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August 2011



Thank you Will (and your team) for posting the banner ad on CRO.  Not sure exactly when you posted it, but I've already had 41 pageviews on my book blog as of this morning.  The ad looks great and is obviously working.  In return, I just added a blog post aboutCRO. 

I enjoy CRO each month, and there's so much news in there that I have to reserve some time where I can properly view, digest and enjoy it each month.  And yes, I think there is still room in the Canadian marketplace for electronic and print media.  Good job, and thanks again very much.

Eric Gagnon

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From the Editor:

 Hi all,  

In memory of my Father Bill Baird Sr. (1920-2006)

This photo was taken at my Father’s Toronto apartment during the Disco-era when I was a teen.  Funny of me I know, but a great shot of my Dad.  One fond memory as a boy railfaning with my father in the mid-1970’s in Buffalo, NY.  We were enjoying a June   afternoon trackside on the Penn Central mainline at the west end of Frontier Yard. At peak times, eastbound and westbound freights would arrive one after the other and pull up and stop right on the  mainline  for a crew change.   (The tail end caboose would be reached via the crew truck (an yellow-orange painted Suburban with a green, white and black PC logo on the doors).   With a new crew, the engineer would waste no time, throttle up through transition, and highball out of town!  My Dad and I would share this thrilling railfan experience for many years, and enjoy and discuss some of the wonderful diesels we had seen.   One day  just as we were leaving Frontier Yard to head back home to Canada, a PC e/b freight with fresh crew had caught up to us  as we drove along Broadway, and we paced a Penn Central SD45 and Alco C630 for a stretch.  I clearly recall the excitement I was feeling, the roar, the exhaust blasting above the all-black units, and watching the springs bounce in those six-axle truck sideframes over the jointed track. The train was soon at track speed and passing ahead of  our car  bound for Selkirk Yard. While  being child-like disappointed my Dad could not keep pace the speeding motive power, I was smiling and was aware I had just experienced a great railfan moment which I would cherish in the years to come.




Eric Gagnon has compiled and released a new 114-page book  intended for Canadian railway enthusiasts of passenger train fans, specifically targeting  interests in passenger train numbers and  consists.  For these individuals, this book will be a valuable reference source.

 Trackside with VIA is divided into six sections, by "era", plus a bonus section:


1976-81 / Beginnings

1982-86 / Potpourri

1987-90 / New Power

1991-95 / End of Steam

1996-00 / Transition

2001-11 / Renaissance

Western Trips

 Each section has a page of text talking about the changes in VIA during the period, together with a half dozen or so black-and-white photographs. The real meat of each section is a list of trains he saw during that period, with times and locations and all the engines and cars he noted for each train. We railfans call these "consists". These are a treasure trove for train researchers, as well as anyone wondering what kinds of engines and cars VIA hauled at various times in its life.

 In soft cover and perfect to bring trackside, Eric is offering the book for the low price of $25 (this includes shipping in Canada). The book also includes a foreword by Jason Shron of Rapido Trains, paint transition data for the modeler, provided by Jakob Mueller, a brief VIA roster, train schedules in the Ontario-Quebec, the various Canadian/Super Continental routings, and recommended readings. I think Trackside with VIA is a book by a railfan, for railfans. This book will appeal to VIA Rail enthusiasts, and train enthusiasts in general. I don't think the "general public" (whoever that is) would really enjoy it, and they are not the intended audience.

I recommend Trackside with VIA: The First 35 Years to anyone with a serious interest in railways, especially the history of VIA Rail. As Eric notes in his recommended reading section, there have been very few serious books on VIA Rail. Now there is one more.

CRO Editor: :editor@canadianrailwayobservations.com

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