August 2011

 Motive Power:

Twelve (of 18) former Alstom grey painted SD40-3’s in the GTW 5900-series due to be moved to Metro East Industries in East Saint Louis, Illinois at the end of their lease, remain at Woodcrest.   While stored, a few were vandalized, stripped of their traction motor cables for the copper wiring.  The six other GTW SD40-3’s are currently at Metro East.

In early July, GCFX/WC SD40-3 6943 was sold to the Texas Gonzales & Northern Railroad as TXGN #129.   Stored GCFX SD40-3 6077 was scrapped at BRC in Chicago, Illinois after deemed non-repairable.  

 Mike Mautner clicked freshly painted CN C40-8W`s 2162 and 2170 at TRRA Madison Yard, Illinois July 1st.   Note they both now sport locomotive class EF-640f lettering below their cab numbers, the first to have this addition.   (See Note below)


CN ex-BNSF C40-8W roundup

Wearing full CN Livery with their paint shop:   (updated 7/23)

 2099 - Centralia

2135 - JULY- Centralia

2136 - Centralia

2138 - Centralia

2141 - Woodcrest

2144 - Centralia

2146 - Centralia

2147 - Woodcrest

2148 - Woodcrest

2149- JULY - Centralia

2151 - Centralia

2152 - Woodcrest

2153 - Centralia

2155 - Centralia

2156 - JULY - Centralia

2157 - Centralia

2161 - Centralia

2162 - JULY - Metro East Industries

2163 - Centralia

2164 - Woodcrest

2165 – JULY NRE- Dixmoor

2167 – JULY Quality Rail

2169 - Centralia

2170 - JULY - Metro East Industries

2188 - Centralia

2191 - JULY - Quality Rail

2194 - Woodcrest

2197  - Centralia

Trace locations of CN 2098-2199 July 15th

(CN ex-UP C40-8, ex-BNSF C40-8W)

 Now sporting CN paint, C40-8W’s 2099, 2135, 2153, 2156 and 2169 may get forwarded to the Toronto Diesel Shop for completion. 

Joe Ferguson captured the last July CN C40-8w, 2149, fresh from the Centralia IL paint booth July 29th. 

On July 22nd Joe Ferguson clicked freshly painted 2156 and 2161 (which was painted last month) at Centralia, IL.   

Ken Lanovich notes MEI painted C40-8w's 2162 + 2170 have white/grey cab numbers similar to Canadian shops. Ken also noted that 2191 - first of 5 painted by Quality Rail in Madison IL – arrived July 14th in transit @ Woodcrest sans horn. CN 2167 from Quality Rail showed up at Woodcrest July 22nd.

Mike Garza shot Quality Rail-painted CN 2191 July 14th snoozing near the Woodcrest Load Test building, and 2167 on July 22nd. Mike also spied CN 2165 within NRE-Dixmoor on July 22nd, this has class stenciling like 2162 + 70 completed by MEI.

Four C40-8W's remain outsourced for their CN uniforms: 2168 (813). at NRE-Dixmoor (Chicago), and at Quality Rail (Madison, IL) 2176 (827), 2177 (829), and 2193 (858).

CN 2140 and 2171 remain stored at Memphis, TN, both believed to be in need of major mechanical work.

George Redmond bagged three CN C40-8W's fresh from the paint shop at Centralia, IL: 2156 on July 5th, 2169 July 14th, and sister 2135 July 21st, and CN 2135 in July 21st, all taken at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL. Still in BNSF paint CN 2196, is shown with temporary black CN re-markings, sits prepped for her Centralia shop repaint.


  Repainted CN C40-8W 2099, C40-8 2109, and GTW GP38-2 4929 sit around the turntable at the engine facility in Centralia, Il, July 19th. CN 2109 is still waiting on replacement engine parts, and 2099 needs completion of electrical work.  The same day George clicked off a tight shot of  CN 2156  the latest fresh from the Centralia paint Shop.

The remaining five BC RAIL B39-8E's stored at Woodcrest made their way to Fulton, KY on A432 - just as six siblings did last  month returning  to the "Land of Lincoln" on train 431 in June 23rd. On July 13th Darren Doss captured BCOL 3911, 3901, 3909, 3907, and 3906 returned now stored at Centralia, IL   As of July 29th, there were eight at Centralia and four still at Woodcrest 1700, 3902, 3904 and 3910.

On July 14th George Redmond caught BCOL 3905, 3908, 3903, 3907, and 3906 just after their arrival in the Centralia, IL B yards. Following inspection, they have been placed in long-term storage at Centralia.

Mark Forseille pointed out BCOL B39-8E 3905 appears to have had a nose-job! The nose stripes are now gone and the front headlight is now horizontal, likely repairs following a collision a few years ago.  This is how it looked the last time Mark saw BCOL 3905 on April 16th 2006 at Port Coquitlam, BC. 

On July 13th, Walter Pfefferle Caught CN C40-8 2133 and SD70I 5628  running light through Ingersoll, Ontario. 

On July 2nd, Michael Harding clicked GTW GP9 4619 heading back to the yard over the Black River after working the local on the industrial branch at Port Huron, Michigan.

Ron Visockis caught CN GP40-2LW 9454 leading the TestTrain westbound through, Belleville, ON July 19th.  The evaluation car was recently repainted and sports new bright safety striping on the rear.

