August 2011 


Lake Shore Railway Historical Society



CRO was on the road in July and visited the Lake Shore Railway Museum at North East Pennsylvania.


Founded in 1956 the LSHRS is an all volunteer educational organization on the grounds of the former New York Central passenger depot. The museum is located next to the CSX and NS mainlines from Buffalo to Chicago with a steady stream of traffic and a scanner feed to keep you up to date on traffic movements.


The museum has a excellent collection of GE locomotives including CSS&SB No. 802 Little Joe and New York Central No. 2500 U25b.




Other notable items in their collection are WAG No. 1700 (Ford #1006) which is the last remaining 132 ton center cab built for the Ford Motor Company. It was designed to look like a 1938 Ford automobile. Erie City Iron Works #25, National Forge #392 and Erie Dock Co #7. Some of them can be seen in the photo below.



Another unique item is the Illuminating Co #6 fireless steam engine. Built in 1937 by the Heisler Locomotive Works in Erie. Heisler fireless steam (thermos bottle) locomotive (0-6-0 wheel configuration).  Used in Ashtabula, OH by the Cleveland Illuminating Co. until 1973. Only 30 built; approximately six survive. 



The  museum also has a huge collection of passenger and freight cars including the following:


Pullman “Central Park”  

Pullman “Lake Terrell”  

Pullman “NightStar

NYC 2950    “James C. Caldwell” 

Nickel  Plate (NKP) 103

GN 1251 “Lake Wenatchee”

GN “Pend O’Reille River”

CB&Q 1530

B&O 3001

B&O 3582

B&O 3573


Below are a couple views of some of them.


If you are looking for a museum with charm and a staff that makes you feel at home, please plan a trip to the Lake Shore Historical Society Museum in North East PA . I would like to thank Ray Grabowski Jr for answering my questions and allowing me to roam the site on my own.

If you would like more information please visit their web site at Lake Shore Historical Railway Society.

While I was visiting I also checked out the CSX and NS mainline between North East PA and Buffalo. Both lines run very close together and there are some great photo spots. A collection of photos from my trip can be seen on my web site.


Railfanning Fostoria Ohio and Area



Tired of one or two trains an hour and waiting many more for trains?

Then pack your bags and head to Fostoria Ohio for train watching at its best.


Trains have been going through Fostoria since the 1850's and have now grown to over a 100 trains a day. The "Iron Triangle" is made up of three double mainlines of CSX and NS and converge and meet in a triangle in Fostoria. The map below will give you an idea of the layout and hot watching spots as well as scanner frequencies.



I headed to Fostoria Ohio and area for my first visit the week of July 25-28th and was overwhelmed by the number of trains that go through the area. If you like trains,  Fostoria Ohio is a must visit. There is ample parking and with the layout of the "Iron Triangle" there are unlimited spots to take photos or just sit and watch the parade.



You will be met by Ellen Gatrell, the official Fostoria railfan welcome lady who will answer all your questions and give you a Fostoria Rail Fan Guide.


In June 2006 the City of Fostoria purchased a five acre site within the Iron Triangle and has now received funding to start building their showcase Railfan Park. There will be an official sod turning in September during the Fostoria Rail Festival. It will be a showcase site with modern washrooms, scanner and video feeds and plenty of parking. More information can be found at the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society's web site. A live feed web cam is also now operating allowing you to railfan Fostoria anytime.



There is limited parking across from the old Fostoria station which is now a CSX MOW building and off limits.

Free hydro connections for charging camera and laptop batteries as well as free wi-fi is also available so you can send messages and photos.


The action is constant with CSX and NS putting on a parade with road railers, coal trains, intermodal and ethanol trains rolling though in an almost endless parade. UP and BNSF powered trains as well as leased units can also be seen.



So pack your bags and treat yourself to some real train watching in Fostoria, Ohio where the "Railfans Welcome" sign is always out. The Best Western Inn in Fostoria is your railfan headquarters and offers discounts to railfans when visiting Ohio's No. 1 train watching location. Just tell them you are a railfan when booking in.


Plan to be in Fostoria on Saturday September 24, 2011 for the "Fostoria Rail Festival" featuring toy trains and model layouts, rail tours and of course lots of trains.



Photos of my trip to Fostoria, Deshler, Marion and other Ohio rail hotspots can be seen on my web page.


Be Safe out There


Walter Pfefferle



© CRO Aug 2011