(By Terry Muirhead and William Baird)


Amtrak's “Adirondack” is seen rolling along the shores of Lake Champlain with the Great Dome on a hot & humid fall day.

Francois Jolin caught the first southbound trip of the season from Montreal with the dome car on September 25th.


Guy-Pascal Arcouette caught the latest VIA F40PH-2d 6431 with VIA switcher 204 at the VIA MMC

on September 18th.



Aivo Merimets clicked VIA F40PH-2 6414 leading train 73 into Woodstock, Ontario on Sep 3, 2010.

Note the lit white classification lights.


Chris Wilson (Marathon, ON) recorded train #1 (Toronto, ON - Vancouver, BC) on the Caramat Sub August 29th with 18 coaches.  

VIA 6402 (F40PH-2D)

VIA 6435 (F40PH-2)

VIA 8605 (Baggage)

VIA 8104 (Coach)

VIA 8116 (Coach)

VIA 8510 (Skyline)

VIA 8407 (Diner “Emerald”)

VIA 8517 (Skyline)

VIA 8332 (Sleeper “Laird Manor”)

VIA 8320 (Sleeper “Douglas Manor”)

VIA 8312 (Sleeper “Butler Manor”)

VIA 8335 (Sleeper “MacKenzie Manor”)

VIA 8222 (Sleeper “Chateau Riguad”)

VIA 8211 (Sleeper “Chateau Lassale”)

VIA 8504 (Skyline)

VIA 8409 (Diner “Fairholme”)

VIA 8321 (Sleeper “Draper Manor”)

VIA 8316 (Sleeper “Christie Manor”)

VIA 8308 (Sleeper “Bliss Manor”)

VIA 8708 (Park Car “Kokanee Park”)


GREAT SHOT! Paint slowly fading, preserved LRC still looks great as one can only imagine the sound of the 16 cylinder 251F Alco engine that used to live in such a small frame. EDIT: While searching the web, I've discovered that Exporail actually started 6921 a few days before my visit in cooperation with... Rapido Trains Inc. for recording purposes for their forthcoming LRC model train! (August 31st photo at the CRHA museum by Marc Caya)


In early September, two of the three LRC locomotives at Willowbrook Yard are now at the southwest end of the yard and can be photographed from the industrial complex at the northeast corner of Kipling Avenue and New Toronto Street.   Keith Thomson shot a couple of pictures of them (his first for CRO).  The two units 6914 and 6919 have been moved to CN Mac Yard for furtherance to RB-Recycling for scrap. The last one remaining, ex-VIA LRC 6917, is earmarked for the Toronto Roundhouse Museum.  At press time, Dan Tweedle caught LRC 6914 on (CN 376?) as it was departing September 25th from Mac Yard to Montreal. (2nd link with two photos)





VIA operated an extra (Montreal “Alouettes” Fan Train 660/669) between Montreal, QC  and Aldershot, ON Sept 11th, making one intermediate stop in Dorval.  Running times were as nos. 66 / 67. Consist was two 900-series P42DC's with 13 VIA Renaissance cars.  Montreal departure was 05:15.

Aldershot arrival 10:52, Aldershot departure was 18:22, and Montreal arrival 23:50.


Mark Forseille clicked VIA F40PH-2d's 6406 and VIA 6402 Vancouver, BC Aug 15, 2010.



Jim McPhereson recorded the VIA consist out of Vancouver last night with two more RMR coaches sandwiched between the 1st and 2nd VIA locomotives (due to incompatibility w/HEP cabling) heading to Toronto for painting.  Bill Chester caught the rare consist as it crossed Hwy 24 near Miniota MB about forty minutes west of Rivers, MB.


TSB report findings on the fire in the engine compartment of the VIA P42DC  on train #46 August 16th,

2009.  The engine caught and stopped at Mile 14.26, on the Smiths Falls Subdivision near Richmond, Ontario.


Consist as recorded by an AEI site on CN

VIA F40PH-2  6426

RMRX   3204   

RMRX   3213

VIA   F40PH-2d  6455

VIA   F40PH-2  6419 

VIA    8615 

VIA    8112

VIA    8107

VIA    8502

VIA    8408

VIA    8501

VIA    8339

VIA    8318

VIA    8342

VIA    1721

VIA    8305

VIA    8214

VIA    8229

VIA    8309

VIA    8331

VIA    8222

VIA    8209  

VIA    8516

VIA    8411

VIA    8330

VIA    8306

VIA    8334

VIA    8710


Rocky Mountaineer Railtours tested  the NRE gensets #2020 during August. Here RMR GP40-2W 8013 is shown coupled to the gensets on the Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver, BC Aug 28th 2010  (Mark Forseille photos).



RMR GP40-2LW 8015 and CP SD40-2 6019 at River Road MP 101 on the CP Cascade Sub - Maple Ridge, BC on August 16th by Mark Forseille. 



VIA Vignettes:


In 2001, VIA Rail tested out some radically different equipment. This DMU is shown pausing at Smiths Falls waiting for an incoming VIA from Brockville allowed for a great photo opportunity. This unit was also referred to as "The Donut Train" because of the black padding around the front. In the end VIA Rail purchased P-42 units numbered 900 - 920. 



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