Joe Ferguson caught brand new Neptune Bulk Terminals TEBU 805A  and  3GS21B 805 June 24rg at Paducah, Kentucky which are destined for British Columbia


JLCX GP9u 1583 is now Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY) 128.  In return JLCX has scrapped SRY GP9’s 108 and 128.  Mark Forseille submitted SRY #128 (ex-CP 1583) being completed inside the shops on my last visit on June 12th.   As well Marc clicked JLCX SD40-2 5611 (ex-CP 5611) hooked up for her last ride behind SRY 384 and 382 which was enroute to the ABC Recycling scrap yard in Langley, BC, where the J&L Consulting scraps units.   Remember the photos of the CP 5772 and 5808 in last months CRO? Mark took these at the scrap yard in Langley, BC.  The other two photos are of the ex MRL GP9's #108 and #128 that the SRY was planning on repairing  These are the two units that the SRY traded to J&L Consulting for the present SRY #128, which is former CP #1583.

 Mark caught JLCX ex-CP Gp9u 1583 at New Westminster, BC Feb 19,  2011, with dynamic brakes long removed inside an empty blister.

Mark added a shot of the JLCX 1689 in New Westminster, BC earlier this year.  The former CP GP9u was originally TH&B GP9 402

"A Sinkhole and a Lake"

Ken McCutcheon submitted this photo story about a Sinkhole and a Lake on the GWR and southern Saskatchewan.

 Prairie Mines and Royalty Background:

 Prairie Mines and Royalty Ltd, a division of Sherritt Coal, operates a 12 mile railway between their Poplar River lignite mine and SaskPower's Poplar River power station.  They have two locomotives, LLPX 6949 and PRMX 6973, both SD40-2's.  The 6973 is need of repair and rebuilding.  It's leaking water into the oil and is being sent down to Progress Rail in Tacoma WA,  fortress USA to have this work done.   Also, it will have the 16 cylinder engine replaced with a 12 cylinder engine and brought up to eco standards. The replacement engine to be used during the absence is JLCX 5643 another SD40-2.  They've been waiting for the arrival of this unit for several weeks.

JLCX 5643 travelled from Moose Jaw to Assiniboia on CP switcher K31 Tuesday June 14th.  Power 9101-9153-9140. 

 Photo No. 1-2   K31 powered by 9101 9153 9140 at the bottom of Crestwynd Hill on the Expanse Sub. Also included in this short train was a dim load of plastic pipe destined for Shaunavon on GWR.  It is the first of 100 plus loads.  Ken also clicked  JLCX SD40-2 5643, closeup. K31 departed MJ at 1430 and arrived Assiniboia 1800.

 Great Wwestern Railway (GWR) Background:

 Over the last month Saskatchewan received vast quantities of rain in almost Biblical portions.   The Fife Lake Railway from Assiniboia to Coronach, 58 miles is the route JLCX 5643 needs to follow in order to access the Prairie Mines RR. Approximately 1 1/2 miles north of Scout Lake a 200 foot sinkhole developed rendering the track impassable.

GWR went to work and managed to lift the track.  However, it wasn't safe to allow a locomotive to pass over it.  So a plan was devised.   On Wednesday June 15th GWR deadheaded a crew down to Coronach to retrieve PRMX 6973 and five empty ballast cars.  The crew operated northward up to Scout Lake, ran around the cars and pushed them down to the sinkhole.  Meanwhile, another crew ran light engine B30-8W 575 (ex BNSF 575) southward from Assiniboia south to the sinkhole.  At this point  crew number one pushed the ballast cars thru the sinkhole and crew number two coupled onto them, hauling them to Assiniboia for loading and eventual return to the sinkhole for dumping  Photo No. 3 shows PRMX 6973 and five empty ballast cars. Photo No. 4  

The sinkhole exchange, Photo No. 5   GWRS 575 and the ballast cars northward at Mile 20.

After the exchange took place a decision was made to allow PRMX 6973 to run thru the sinkhole and continue into Assiniboia lite eng.   I was not aware of this.  Consequently, later in the day JLCX 5643 was hauled down to Coronach for delivery to Prairie Mines.

I was unaware and missed this move also, so will have to wait until 5643 is operational at the mine to send out any photo's of her.  Photo No. 6   Thursday June 16th GWRS 575 and five loaded ballast cars  dumping at Mile 15 Shaunavon Sub

 Mark Perry submitted shots of Abitibi Price #30 an MLW-built  2-6-0     on display at Pine Falls, MB and Tembec #7158 a GMDL SW-8  stored O/S, as the plant has now shut down for good, both shot June 20th.

In the mid to late 70’s the Burlington Northern Manitoba Ltd. used this ex Great Northern 30’ wood caboose for yard and transfer service in the city of Winnipeg MB.  I’m not sure of the original GN number but when it was transferred to the BNML in the mid 70’s, it was renumbered BNML 1974.  I took a shot of it in August 1979, sitting outside the BNML engine house on Lindsay St.   I’m not sure if I ever saw it in service as there was a steel BN 11292 [ex GN] caboose being used in yard and transfer service at the same time as I shot the 1974.  

