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CN Locomotives Sold:


In early September, CN sold EJ&E SW1200's 302, 306, and 316 to NRE (National Railway Equipment), EJE SW1200 316 arrived in Fulton on September 9th enroute to Paducah, KY.   


During the month of August and September, the following units (out of the dozens retired this summer), have been scrapped at Woodcrest Shop: 

CN SD40-2W 5301, 5384,

IC SD40R's 6007, 6008, 6011, 6017, 6018, 6050, 6054, 6058, 6063, 6064, 6072,

IC SD40-2's 6104, 6108, 6126, 6127, 6134.  Note: 6017 was the only IC 6000-series to be repainted in CN colours.  Certain reusable parts (Blocks and Radiator sections) were removed and then sold to Larry's Truck Electric (LTEX) and shipped by truck to McDonald, OH.  (Ken Lanovich photos).


On September 9th, four ex-WC/GCFX SD40-3's were pulled out of storage from the Belt Railway of Chicago (BRC) Clearing yard, and were lettered WLRS 6900, 6905, 6906, and 6940.  The buyer is Western Labrador Rail Service (Sold through broker Alltranstek LLC in Downers Grove, IL). Still sporting the old GEC-Alsthom paint scheme, this quartet has now been moved to VMV-NRE Paducah, KY.


Dan Dell'Unto compiled the following list of ex-GCFX/WC SD40-3's that have been sold by GCFX: 

GCFX 6042 to QGRY 6042

GCFX 6057 to QGRY 6057

GCFX 6062 to QGRY 6062

GCFX 6076 to QGRY 6076

WC 6900 to WLRS 6900  

WC 6902 to TRX 125   (Incorrectly painted TXR)

WC 6904 to QGRY 6904

WC 6905 to WLRS 6905

WC 6906 to WLRS 6906

WC 6908 to QGRY 6908

WC 6910 to ACWR 6910

WC 6913 to QGRY 6913

WC 6920 to QGRY 6920

WC 6924 to TRX 126    (Incorrectly painted TXR)

WC 6926 to ACWR 6926

WC 6936 to NENE 124 

WC 6940 to WLRS 6940

WC 6941 to DMVW 6941

WC 6949 to DMVW 6949

*ACWR = Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Railway

*DMVW = Dakota Missouri Valley and Western Railroad

*NENE = Nebraska Northeastern Railway

*QGRY = Quebec Gatineau Railway (for Bloom Lake mine)

*TRX = Texas Rock Crusher  (Brownsville, Texas)

*WLRS = Western Labrador Rail Services (GWI subsidiary)

**WLRS and QGRY units likely for operation by Genesee & Wyoming Inc over the Bloom Lake Railway Company (BLRC), which is a subsidiary of Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Limited (CLM). 

*** The head mechanic for the DMVW (Ed Duke) confirmed that 6941 and 6949 will retain their numbers. They also have a trio of former WC (ex-BN) SD45's 7505, 7510, and 7517 on their roster.


New Power:


CN took delivery of ES44DC's 2310-2312  out of Erie, PA and the trio were moved up to Toronto the on September 24th.  The GEVO order is for units 2310-2344.  As well SD70M-2's 8915 and 8916 were released from EMCC-London September 24th. The current GM order is for 8915-8949.


In the biggest news this month, Mark Perry caught two freshly painted CN units at Symington Yard   painted in the “15 year's logo on September 25th.   The units are CN GP38-2 7505 and GP9RM 7258.  These are the first non-GE locomotives to wear the 15 years CN logo on the long hood.

CN 7205 and 7258  were the first to be repainted at the Transcona Shop in MB"


The following 16 of 35 C40-8's are complete and are now in service: 2103, 2105, 2106, 2107, 2111, 2112, 2113, 2114, 2115, 2120, 2122, 2123, 2125, 2127, 2128, and 2131. CN 2131 gets the "Coast to Coast" award having been to Roberts Bank, B.C. and then in Mobile, AL on September 7th.  One sidelined unit is CN 2106 has been at Edmonton, AB since August 26th with fire damage and  2103, 2111 and 2114 may have suffered minor failures,

but are back on line.


One of our new contributors Darren Doss sent us these great photos of CN C40-8 2111 at Effingham, CN C40-8 2106 at Centralia and CN 2246 ES44DC  when it was fresh about a year ago.   We look forward to seeing more photos from Darren in the future.