The same day, Ron snapped CN SD75I 5695 leading  #308 eastbound with CEFX GP20D 2013 and 2016 dead-in-tow through Belleville, ON.  Destined for the Sept Iles, QC,  they will be  interchanged from QNS&L to the Arnaud Railway and be added to the four other CEFX GP20D units already on lease.  

Walter Pfefferle caught a rare sight July 24th  when the nocturnal Triple Crown RoadRailer train CN 144, appeared in the afternoon in Ingersoll, Ontario in the daylight.  Having an SD70M-2 (CN 8006) as the assigned power for CN 144 is also unusual.

CN News:

July was a tough month for CN with several derailments all across the country.  

 CN train Q10251-10 derailed along the Bala subdivision of the CN main line, near Waterfall, ON, approximately 390 km/240 mi. northwest of Toronto. The incident, which occurred at approximately 0520hrs EDT on July 14th, effected trains running between Toronto and Winnipeg.  

 CN train G84751-13 derailed along the Bulkley subdivision of CN's northern British Columbia lines near Andimaul, BC (between Smithers, BC, and Terrace, BC). The incident, which occurred at 1619hrs PDT on July 13th, for a time affecting trains running between Prince George and Prince Rupert, BC.

Here are some incredible images of the roadbed devastation in CN Chetwynd Sub wash out on the former BC RAIL:

Click the photo or link below for additional photos.


 On June 30th, cross ties caught fire on the CN Cisco Bridge 10-km south of Lytton BC, temporarily shutting down rail operations.   The cause is still being investigated.   The location is well known to railfans as both CP and CN mainline bridges crisscross the mighty Thompson River  at Siska, BC  (see video and photos).

 In our July CRO CN News section, we posted the sobering photos of former CN Z-1-a #6712, a GE-built Box Cab  being cut up for scrap following the Town of Mont Royal Council’s decision in March 2011 to dispose of the historic electric locomotive.  This move has raised the ire of many railway enthusiasts and some TMR residents. Beginning in 1914 and up until 1996. CN Z-1-a 6712  provided commuter service north on the electrified line from downtown Central Station under Mount Royal to Deux Montagnes.  On retirement it was given to TMR.

In selling the locomotive, which was kept stored all these years at the TMR public works yard, Mayor Philippe Roy cited the expense of keeping it properly protected, and needed storage space as reasons for disposing of it.  After pieces were salvaged by the CRHA for their own Box Cab, the rest was dismantled in June by D. P. Metal of St-Urban Premier south of Montreal.   A sad end for such an historic locomotive that provided so many years service through the Mount Royal Tunnel AKA  “Canada’s First Subway”.  It had been donated to TMR for future exhibit in the municipality which never guided to fruition.  CRO readers sounded off: “This was one of the roots of TMR,” said Avrom Shtern, a member of the Montreal environment group Green Coalition for which he is the transportation critic. “This railway was what led to the creation of this municipality,” added Andrew Dawson, a member of Transport 2000, a public transit group. Shtern maintains that the destroyed locomotive was an important artifact of TMR’s history that should have been preserved. He noted that the City of  Deux Montagnes, QC at the other end of the AMT line,  display their Box Cab locomotive as entrusted.  In June, Charles DeJean clicked these sobering images  of the salvage crew at work, after the box cab had been cut in two, with number board still  in place and spoked wheels set aside.   (thanks to Martin C. Barry and Avrom Shtern)


OUR COVER SHOT:  Doug Wingfield captured CNR RS3’s 3004 and 3019 assiting CNR Northern Northern 6167  up Ferguson Avenue in Hamilton, ON heading south on the Hagersville Sub with a September 30th, 1962 excursion. The diesels will cut off at Rymal at the top of the Niagara escarpment. Interesting street running back then as this line is now gone. The two RS3’s were laying over after arriving on commuter train 921 the Friday evening and departing on #922 the following Monday.  Our CRO Archivist John Read actually was aboard this train excursion, and provided the background on Doug’s fine photo.

A light snowfall dusts DM&IR shop forces March 10th 2000 at Proctor, MN - with the first of four SD40T-3  rebuilds for the (now CN-owned) Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad. Dave Schauer photographed B&LE 907 and craftsmen outside the Proctor shops.  Proctor rebuilt 907-910 for the B&LE using kits from Boise. Today CN does most heavy work at Woodcrest Shop at Homewood IL; only light repair, maintenance and inspections are done at Proctor.   The original (as built) EMD SD45T-2 vertical steps are seen on 907. CN Woodcrest Shop did major modifications on the three other B&LE's (900, 904, 906) now in ore country service - these now have offset steps. 907 is scheduled for this safety upgrade and an engine change-out by the Woodcrest mechanical talent.

In the 1990`s GTW purchased eight secondhand SD40-2's from the UP, which becamee GTW 5930-5937.   When first in service they were not repainted and only wore a red CN Noodle.  Subsequently most were eventually repainted in the CNNA  livery.  Kevin Piper clicked Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray painted GTW 5934 at the UP  yard at Dolton, IL, 7-6-1990


In June 2006, Rob Eull photographed VIA train 70 meeting CN 271  at Bayview, Ontario with BNSF 9647 leading.  This locomotive is painted in the experimental first BNSF scheme which many railfans tagged the “Vomit Bonnet”.  


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