The 1974 was eventually donated to Midwestern Rail Society sometime in the early 80’s and for awhile, it sat derelict on the west end of VIA’s Union Station awaiting the MWR to develop it’s museum there in the train shed.  The very derelict caboose was finally sold to a private buyer and Mark Perry shot the caboose again sitting in the Arnold Bros Trucking compound in Winnipeg during early June.

Kevin Dunk submitted these great shots of action on the great White Pass after  a week of rail photography from the Extra 2200 magazine folks who organized the photo charter on the White Pass & Yukon Route.  

1st shot has WP&Y Baldwin 2-8-2 “Mikado’ #73 is seen exiting the Mile 18 tunnel southbound with the Friday steam excursion.  #73 is the locomotive of choice for the White Pass steam excursions while the #69 waits in the wings as the backup locomotive.

 2nd shot shows GE ‘Shovel Nose’ GEX3341 #95 on the Fraser Loop with photographers coach train followed by the #69 with the “Photo freight” southward back to Skagway. More info on the historic White Pass & Yukon Route can be seen at their website:



Gone but not forgotten!  On April 12, 2011, a 105-car Ontario Northland manifest freight led by SD75I #2102, SD40-2 #1737 and SD75I #2100 encountered a washout on the ONR’s Temagami Subdivision between the sidings of Feronia (Mile 9.1) and Tomiko (Mile 27.2), about 16.6 miles north of North Bay, Ont.  The three units and four cars on the head end of the train derailed and rolled down an embankment.  The crew suffered only minor injuries, but the three locomotives were heavily damaged.  The derailment occurred in such an inaccessible location that a road had to be constructed through the bush to get equipment to the site.  An aerial shot of the wreck site is at  Unit #2102 is apparently repairable, but units #2100 and #1737 have been retired.  Bill Sanderson submitted photos of the two taken in better days. ONR #2100, Englehart, Ont., on May 28, 2005, ONR #1737, at North Bay, Ont., June 16, 2002.

Cab modifications continued on RailAmerica (Goderich-Exeter)  SD45T-2 9392 in June at Goderich.  This latest locomotive added to the motive-power fleet has yet to turn a wheel of revenue for GEXR. 

The newest locomotive to be added to the Ontario Southland roster is JLCX (ex-CP) GP9u 8235 which arrived in June.  Under threatening skies Tim Ball photographed the locomotive June 24th  at the north end of the Guelph North Spur (Edinburgh Rd.) about to pickup interchange traffic from the GEXR.  The GP9u now adorns a large snowplow, instead of the standard CP curved pilot.

OSR lifted the first of 10 perishable Cryo Trans cars in Woodstock today. Shipment is hot peppers but no details on the end customer yet. They will be placed at the customers dock later this afternoon.


 Here is a shot of it at its final destination Ontario Refrigerated Services in Ingersoll Ontario.

Ottawa Central Vignette:

In Ray Ferand’s the first image, if you turn a blind eye to the fact that there is no van bringing up the markers, you could visualize the Ottawa Roadswitcher somewhere near Osgoode running northbound on the Prescott Sub with the Bedell Turn.  Of course that was then, and this is now.  What we see in fact is OCR 529-531 west of Woodlawn with an all RS-18u lash up reminiscent of what used to run out of Walkley Yard when CP had a terminal here.  What really adds the déjà-vu factor to the scene is the cut of former CP plug-door paper cars behind the power that are enroute to Smurfit-Stone in Portage-du-Fort.  His second image shows OCR 530 is west of Foresters Falls negotiating through the 5°-0’ curve east of the public crossing at M67.7.  This is the second tightest curve on what remains of the Beachburg Sub and with the crossing hidden behind the tailend of the train, is the reason why the brush has been cleared in the foreground


On June 2nd Ron Visockis caught Roberval & Saguenay GP38-2 #63  in transit on CN westbound through Belleville, Ontario. The geep is enroute to NRE in Capreol, Ontario for repairs.

On June 2nd, Charlevoix Railway RS18u 1821 was photographed in her new paint scheme for the Tourist train to Le Massif.   The other Charlevoix RS18u 1868 has not yet been seen in new paint.  Except for the white nose stripes … the livery looks much like the 1980’s Cartier Railway livery. On June 16th RS18u 1821 departed Arvida on CN 369 to Chambord destined for Garneau Yard.  As well, the other baggage car (ex-Amtak) and coach (ex-Virginia Ry), which had been stored in Arvida were forwarded to Jonquiere with an RS switcher, and are now with CROI at the North side of the car shop The photo was posted by mel32, a member of "Quebec",  from Chicoutimi, QC

 Quebec Gatineau (QGRY) SD40-3 3325 (Ex-WC) arrived in Joffre yard June 3rd on CN 402 the third of three repainted QGRY locos that arrived this spring in Quebec City.  QGRY 3325, 3326, 3327 are destined to the Bloom Lake Mines up in Labrador. Soon after release from the NRE Shop in Paducah, Kentucky, Richard Marchi caught freshly painted QGRY 3325 and 3327 in Montreal on March 20th.  As well, QGRY SD40-3 6057 is destined to the Bloom Lake Mine, but is not repainted in G$W corporate colors.

