cadrail for rebuild.   

CEFX ACC4400CW 1031 arrived on October 4th for repairs and CEFX 6537 is still at CAD.  On October 6th Guy-Pascal Arcouette clicked three of the four SOO SD60’s 6025, 6040, 6041, SD60M 6060,CEFX 6537, and former LRC locomotive 6908 which was converted into a test bed years ago.  UPDATE:  SOO 6028 is the latest to arrive October 25th.  

Diesel Electric Services

Sold to Diesel Electric Services, former CN SD40-2W 5306 is seen in Sudbury, Ontario October 22nd relettered DESX 5306 and in  blue repaint. This unit is now leased to Huron Central (HCRY) for work train service for $30M upgrade of the mainline west from Sudbury.   (James Lalande).

American Motive Power

American Motive Power purchased this ex-CN GP9RM three years ago for their shop switcher at the old CN Pointe St-Charles Shop in Montreal. Last month, Richard Marchi caught AMP GP9RM #01, (formerly FAIX GP9RM #801) at the CN Taschereau - CP St-Luc interchange coupled to the former AMT pieces going to the ExpoRail Museum. As AMP only use this locomotive intermittently as their shop switcher, they have leased the unit to Hydro Quebec to use on their line repairs on CP trackage near high tension lines. This locomotive is former FAIX 801 ex-CN 7072 ex-4385, nee-4133



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