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Hi, William.

 After a year of work I recently finished my model of BNSF GP9 #1685.  As a member of the Prairie Dog Central Railway, and being that the real BNSF 1685 now calls the PDC home, I had many opportunities to photograph and gather details of the prototype. 

Thanks to PDC photographer, Andrew Nelson, I was able to stage a photo shoot of my 1685 model with the real unit.

Jeff Keddy

Winnipeg, MB



Was looking at the CN section, and a Powder River coal train was pictured.  The caption says it was transferred back from the CP at Kamloops.   This is incorrect as that train would have run on the CP Cascade sub from Mission to a place called Nepa on the CP,  and Coho on the CN.   It is west of Ashcroft.  It would then be back on CN tracks

for the rest of the haul to Prince Rupert. Also the spelling is off on Thornton yard,  t'was spelled Thorton.  By the way,  some coal trains that originate on the CP southeastern BC Sparwood do transfer to the CN at Kamloops.   The reason is that CN apparently got the contract to haul from Kamloops to the coast.  They come back on the CP from Mission to Coho, then to Kamloops,  then back to the CP.


Sid Reith,

Kamloops, BC

 Hi Will,

Just got the e-CRO; nice (as usual).

I don't know if it covers many Canadian subjects, but the Shorpy site (shorpy.com) has quite a treasure trove of old photos.  And there are even railroad and streetcar sections!



Jim Bachorz

Bridge Line Historical Society (BLHS)

Albany, NY.

Hi Will,

I have a question regarding CN SW1200RS units. Is there any way to find out which ones were ultimately sold to LTEX in Warren, Ohio, or which ones might be on their property now?

I have a photo taken in August 2011 showing at least one stored in a dead line, and a photo from approximately one year before showing what may be the same one, however I am unable to make out the number clearly in either photo, but it appears to end in "3" or possibly "03".

Perhaps if I knew which ones had gone to their property I could figure out which one this might be. Any leads or help greatly appreciated.

Ron Held

Retired locomotive engineer.

East Sandwich, Mass. 02537

The CANADIAN TRACKSIDE GUIDE 2011 is an excellent source for dispositions on All Canadian units. It is continually updated

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