On June 15th Wayne D. Shaw clicked a rare daytime 450 heading south alongside Aspdin Road ay Huntsville Ontario. CN E44DC 2263 has received interior and exterior modifications for diesel engine emissions testing.  The first tests began in May in captive service between Toronto-North Bay, Ontario on trains 450 and 451  Some of the visual modifications include cowling on the top of the long hood behind the cab, and a repaint of some of the hood doors.


CN held a spectacular Family Day on June 5th at Taschereau Yard in Montreal.  This was the best open house ever prepared by CN that your editor has witnessed. Every detail seemed to be covered, and there was something of interest to all.  To the delight of the younger visitors test your skill games, live animals, handcar rides, and model trains were on display, while the older visitors tried out simulators and the pitch and catch RC GP9RM 7246. Other locomotives on display included. CN ES44DC 2245, C44-9W 2594, SD70M-2 8957, GP38-2W 4805, SD60F 5551, and CN Business Car “Louis Joliet”.   Shuttle buses and an AMT train with and F40 on each end shuffled the visitors back and forth over the CN Montreal sub between Central Station and the yard (J-P Cadieux photos with thanks)

CRO is privileged to share this June 2011 tally of locomotives stored at Woodcrest/Markham Yard, courtesy of a very kind contact.  Shown are stored-serviceable (SSVR) and heavy bad order (HBOB)   locomotives, arrival and stored dates, current status and owner. (Classed as HBOB pre-empts stored power from 92-day inspection cycles).   Included are the 4 CN + IC E9’s, many GTW SD's, WC GP40's, BCOL B39-8E’s, B&LE SD38-2 and SD45T-2’s (SD40T-3), and numerous CN and IC locos.  In the month of June – 6 BCOL 39E’s have moved to Centralia; and the former CN/KCS/GTW grey SD40-3’s GTW 5938 – 5956  (12 @ Woodcrest on 5/7). Please, no re-posting to other websites without permission of CRO.

On June 1st Brandan Kilgore snapped recentky painted GTW GP38-2 5855 on the Joliet Sub at Glenn Yard in Chicago Illinois.

 Connor Megaffin caught CN train 148 with MPI-built NCLX MP2000D #2003.(ex-MPEX 2003)on June 9th at Speyside  (between Burlington, ON and Toronto Yard), destined to NOVACOR CHEMICALS in Sarnia, Ontario.


On May 26th Chris Paulhamus photographed B&LE SD45T-3 906 and a sister tunnel motor depart the Proctor Yard, in Minnesota with a long cut of empty ore empties.

 Joe Ferguson submitted these shots of CN 9473 only minutes out of the paint shop at Centralia, IL March 22, and GTW 5817 in only its second coat of paint since delivery fresh out of Centralia, IL May 4th


 Joe Ferguson noted the consist of the month on June 1st after he caught the E. St. Louis - Du Quoin, IL CN train had EJE 703/EJE 670/NCLX 2003/CN 105/INRD 301/INRD 3001 for power.   (Sorry we did not receive a photo of this lashup to share with our readers-Ed)

Ron Cady photographed the refurbished "Agawa Canyon Tour Train" equipment returned to CN's former Algoma Central Railway for the start-up of the 2011 season. CN F40PH #105,originally purchased for Amtrak, previously pulled the Rio Grande Ski Train. The new paint really sparkles in the late afternoon sunshine at Trout Creek and at Ashigan in Sault Ste. Marie region.


Mike Garza caught freshly painted CN F40PH 105 in her new Agawa Canyon colours after arrival at the Woodcrest Shop on June 6th.  Woodcrest prepared her for service and the new Agawa Canyon Train lettering was applied in Canada.   Pierre Ozorak’s photo shows the previous paint scheme when acquired by CN last year.


CN M335 was photographed by Dan Braun preparing to head north from the Neenah Controlled Siding to the Fox River Sub with IC 2457 (C40-8W), CN 2189 (C40-8W), CN 8875 (SD70M-2), and CN 105 (F40PH).

Dan also clicked the cab details of CN F40PH 105, including strobes, new red light, and covered class lights.


On June 11th, Kim Kafura clicked this colourful CN  consist IC 2457, CN 2189, CN 8875, CN 105 entering Neenah, Yard in Wisconsin.



