Mike Garza captured these two colorful switchers June 6th:  NCLX  MP2000D #2003 for Nova Chemicals also passed through CN Woodcrest and recently delivered IHB #2141, the first of four 3GS21B gensets ordered from NRE, was spotted at Blue Island Yard in Riverdale, IL.

Joe Ferguson photographed EVWR 3835 with former IC 6128 and former CN 4111 (now lettered MALX for Mid-America Locomotive-Evansville, IN) in consist.  EVWR is using these as lease power  EVWR 3835 Mount Vernon, IL June 6th.

Steel wheels flanges squeal out in the darkness, the sound of idling EMDs, and headlight glow lights up the area behind the stone hardware store at the end of the trestle as K790 crosses the Potomac CSXT 2717 emerges at a walking pace from behind the hardware store, idling into position in this beautiful scene by Gary Knapp.  Shot on April 27, 2011 at 05:25 with the 5D and Zeiss ZF 35/2 lens set at f2.


Brandon Warnick clicked one of the newly redone CSX SD40Es in early June.  CSX SD40E 4008 sits at the TRRA yard in Madison Illinois.

In June, the ALCO Historical & Technical Society (AHTS)  announced the establishment of the American Locomotive Company Heritage Museum. The museum is located at 1910 Maxon Rd in Schenectady, NY. The 18,000sq ft museum began moving in artifacts on June 1, 2011. Initially, the planned major showpieces of the museum will be two electric locomotives built by ALCO and GE in  Schenectady during the early years of the 20th Century for the New York Central Railroad and a steam locomotive built by ALCO in the latter part of 1946.

In addition to a number of other steam and diesel locomotives, several World War II and Korean War era Army tanks  will also find a home at the museum. These will be just the first of vintage Schenectady-built products to be welcomed back home. There will be numerous interactive, static, and operational exhibits depicting various ALCO memorabilia, as well as an area devoted to the education of children in the field of science. An operational model railroad layout of 14 ft x 40 ft dimensions and featured in Model Railroader Magazine will be installed in the museum for the additional enjoyment of visitors. An outdoor covered railroad display area will be located near the mainline of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and there will, of course, be a gift and hobby shop. The S/L/A/M Collaborative is providing the architectural design of the project. Their web site is

 The grand opening is planned for the Spring of 2012. We encourage current and prospective members of the AHTS to join us in our many projects to bring this museum to reality so that one of America's greatest industrial giants, headquartered for more than 100 years in Schenectady, may receive its fitting recognition. The ALCO Historical & Technical Society is a registered 501c3 Charitable Organization, and it seeks grants and donations to support this ambitious project. For further information, please see our Website at


My friend Kevin Piper submitted this sharp photo of  EJ&E 654 East meeting 662 West near Frankfort, Illinois, on 1-30-1990.


Warren Calloway took this great shot of BNSF 9355 AT LOGAN, WO in  OCT 2007

 When Kevin Piper was a teenager, he was a certified Burlington Northern nut, and kept a very close eye on the BN coal train activity in Joliet, Illinois. In the early 1970's, many of the Commonwealth Edison trains there drew 3-unit sets of GE U25/28C's. Kevin saw many still in CB&Q and NP colors, but never got a good photo. As new BN EMD SD40-2's and GE U30C's arrived, the older, and now mostly green U25/28's became very scarce in Joliet. This was his last photo of a U25C leading a BN train on the line. BN U25C 5635 (ex-CB&Q 555) is heading back to Eola on the EJ&E/ICG connection near Collins Street. 7-7-76.   



CRO July 2011