Ken Goslett submitted a photo of a QGRY transfer from Ste-Therese to Montreal (CP St-Luc Yard) led by slug 801.  The photo was taken June 25 at “the Bush”, which is the junction of the Park Sub at the west end of the former Outremont Yard.   

CFL (Chemin de Fer Lanaudière/Lanaudiere Railway) RS18-3a 3000, is seen on the St-Gabriel branch, just pass the north siding at Joliette enroute for the interchange with Quebec-Gatineau Ry at Joliette, QC on june 14. 3000 is ex-CP RS18 8734 built in 1957 by MLW It was chop nosed at Montreal Angus Shop in 1989, repainted and renumbered to RS18u 1864. In 1998, it was sold to the New Brunswck East Coast Ry and rebuilt by IRSI in Moncton, NB to Dash-3 standards. In early 2008, CFL began searching for a more powerful locomotive (They own an S13m), and in 2009 purchased ERS RS18-3a 3000 from Eastern Rail Services. Photo by Lorence Toutant.

Porlier Express MP #100 is former CN GMD1m 1422  sporting her  new paint scheme at Arnaud Junction, QC in June.  The second shot shows her former CN paint scheme at the Port of Sept-Iles where she is assigned, taken a few years back also by Bertrand Lebel. (via Michel Daoust).


On June 22nd Ken Goslett snapped the following shots of CBNS locomotives in Nova Scotia:   CEFX (MPI-built) GP20D 2006 at Stellarton and HLCX 7869 with other CBNS power at Stellarton, BN liveried HLCX 8151 leads CBNS road freight departing  New Glasgow for Cape Breton, NS with 49 cars.

Cliff Holder clicked some of the CBNS power parked in front of their office in Stellarton, NS.,on June 5th.  LLPX  GP38-2  2269, LLPX GP15-1 1504 (local switch power) and  (ex-BN) HLCX SD40-2 8151, CEFX GP20D 2006, and HLCX SD40-2 7869 (assigned road power).

 The first week of June New Brunswick Southern (NBSR) SW1200 3702 was at the ex-CN Island Yard Shop in Saint John, NB for a paint job and upgrades to the cab interior. (NBSR took over Island Yard operation from CN about 10-years ago),  The first two of four HELM ex-UP units (HLCX GP38-3 906, 911, 913, 917) at Metro East Industries (MEI) in East St. Louis, Illinois should be ready to travel in June with the other two to follow a few weeks later.  These are expected to be fully painted in NBSR livery and will be rotated between yard and mainline jobs and also used on the new Maine Northern Railway Company. Three CN GP9RM’s have been leased for some time to NBSR and have often been assigned to yard jobs during this interim.  CN rotates the GP9RM’s on lease to NBSR but 4102, 7000, 7010, 7060 have all been on the property recently and sometimes go "on the road" to McAdam, NB but are not allowed to cross the border into Maine.

 NBSR GP38-2 9801 was rebuilt from a GP35 in 1998, and has been in service on NBSR for many years.  In early June it was relettered for the Maine Northern Railway Company as MNR 9801.  MNR 9801 arrived in Maine June 13th with 2317 and 2319 to be the starting power for the Maine Northern Railway. The westbound had six units including 2317 and 2319 which are to remain in Maine.  MNR 9801 was photographed in the MNR livery on June 13th.

Additional photos

 June 15th, 2011 was the start up date for the new rail line in Maine, with the official name the “Maine Northern Railway Company.  Another name that had been considered was the Aroostook Valley railway, but decided on the Maine Northern Railway Company.  Train schedules on the NBSR Maine line will change as everything gets sorted out and settled. NBSR have acquired trackage rights over the Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway between Millinocket and Brownville Junction (so NBSR can connect its two properties in Maine) and between the end of the MNRC and St. Leonard, NB to interchange with CN's Napadogan.

CP Caboose in the UK!  CP Caboose #434677 is currently at Halifax NS awaiting shipment to England. It is scheduled to be loaded aboard MV Atlantic Cartier on June 27th. ETA Liverpool on July 5th,  It's final destination is the Mangapps Railway Museum at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, where it will join a large collection of British rolling stock and will form the centrepiece of the museum's display of historic Canadian railway artifacts.  The caboose was purchased from Rail Merchants International of Fairfield, IA and has made the 2000 mile journey to Halifax on it's own wheels. The final 450 mile British leg will be on a road transporter.  For further info: contact John Jolly at   or phone #44 1621 784898.

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