John Leeming caught CN 2113 at Thornton shop on September 2nd.  Specially painted CN 2115 arrived in Toronto the second week of September, and we received these great images by George Redmond and Joe Ferguson of CN 2115 taken fresh from the paint shop at Centralia on September 1st.


In a pleasant surprise, three more C40-8's have received the Canadian National “The Journey Continues”15 years (1995-2010) logo.  On September 14th Joe Ferguson photographed CN 2112 in fresh paint with the logo at the Centralia Shop.  CN 2112's first trip was south on CN A432 September 15th.  To date 2107 2112, 2113, 2115 and 2128 are the only four units in this livery.


George Redmond caught repaint CN 2107 (sporting the 15 years logo) on September 21st,  the locomotive then was marshaled as the 3rd unit on a N/B CN grain empty out of Centralia.


George Redmond caught the newest CN 2128 newest 15 years logo 2128 September 25th fresh from the Centralia Shop.

Two of CN's specially painted C40-8's 2113 and 2115 were sent to Walker Yard in Edmonton, Alberta for a presentation during the first week of September, and Phil Mason took these shots of CN C40-8 2113 at the CN Kamloops Railway Day, Sept. 11Th.


Robert Smith caught CN 2114 running back and forth between Battle Creek and Buffalo on CN trains 330/331 the first week of September.


George Redmond caught these ex-CNW- C41-8’s September 22nd at Centralia, awaiting their CN colours.


Aivo Merimets caught CN C40-8 2114 leading train 331 at Woodstock, Ontario on September 1st.


Walter Pfefferle CRO Staff caught CN 2105 leading 148 through Ingersoll Ontario Sept. 27, 2010

Video of the train can be seen here


These photos of specially painted CN 2115 were taken at Centralia September 1st.


There is very little new to report on CN's ex-BNSF C40-8W's (2135-2161).  The ones at CN – Centralia had not moved in September and there are still a handful down in Memphis, TN at CN - E. Hunter Harrison Yard. However. here is proof the ex-BNSF C40-8's do indeed have air conditioning.  George Redmond clicked CN 2138 at Centralia Shop on July 17th.


Ron Visockis caught CN C40-8 2103 looking fine at Belleville, ON, September 14th


On August 28th CN C40-8 2120 was photographed inside the WC shop at Fond-du-Lac, WI.


CN ES44DC 2309 was at Centralia Shop in September with wreck damage to the front plow, handrails and step well, and corner of the nose. Easily repairable, it will likely be done there.  


WC GP38-2 2001 arrived at Woodcrest in late May an engine change-out. It and several other WC 38’s have been working on the former BC Rail for the last four years. 2001 was seen outside Woodcrest shops on the 20th. It is being tested in yard service at Markham, and will likely return to service in British Columbia in late September.


In faded and peeling CN paint GP40-2LW 9473 moved south dead-in-tow on train 336 out of IC`s Markham yard September 15th, heading to the Centralia paint shop.


 Ron Visockis photographed CN GP40-2LW 9566 in fresh paint from Woodcrest at Belleville, ON, September 14th and the following day had arrived at Joffre, QC, and then departed for Nova Scotia on CN 308.


IC GP40R 3133 was photographed outside the Centralia paint shop in late-July and is now the

first IC GP40R to receive the CN livery, IC 3133 was released from the paint shop in fresh

CN paint August 25th. (Joe Ferguson).


Joe Ferguson sent these shots of CN and IC units from September 23rd: CNNA SD40-2 W 5319 at Gilman, IL; and IC GP40R 3102 with IC GP38-2 9602 at Kankakee, IL.


One of our new contributors Darren Doss, Darren Doss sent this great September 24th shot of METRA F40PH-3 112 at Fulton, KY outside the  Progress Rail Shop tracks. For some reason it had been bad ordered by CN. Delivered to CN 9-23, it was departing the 24th or 25th on A431.  Reworked at Progress Rail's Mayfield facility - the builders decal notes: Model: F40PH-3, Serial No. 766062-13, Rebuilt Date: August 2010, Gross Weight Wt: 268,400 lbs, Traction: 3200 HP


Earlier this year Savage CANX GP9 8625 (ex-SOO 4203) was to be scrapped at Winnipeg, MB. However in September the jeep arrived at Woodcrest and appears to be destined to NRE.  We are still to receive new info on this engine.


