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Hi William,

 I'm a researcher on the TV show Canadian Pickers on History Television, and we just made a rather extraordinary buy of an old train bell in St. Thomas On. I'm looking for someone who can help us with the valuation of the bell, but more importantly, someone who can decode the stamp on its inside and tell us a bit more about its history.  Do you, or does anyone at your CRO magazine know of such an historian/appraiser?

 Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much,

 Shayla Howell

Researcher l Canadian Pickers

(416) 504-7317


(Shayla has now surmised this is a former Grand Trunk bell.- Ed)

Interesting word circulating in German Railway forums that EMD will release a new JT42ACe in November or December of this year featuring a Mitsubishi AC Drive system, combined with a new version of the 12V-710G3 engine meeting European Stage III B emissions standards. It will have a new body enlarged to take advantage of the larger mainland Europe loading gauge, cab layout with central driver's position, and an upgraded cab with improve sound deadening material and A/C. Keep an eye out for a different prototype later this year.

John Beaulieu

(Thanks Jean! – Ed)

From the Editor:  

Hi all,  

Two weeks ago Walter and I agreed to eliminate the CRO CLASSIFIED SECTION in July. While it could have worked, it received little interest or activity from our readers. It is unclear why, but few of you visisted the page amd even fewer posted items for sale or trade.  Therefore, CRO is now offering our readers the opportunity to sell model railroad or memorabilia items on our CRO FB page.  All we ask is that you communicate this with the CRO FB administrators first, or you can email me.  editor@canadianrailwayobservations.com

We would appreciate a $10 dollar donation for any FB posts for items for sale.  CRO Editor:

J-P Cadieux sent me these youtube videos of the CN Point St-Charles Shop during and OVAR visit in 1978.  The good old days when the PSC Shop was a beehive of activity in Montreal.  

A locomotive packed panorama outside the PCS Shop with GMD1m’s, M630’s, M420W’s, and retired GP9’s, C424’s, SW1200RS’s, FP9A’s, and even an NAR GP9 and the two ex-BN F45’s purtchased by CN in 1977.    Heavyweight CN Commuter cars and more!  Enjoy!



The Locomotive heavy repairs Shop:


The Wheel Shop:  



End of the line?  - Inside the CN Viaduct south of VIA Central Station, is one of the largest opertaing model railways in North America that  train enthusiasts have spent 38 years building an maintaining this 1,493-metre masterpiece.  And it's about to be detroyed.

The reason for the imminent dismantling is not without irony: the make-believe trains are about to be forced away by a real train company, dealing with real-life issues like rising property costs.  Canadian National owns the 9,000-square-foot warehouse space and wants to lease it out at a higher rent, starting next year. It warned the model-train association five years ago that its time was up.

As a result, opportunities for members of the general public to see the project are about to run out. Twice a year, visitors have been allowed in to see the display as it's grown with time.  One final open house is expected to be held this October, at which point the last train will pull into the station.  The layout will be stripped and then cut up.  With no location to move to at present and with the few remaining menbers mostly in the 60’s and 70’s… this may be the end of the 50 year old Canada Central Montreal model railway club.  

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