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Announcements and Updates:

 InterMountain Railway reports that the HO version of the CN SD40-2W is in production. Delivery has been scheduled for July orAugust. The initial release will include four versions of the CN locomotives with accurate stairwells, 4-window safety cab, snow shields, wire grab irons, operating ditchlights, and Kadee couplers

 Jason Shron of Rapido Trains has been touring across Canada, visiting local shops with a full train of the Canadian! Check out their blog and photos of the models on their website.

 Trueline Trains has posted new pre-production photos of their forthcoming HO scale MP 36/40 locomotive in GO Transit paint, along with a video.


CRO Editor William Baird and his friend Paul Trudel are both fans of CP RAIL in the 1070ís.  Paul is constructing his CP St-Maurice Valley Subdivision along with the small industrial, the Shawinigan Terminal Ry which used leased CN and CP switchers. The locos shuffle freight traffic to the two main industries: chemical tank cars to the Gulf, CIL, Dupont industrial complex, and box cars to a large paper mill. Paulís  Layout uses CTC, controlled by his IPad, however the prototype did not use CTC in this region.  All the Industries on Paulís layout no longer actually exist today and the STR is out of business.  Shawinigan was  also a important interchange hub CP and CN and was a good place to see both small and large MLW locos. Even with no scenery yet this super elevated curve will be a great photo location to shoot CP RAIL MLWS and green newsprint box cars!  Multiple shots on this link: 

Mike Zollitsch provided these photos of some of his Buffalo and Pittsburgh locomotives ready for the paint shop. Mike writes ďHaven't completed models in just over a year, so itís time to get my butt in gear. These beauties are ready for the paint shop.

We have two Athearn SW1500s, formerly SPSF, now detailed for South Buffalo 5 and 6. However, they'll both be painted in the aftermath...i.e. B&P orange, and numbered 1511 and 1512. Don't cry too much though, I'll still have five SB units on my layout--ex-RF&P 4 and 7, ex-C&I 19 and 20, and SB 103. These ex-SP units are just too neat looking not to do, and once I saw Athearnís newly retooled SP SW1500s, I couldn't resist!

Not only that, but I'll be painting up my Buffalo Southern "RS-11" 5010 in green and yellow soon. Bonnie gave me the unit for Christmas back in '08 I think, and I finally have it superdetailed and ready to go. OK you purists, itís actually an RS36 model. I'm kinda taking artistic license with this unit, because I didn't want to go and splice an RS-11 long hood on this unit to make it entirely correct. So much for my rivet counting. Either way, it should look decent when its done... and it'll look great working with my ex-NYSW C420 2010. So there you go... three units that will look entirely at home below Tifft Street on my eventual railroad. ď


Jim Parker provided photographs of various CN 40 and 50 foot smooth side boxcars, some still with roof walks taken in the 1960ís. With the availability of more prototypical Canadian boxcars from Trueline Trains, Intermountain and others, these photos make an excellent reference for creating a model of one or more of these cars.

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