On September 21st, Jason Jongen caught CN 314 at Washago, Ontario (mile 89.1 Bala Sub),

with CN 8838 SD70M-2, CN 5768 SD75I, CN 2449 C40-8M and 113 Cars including 

Algoma Central Coach 3236 and VIA RDC 6133 (placed before the tail end freight car). VIA RDC1 6133  was heading to IRSI to get refurbished. Tom Jankowski shot it heading southbound on the Bala Sub with an ex-Algoma Central passenger car;   This car was sold at the CN auction sale to Trillium who  will be receiving two others later this year.


Sporting the handsome 1954 paint CNR paint scheme, former CN business car “Metis” was spotted  on the Halton and Kingston subs September 17th placed near the rear of an eastbound CN freight was  The car was moved from Effingham, IL to Champaign, IL on M396 a week earlier, up from St. Louis, MO.  It was handled from DuQuoin, IL to Effingham, IL on CN A431, and later moved east  through Quebec and at press time was  still in Saint John, New Brunswick. “Metis” started its life in 1928 as a sleeper, In 1973, CN converted it to a business car.  In 1991 it was sold to a private individual, and was now owned by Historic Rails Inc.  The car was sold by Ozark Mountain Railcar to the New Brunswick Southern (NBSR), for their special trains. As this car is very old, it can no longer be moved at passenger trains speeds (Hence the CN move and why it was it was no longer needed by Historic Rails).  The NBSR passenger specials generally operate at slow speeds, so this car will be suitable.

These photos are by Darren Doss taken at Effingham, IL on September 10th 2010 on CN M39671-09. 


Thomas Blampied submitted these shots of CN 308 (2708 with 8805 mid-train DPU) through Whitby on September 20th.  As you can see, the front end of the train was made up of army vehicles.


In Mid-September former CN M636 2338 was wyed at Mac Yard in Toronto, possibly in preparation  for her movement to the WNYP.  At press time, the Big M was still stored in Toronto Yard.  (Dan Tweedle)


CN management are training to operate freight trains in times of need.  Dean Brown caught CNNA GP40-2LW 9424 in a training exercise moving West and East at Mile 9.40 on the CN Grimsby Sub (Merritton) on September 10th


Chris Gertz caught the IC business train at London, Ontario on Train 148 on September 17th with CN 2516 and BCOL 4623 deadheading IC E9A 101 and two cars behind the power.


An organization is interested in purchasing the CN Beachburg Sub, which runs the Ottawa Valley to the City of Ottawa.   Transport Pontiac Renfrew, a community-based non-profit corporation with a

board of directors from Pontiac and Renfrew counties as well as city representation, has been working for a couple of years now to take over the line. If the organization succeeds, the long-term plan is to not only operate it as a commuter line, but also use it for freight transportation and tourism. A business plan has been completed and the net salvage value for the line has been determined. Both were key requirements before consideration could be given to offer to purchase the line.


Chris Wilson took these shots that show track work progressing on the CN Caramat Sub

near Hornepayne, Ontario, all of which was interrupted for but a moment by VIA #1 and CN Q115.


On September 12th, Chris Wilson took this great shot at MP 292.0 CN Ruel Subdivision, at Hornepayne, ON.  CN Q11131 an Intermodal from Toronto BIT, ON  to Vancouver Thornton, BC hauling 175 platforms.  The consist was CN 2241 (ES44DC), CN 5696 (SD75I),-97 platforms- CN 8816 (SD70M-2), -78 platforms- and CN 2301 (ES44DC).


Mark Forseille caught the following great looking motive power at  Roberts Bank, BC on Aug 25 2010: CN SD60F 5547, CN SD70M-2 8859, CN SD40-2W 5350 and CP AC4400CW 8643.


On June 9, 2010, Bill Sanderson found one of CN's Track Geometry Test trains resting outside the CN yard office in Portage La Prairie, MB. CNNA SD40-2W 5316 is powering ballasted boxcar 15007 and track geometry car 107600 (formerly 15003). In the following days the train would be testing on the CN Carberry and Cromer Subdivisions east and west of Brandon, MB.


CNR Vignettes: 


Derek Henderson photographed brand new MLW-built CN M636 2335 and  five decorated CN freight cars on display at Belleville, Ontario, during 6218's retirement party in 1971.  The cars stayed painted this way until scrapped.  Photos of the CN locomotives and two of the cars:


Patrick DeLarue caught brand new GE-built (class unit) CN DASH 8-40CM (class unit)  2400 on April 5th 1990 at Tashereau Yard, Québec. The subsequent order of this model sported the CN Noodle.


