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Summary of EMDI deliveries during April 2011:

During the month of May, at least 21 new units were reported shipped from London.

In order 20106395 15 more Ferromex SD70ACes, FXE 4028-4043, were delivered to CN London East for furtherance to UP's Proviso Yard. On June 20th a pair of FXE SD70ACes (4049 & 4050) were at CN London East, Egerton St., at the west end of the yard to be picked up by GEXR.

 The six GT38ACes, 20.501 to 20.506, in order 20078996 for the Perusahaan Jawatan Kereta Api (PTKA) line in Sumatra, Indonesia were shipped on KRL flats in various stages of completion to IRSI in Moncton for final work before shipment overseas via Halifax. There were still at that location at month's end.

 In addition to the PTKAs being transported to Moncton, 17 FXE units, (three in paint) and three incomplete SD70ACes (trucks, frame and bagged prime mover) two marked QNS&L C-364 and one as EMD C-455 #2012-1, were moved from the plant as part of a management decision to avoid problems if labour negotiation failed to reach a settlement by June 1. GEXR lifted them in a special mover during the early hours of May 25 to Stratford storage until GEXR returned them to the plant in two batches on May 31 and June 1.

 Sean Graham-White reported the following units visible at Electro-Motive, Mc Cook IL on June 2nd: EMD 90 SD90MAC-H2 demo, EMDX 7101, GP32ECO demo, EMDX 9501 demo in blue, EMDX SD40-2Rs in storage, 2816, 2820, 2822, 2823, 2825 plus more from this group out of view, UP GP38-2 737, UP GP40-2 1478, and UP 2489.  The SD40-2Rs have been in storage there for many years and are part of the lease fleet.  The UP units are part of various modification and test programs that EMD conducts for customers, installing new equipment and software on 'real world' units for use and testing to see how they hold up under railroad conditions. UP 2489 is scheduled to someday become UP SD59MX 9900 -- why it hasn't entered the program yet hasn't been answered yet.  The other EMD/EMDX units are part of their test fleet and are often at McCook, getting various mods to test before introduction into service on various locomotive types.

On May 27th Brandon Kilgore caught brand new London-built  Ferromex (FXE) SD70ACe's in transit waiting for departure out of UP Proviso Yard in Chicago enroute to Mexico.


Mike Garza was  surprised to catch brand new NS Sd70ACe 1006 in regular freight service June 5th in the IHB Blue Island Yard at Riverdale IL.   Several of the London-built units were delivered to NS via CN in May. 


Electro-Motive Diesel announced on June 20 that it had delivered seven Class 77 locomotives to the SNCF Geodis subsidiary Akiem, who will lease them to local operator Voies Ferrées Locales et Industrielles for use on heavy freight trains in northern France. Facilitated through a financing package arranged by Bank of America, the deal is the first order for new EMD locomotives by SNCF Geodis, although the company acquired several Class 66s through various mergers and takeovers within its Captrain business unit. EMD's after-sales service business Electro-Motive Diesel Services International has also signed a contract with Akiem to maintain both its new and older EMD locomotives. Designated JT42CWRM-100 by the manufacturer, the Class 77 is a modified version of the successful Class 66, with DC traction motors, rated at 3 300 hp; it is certified for operation in France, Germany and Belgium. The Class 77 has an enhanced gear case which increases its tractive effort to 450 kN, making thelocomotive suitable for heavy trains. It is powered by a 12-cylinder 710 engine that meets EU Stage IIIA emissions regulations, and has the latest EM2000 control system. Glen Lehmann, Chief Marketing Officer for EMD's international operations, said the company was 'confident that Akiem and VFLI will be very pleased with theperformance of these locomotives, and we look forward to a long-term relationship'. Akiem CEO Fabien Rochefort said the two contracts with EMD and EMSI marked 'a new step in Akiem's developments', demonstrating to the market Akiem's ability to offer a broad range of modern locomotives for lease, and development of services in partnership with local maintainers. Established in 2008, Akiem now has a fleet of over 300 new and refurbished locosin use throughout Europe, with revenues of more than 100m. The company is working to achieve full certification as Entity in Charge of Maintenance during 2012

BHP has announced the following in its weekly notes on 6-03-2011:

Our current locomotive fleet consists of GE Locomotive and EMD Locomotive types. A proposal to replace all the aged GE Locomotive fleet plus the first 13 Non Isolated Cab SD70ACe units was recently approved - that will see an investment over a four year period to replace and upgrade older locomotives to a standard type of locomotive. The first order will be placed in the coming months with the first 12 replacement locomotives slated for delivery in fourth quarter of financial year 11/12.

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