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 August 2011

Windsor Bound Train Derails Near Glencoe July 29th


VIA 71 with 915 collided with a pick-up truck just west of Glencoe on Friday the 29th. The train partially derailed but stayed upright. None of the crew were injured but six people on the train were slightly injured and the truck driver was seriously injured. The train was put back on the rails and towed to Chatham.

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Hunter Holmes took these photos of VIA 915 sitting in Chatham on the 30th showing the damage.

On the July 23/24 weekend, Exporail (Canada's largest railway museum, in St. Constant, QC), celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, newly rebuilt VIA Rail F40PH-3 #6409 was brought directly from CAD to be put on display, along with recently rebuilt sleeper "Jarvis Manor". 6409 is fresh out of the CAD shops, and has yet to be released into VIA Rail service. Visitors had the chance to get an up close look at the equipment, as well as tour the cab of 6409. Michael Berry was on hand that day, and submitted several great photos of 6409 and Jarvis Manor. The first photo shows 6409 head on, looking bright and shiny out of the shops, while the second photo shows a good look at the end of Jarvis Manor, with its glistening stainless steel and new VIA Rail Canada logos. Below, are photos of 6409 with its engine doors open, revealing the still bright blue and clean engine inside (the only thing on new VIA locomotives that is still blue anymore!), as well as an up-close shot of the bright yellow CAT-built HEP generator housed at the rear of the locomotive, and a look at the controls in the newly refurbished cab.

While Americans enjoyed their 4th of July celebrations, it was just another workday in Canada.  Michael Harding clicked the evening train from Toronto westbound on the CN Dundas Sub at Ingersoll Ontario, with VIA F40PH-2 6440 wearing one of the two Coors Light Silver Bullet express wraps on the point.

Walter Pfefferle caught the VIA 6445 in Ingersoll as well on July 9th:

Collision damaged VIA P42DC 903 has been repaired and repainted into Renaissance green livery and photographed at VIA MMC July 3rd along with VIA F40PH-3 6406, about to enter the Maintenance Shop for inspection.

Walter Pfefferle caught repaired 903 back in service powering VIA 76 through Ingersoll, ON July 11th.     



 On July 9th Steve Boyko noted the entire consist, and photographed VIA #1 led by a trio of  F40’s, each in a different livery.  Steve shot “The Canadian” outside Winnipeg, MB on the south track at Mile 10.0 of the CN Rivers Sub.

VIA 6414

VIA 6453

VIA 6452

VIA 8208 Chateau Dollier

VIA 8613

VIA 8116

VIA 8137

VIA 8515

VIA 8408 Empress

VIA 8505

VIA 8334 Macdonald Manor

VIA 8322 Drummond Manor *

VIA 8308 Bliss Manor

VIA 8312 Butler Manor

VIA 8302 Allan Manor

VIA 8301 Abbot Manor

VIA 8202 Chateau Bienville

VIA 8502

VIA 8409 Fairholme

VIA 8325 Elgin Manor

VIA 8333 Lorne Manor

VIA 8311 Burton Manor

VIA 8703 Banff Park


An Internal VIA Rail News Release stated that during 2013 a new $10 Bill will be minted with the back of the note will feature VIA's Flagship "The Canadian”

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