Dead Line shots at Edmonton's Walker Yard, taken during 2007 by Kevin Cameron including CN's first SD40 delivered #5000 enjoying her last days of retirement.  A few months after Kevin took this picture she was shipped to Lac La Biche Alberta and scrapped.   Also here are CN GMD1m 1063 which remained in the dead line till the end of 2007 and then scrapped.  Wrecked GP38-2W  sits on the dead line in 2007 as you can see at the time this picture was taken she is all ready being parted out.  Retired Grand Trunk Western GP9 4520 sits on the dead line on a very cold winter day in January 2009 it is minus 50 when I took this photo.



Here's a couple of more shots of CN SD40 #5000, first at the fuel pad at Walker Yard being prepped for movement at Walker Yard Edmonton, June 6 2007, and the remains of CN 5000 in the Athabasca Northern Yard Lac La Biche Alberta August 16th 2007.  (Trevor Sokolan photos)




CP In The News


CP Derailment St Lazare Quebec


Freight-bearing rail traffic between Montreal and Toronto was disrupted after a CP Rail train derailed west of Vaudreuil-Dorion, at St Lazare Quebec

Train 159-23 with CP 9703 coupled with trailing locomotive CP 9630 and carrying 54 loads and no empty, including 9 cars of dangerous commodities.  While entering curve at St.Lazarre, train crews noticed a big tree obstructing the track. Train derailed upon contacting the tree . The two Locomotives and 11 cars derailed

The crew of the train was not hurt in the crash.

Here is a photo of the derailment and of one of the locomotive being removed from the sink hole.


CP Unit Scrapped or Stored


The following is a tally of CP SD9043MAC's in service or stored unserviceable as of September 15th

Units in Service – 37 units:  9101, 9102, 9103, 9104, 9105, 9107, 9109, 9112, 9113, 9114, 9116, 9117, 9118, 9120, 9124, 9125, 9126, 9129, 9129, 9130, 9131, 9132, 9133, 9134, 9137, 9139, 9140, 9142, 9143, 9144, 9145, 9147, 9150, 9152, 9153, and 9155.


Units Stored Unserviceable – 24 units:  9100, 9106, 9108, 9110, 9111, 9115, 9119, 9121, 9122, 9123, 9127, 9135, 9136, 9138, 9141, 9146, 9148, 9149, 9151, 9154, 9156, 9157, 9158, 9159 (United Way livery) and  9160.


In September CP sold the following units (which had been stored for one year at Winnipeg), to RBRX (RB Recycling) in Montreal for scrap.  They are CP GP9u's 1576, 1595, CPRS SD40M-2's 5494, 5495, 5497, CP SD40-2's 5566, 5576, 5669, 5700, 5713, 5721, 5733, 5748, and 5804.  Dave Young caught CP 222 paralleling Hwy 17 at Mile 63 CP Kaministiquia Sub (Raith, ON) with CP 8792, 6079, 9021 with the dead units in tow.


Over the scanner Gary Knapp heard CP 252 coming into Rouses Point with the 8796 leading, and  headed to Platsburg to shoot the great image. An ES44AC, AC4400CW and D&H GP38-2 7312, being returned to Bluff Point Yard near Plattsburgh from being serviced up at St. Luc Yard.  I had thought the 7312 might stand out like a beacon in these surroundings, (red station and red locomotives........I was unaware of the trailing red boxcars) and as 252 whistles over crossings coming into town, I'm all smiles at having pulled off this second photo op tonight. The same crew that brought the SOO 6040 past my camera at Port Henry the previous morning comes around the curve below the station and sees my awareness flash of the lighting before running through the location. In a flash, the lighting does its job! And indeed, 7312 stands out like a beacon and what a backdrop Plattsburgh Station makes with its towers! Shot on August 29, 2010 at 04:14 with the 5D and Zeiss ZF 100/2 (Nikon) lens set at f2.


Railfans around Smiths Falls caught a lucky break on August 31st:  Toronto-Montreal intermodal freight #230 normally travels through the area in the wee hours of the morning.  However, the train on Tuesday, August 31st required a re-crew, which meant it was delayed on the Belleville Subdivision until later in the morning.  And it just happened to have CP's two gensets in the lead.  In the attached photo the train is changing crews at the depot in Smiths Falls.  3GS21B-DE's #2101 and #2100 lead SD40-2 #5879 on the 59-platform freight.  The same three units returned to Toronto the following day powering manifest freight #233, but with #5879 as the lead locomotive.  Photo by Bill Sanderson.