Walter Pfefferle caught IC 2459 leading CN 330 as it approached the Carew diamond at Woodstock Ont. June 20th



Thanks to a tip from a Canadian friend, Dan was expecting these C40-8M's to come on Q198. Instead, they came on M346 which crosses paths with Q198 in Winnipeg, MB. The rare lash-up of three cowl units included two BCOL painted units with the lead CN GE.

George Redmond was first to photograph (ex-BNSF) CN C40-8W 2197 fresh from the paint shop near the CN engine facility at Centralia, Il, June 14th.

George also clicked patched CN C40-8W 2139 looking very good in her former BNSF Warbonnet. The locomotive is at the Centralia paint shop, and was shot at the engine facility  June 10th and again on the 12th.

Joe Ferguson snapped CN 2153 after painting at Centralia June 6th and CN 2156 in patched BNSF Warbonnet awaiting paint at Centralia May 4th.  

CN ex-BNSF C40-8W Roundup as of July 1st 2011:  

In full CN Livery:

 2099 -(painted at Centralia in April 2011, released in May)

2136 - NEW (released from Centralia Paint Shop in JUNE)

2138 - (painted at Centralia)

2141 - (painted at Woodcrest)

2144 - (painted at Centralia - out of service at Symington)

2146 - (painted at Centralia)

2147 - (painted at Centralia in April 2011, DIT to Toronto May 21st)

2148 - (painted at Woodcrest)

2151 - (painted at Centralia).

2152-  (painted at Woodcrest in April 2011)

2153-  NEW (released from Centralia in JUNE, DIT to Toronto)

2155 - NEW (painted at Centralia in April and RELEASED in JUNE)

2157 - (painted at Centralia in May 2011)

2161 - NEW Painted at Centralia in JUNE but in complete)

2163 - (painted at Centralia in April 2011)

2164 - NEW (painted at Woodcrest in JUNE 2011)

2188 - (painted at Centralia in April 2011-out of service in WPG)

2194 - NEW (released from Woodcrest in JUNE, DIT to Toronto)

2197  - NEW (released from Centralia Paint Shop in JUNE)


 CN 2161 was released from the Centralia Paint Shop June 22nd but is still incomplete as seen in Joe Ferguson’s photo.

 After getting painted into CN colours at Centralia Shop in April  CN 2155 was  stored awaiting delivery of needed parts.  On June 21st  the C40-8W  was released from Centralia and almost ready to enter service.  (George Redmond photo)

F0llowing release from Centralia Paint Shop on June 23rd freshly painted CN 2194 was moved to Toronto Mac Yard Diesel Shop for cab features and completion.  Walter Pfefferle caught 2194 in transit at Ingersol on train 148 on June 24th.

The CN C40-8W’s in service wearing BNSF paint with CN Noodle patche include: 2137, 2145, 2149, 2159, 2175, 2189, 2195, and 2196.  

BNSF liveried CN 2154 has been out-of-service since an April 1st engine fire sidelined the locomotive.   

 A number of  CN C40-8W’s still in BNSF paint have still not been activated and are stored awaiting work and CN paint.  CN 2109, 2139, 2145, 2159, and 2196, 2197, are some of these, all stored at Centralia, Il.

Phil Hall  snapped these cab shots inside an ex-BNSF C40-8W, showing the engineer's and conductors side of CN 2138  at Mac Yard on 6-03-2011.  CN 2138 is former BNSF Dash 8-40CW 806, nee ATSF 806.

On May 30th, Ron Visockis caught (ex-BNSF) CN C40-8W 2138 on #148 at Belleville, ON May 30th

James Gardiner was one of the first to catch CN 2153 in fresh paint trailing on 148 Brantford, ON June 16th.  Missing headlights, ditch lights and more, it is seen bound for the Toronto Diesel Shop  for completion.

GTW GP38-2 4929 was repainted at the CN Centralia Shop in June and is seen in George Redmond’s photo sharing turntable tracks with CN C4o-8 2109 and C40-9W 2099 June 14th. 

