Global Railway Industries: (RB Recycling / CADRAIL):

Units noted at CADRAIL in June included HLCX SD40-2 7191, 7205, 7231 and 7233 on the CP interchange track June 4th and CEFX 3117 has been at CAD for two months .

 As well, these VIA F40PH-2s were at CAD facilities in Lachine, QC for the rebuild program in June: 6404, 6405, 6409, 6412, 6418, 4437, 6438, and 6448.   Brand new rebuilds, VIA 6401 and 6418 left the CAD on June 27th.

CP SD9043Mac 9142 and CP AC4400CW 9505, 9627 were at CAD in June for modifications.

 On his visit to Montreal, Roman Litarchuk clicked the two ex-MEC U18Bs 404 and 407 stored unserviceable, and noted the GE testbed outside on June 4th. 

 Industrial Rail Services (IRSI) Moncton, NB

VIA LRC rebuild car 3317 was released from IRSI on June 8th, the second of VIA Rail's rebuilt LRC coaches to be completed. It deadheaded west on VIA train #15 and arrived at the VIA Montreal Maintence Centre June 9th. It and rebuilt LRC car 3315 have been noted on VIA Trains 22 and 24.


Clarification to our report last month about IRSI regauging:

The six export PTKA GT38Aces for Indonesia are staying narrow gage but are being put on shop standard gauge trucks only for moving around the IRSI facility.  As of June 15th  the second unit in primer had been painted and was outside the paint shop on standard gauge box car trucks with one more now being painted  The units will be at IRSI until mid July as they are load tested receive electrical upgrades.

NRE Capreol, ON:

In mid June, CN 2271 arrived at NRE in Capreol for repairs along with R&S GP38-2 #63 a few days later


  CRO July  2011