The first week of September, CP ran an OCS over the D&H, Paying visits to Binghamton, Albany and Rouses Point. CP’s VP and COO along with other officials were reported to be riding the train which Consisted of two jeeps and borrowed Vermont Rail Systems, vintage observation car “Macintyre”. Once arriving in Albany at Kenwood Yard the Macintyre had to be turned so the observation end would face the opposite way for the run north to Rouses Point from Albany, necessitating a deadhead run to the “Magic Triangle” a term coined by fellow Railfan Bill Kozel which is the trackage between CPF 478, CPC 24 and CPF 480 which when joined together at there respective control points form an “Unofficial Wye”. The train is seen crossing the Mohawk River between Waterford and Cohoes as it returns back to Kenwood Yard. Dean Splittgerber photo.



Former BNSF B40-8W's 561, 562, and 582 arrived in CP Toronto Yard on September 10th.  They have been sold to the Providence & Worchester as PW 4005-4007, and were routed to Whitehall, NY and then Vermont Railway System and NECR,  to P&W.  CP Train #666 (the 16th Ethanol train) lifted these units from Toronto on the 13th and arrived at Whitehall, NY on September 14th with the ex-BNSF units in tow.  Note:  Although this ethanol train was still numbered #666, CP has issued instructions to change the numbers to #642/643 however the train number had still not changed when this train left.  In Frank Jolin's photo, Train #666  is seen bound for Whitehall N.Y, approaching the Canada/U.S border. The three ex BNSF units arrived on the P&W September 14th.  Wayne Thompson also caught the three BNSF units at Toronto Yard on September 11th


Ken Gosslet caught the southbound CP ethanol train Sept 19th at St-Edouard, QC on the NJ.  Ken got a nice image of the ex-BNSF ex-ATSF B40-8's dead in tow being delivered to the P&W.


Walter Pfefferle CRO Staff caught CP 666 ethanol train as it crossed Hwy 2 just west of Woodstock Ontario Sept 25th, 2010.

Fall colors are already out in some areas as can be seen in this shot.


Francois Jolin also caught CP ethanol train 666-017 skirting Lake Champlain at Port Henry N.Y on September 21, 2010.


On September 17th at Bedell, Ontario Raymond Farand (and Bob Heathhorn) caught the first repaint of the 9500-9783 series CPRS-liveried AC4400CW's, into the current CP paint scheme.  Ray's shots shows CP 153-18 at Bedell, ON with CP 9554 trailing.  CRO readers will recall CP 9554 was wrecked at Lacross, WI in 2007 (see photos below).  The unit was repaired and repainted at Relco Locomotive Inc over two years.  The wrecked unit was photographed at Albia, Iowa, 9/21/08, and photographed back in service after being released in August 2010.


Still in her ex-Milwaukee “Bandit” paint, Daniel DiFiori caught SOO GP40 2066 leading two AC4400CW's at Sturtevant, WI on September 10th


Ed Weisensel caught a colourful group of CP power including SOO GP38-2 4415, CP GP40's 4600 and GP40 4618 at Muskego Ramp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 17th


In August,  CP began considering ceasing operations on most CSX trackage in Michigan (not counting the run to Oak Yard). As well the CSX-CP interchange trains (520/521) will be ceasing with traffic handled by other trains.  CP is currently operating two trains per week (eastbound only) on the CSX via Grand Rapids, MI.


CP/CN Lakehead Report:

By Craig Konopski


CP  Kam Sub work train (8-WKA-08, 6079 + 5912) with about 20 air dumps of rock for mile 63 and the spreader, CP 402887 (with a 'ghost rider'!).  The spreader had to be fished-out from the west end of the storage track at Niblock and shoved down nearly 30 miles to the HBD s/o track at mile 63.


A couple of images from Craig Konopski of freight  #223-01 departing the Lakehead around 1900 EDT September 2nd under damp & dreary conditions.  Motive power is STL&H 5651, SOO 6040, CITX 3097.  The train spent about 1.5 hours in town doing work before heading west.  The 2nd image shows the CP 1630 Roust assignment shoving 24 loads into the Pool 10 (Western Grain) elevator in the background (power: CP 5962 + CP 1694).


Chris Wilson caught CP 222 rolling through Franz, Ontario with the CP 8792, 6079, 9021, 5713, 1595, 5700, 5721  The last four locomotives dead in tow, and which have been sold for scrap to RB Recycling (RBRX) in Lachine, QC.


Chris Wilson provided this assortment of shots taken September 15th: CN SD70M-2 8007 on CN Q11131 14 changing off.  On CP 220, the second unit was repainted CP AC4400CW 9554; CP AC4400CW 8571 W with 103-15 at the Mink Tunnel and CP ES454AC 8818 with 113-15 at Mink as well.