In mid-June, six BCOL B39-8E’s  3901, 3902, 3904, 3909, 3910, and 3911 were pulled out of the storage line at Woodcrest, IL, and prepared for movement to Centralia Shop for two days.  George Redmond caught IC 1026, UP 4074, CN 5643, with BCOL 3910, 3902, 3904, 3909, 3901, 3911 in transit on train M336 southbound from Centralia, Il.on June 18. Then,train A43291-20  Decatur, Il., and dropped them off in the CN yard at Fulton, KY June 2oth.We had assumed they had been sold and headed to Paducah, KY, however a few days later they had all been hauled back north to Centralia, IL and were  returned to storage. … The saga continues.

Guy-Pascal Arcoutte caught SOPOR 4998 on CN 401 moving westbound at Ste-Ambroise street crossing in St-Henri, QC  (CN Montreal Sub) on June 15th. This locomotive is former GTW 4998

 Ex-CN  Z-1-a electric 6712 that had been stored at a the Town of Mount Royal Municipal Garage was scrapped  in early June by D.P. Metal of St-Urban Premier. The locomotive built in the early 1900’s was cut in half and trucked to their yard in St. Urban Premier.  Some parts have been salvaged to replace some stolen from CN Z-1-a 6711 on display at Exporail.  Here are some photos of the salvage crew at work from Charlie DeJean.

Reports that the famous railfan “foamer” bridge over Bayview Junction being closed down for the summer at Canada’s busiest railroad hotspot may were exaggerated.  The Royal Botanical Gardens has closed down the little garden that the bridge leads to, and now has erected a fence halfway across. However, Mike Lindsey and other CRO readers visisted the spot and report the bridge is still 90% usable but you can no longer shoot at the lower level. Some photo angles are now  gone, but it's still a great place to railfan

  On June 10th, Chris Gertz was fortunate to catch CN train 384 in Paris, Ontario with three GTW units: CN Dash-840CM 2408, CN SD70I 5628, GTW 5856 (OLS livery), GTW4906(both in GTW Burdaiken blue)  4906, and GTW 4916 (CN Woodcrest “fat Numbers” repaint).  

  In mid-June all CN GMD1’s had been removed from mainline service and are earmarked for retirement or assigned yard service.Transport Canada has deemed the cab glass not rated for mainline use.

The Canadian Ministry of Transportation demanded the temporary closure of Highway 401 in both directions at Oshawa, Ontario June 10th  as work crews removed the CN Oshawa Railway Bridge at Front Street spanning  the 401, with the tracks going due north into town. 

For CN Family Day’s in Saskatoon, SK, CN SD70M-2 8823 transported employees families from CN Point St-Charles-built caboose 79825 from the Saskatoon yard to  MP15 Rosetown sub @ 5:40pm arriving back @ 8:30pm.

On June 2nd, Mike Garza shot IC GP38-2 9631 working Markham Yard adjacent to the Woodcrest Shops.  Mike also caught Southwest Pennsylvania (SWP) GP11 2001 in a fresh marooon paint at NRE-Dixmoor June 3rd. The livery bears a resemblance to the Mass Coastal GP50 2010.

WC 2006, nee Algoma Central 205, was repainted into CN livery recently, and Stan Smith spotted it at Prince George BC mid-June. We have also included a 1981 Bryan Girling photo showing ACR 205 before the snowshield was added. 

Carrying Industries and Safety Manufacturing & Testing Ltd. is a company in Edmonton, Alberta  that does various different safety & fall protection for different industries, including on bridges with rail equipment. Apparently they can move this ex-CN caboose back and forth.  (Doug McKenzie).

John Leeming clicked RMRX 8014 East (with borrowed CN SD60F 5511) on the Columbia River Bridge at Revelstoke, BC with RMR Train #3 on June 4th.

Hugues St. Pierre clicked this shot aboard Rocky Mountaineer train #612 (Whistler to Vancouver) as they crossed the Cheakamus  Canyon Bridge  (mile 55.0  on the Squamish Sub), British Columbia May 22nd.


Peter Cox clicked for eastbound SD40’s led by CN 5113 at Albreda BC enroute to Jasper, AB on 7/05/73.

Derek Henderson submitted his friend Gord Billinghurst’s shot of large noodel CN GP-9 4532 at the diamond in Brampton, Ontario on  June 24th 1987.

 Quite an eclectic group of engines A BLE SD45T-2, and two Black IC SD40-2's meet A DMIR SD38-2,BLE SD45T-2 and a GTW GP38-2 at Iron Jct. Iron Minn 1/27/2011... Wm Beecher Jr. photo.

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