More of Cor van Steenis great shots form the 16th of August CP 125 Anniversary tour with The Empress 4-6-4 #2816 on the Mountain Sub.


Kevin Dunk wrote: Still working my way home, ! received one “tongue in cheek“ comment from a friend who said “Get back to Canada, BNSF orange will rot my camera”!  Okay, no more orange but how about some Armour Yellow?  Except for the brown background scenery this train went right by my house in Cranbrook so it’s almost like home, heck there’s even a CP engine in the consist.  ;o)

Anyway, all kidding aside, this train did pass through my neighborhood so it’s nice to see the same traffic but in a whole different kind of scenery.  Today’s potash train is fast approaching the Washington-Oregon state line with UP8291 and CP9675 pulling tonnage up front while in the rear are a pair of  UP SD9043AC’s 8303-8275 pushing for the cause.  On this day I had been waiting at another location but after some time wondered what had happened to this train, so I moved…MISTAKE!  You’d think after 30 years I’d know better, apparently not.  Anyway, I knew of this location and like any railfan one should always have a backup site just in case.  My last time at Pt. Kelley, Washington it was some six years ago and it’s still working for me, I hope you agree.


Andy Cassidy submitted the following shots: When CP AC4400CW 9674 rolled over at Corbin in late 2005 it rolled onto the left side which was a good thing.  Reason: The batteries are all on the right side behind the cab under the running board. In this case all the acid leaked from the batteries into the HV Inverter cabinet, into the cab electrical cabinet, through the left side of the cab wall and ceiling insulation, and around the left front windshield, etc.   A week of drying, then we got one electrician and apprentice from the shop to tackle the job as a project. After replacing just about every component and all the wire terminals, we were ready to try it out after several months of repair, (note vegetation growing out of it!), she started up and worked!


CP's "Kalium switcher" is a major yard assignment at Belle Plaine, Sask.  Crewed out of the Moose Jaw East pool, the job carries five designations (K36 to K40) depending on what time of day or which days of the week it operates.  It services two main industries - Yara Belle Plaine Inc. (formerly Saskferco) and the Canadian Salt Co. mine.  Yara/Saskferco has its own plant switcher (DLCX #24 ex-CN SW1200RSm 7310, nee-CN SW1200RS 1271) so CP simply delivers cars to their interchange.  However, the much larger operation of Canadian Salt relies solely on CP to switch its complex.  The site is accessed via the Kalium Spur which runs 3.8 miles north from its junction at Mile 118.3 of CP's main line Indian Head Subdivision.  Cars are delivered to or picked up from storage tracks beside the main line at Belle Plaine by turns originating out of Moose Jaw (and occasionally out of Broadview) and also by road freights.  On June 13, 2010, GP38-2's 3036 and 3129 take a break in the Canadian Salt Co. yard while working the switcher.  CP maintains a yard office in an ATCO trailer just out of the picture at left.  Photo by Bill Sanderson.


CPR Vignettes


Brand new CPR FA1-FB1 in in the Autumn of 1949 in West Lebanon, NH., from Deane  Motis' collection.


FP7A #4041 and F7B #4430 at Lake Louise, Alta. in August 1954. 13 months later on 01/09/55, #4041 would be re-numbered to #1432 for service on the Canadian


CP 4-4-4 2910 at Brandon, 9/49 and later in 8/20/55.  Ray Kennedy added: Judging by the dirtiness and lack of white tires it now appears to be in freight service in 1955. Lawrence Stuckey photos.


Bruce Chapman took this great shot of 'The Canadian' at Ottawa Station in the 1960's.  Note the F-unit roof mounted oscillating search light and Icicle breakers for the Domes.  A Tuscan red Baggage car is also in the consist and note the white ice wagon.


Brand New … in the 1990's! CP RAIL SYSTEM-liveried AC4400CW 9524 and sisters at GE-Plant, Erie, PA


Taken last year, this quartet of freshly painted CP AC4400CW's are seen returning to home rails following their VMV repaints from their role as movie stars in the Hollywood Movie “Unstoppable”.




This month we had many excellent photos submitted for the UP IN THE AIR CONTEST.

I am impressed by the quality of photos we receive from our readers and you made it hard to pick a winner.

After viewing the photos and applying them to the title of the contest, the winning photos was submitted by A. J Shewan


Congratulations to A J and thank you to all that submitted photos.


Winning photo and runner up photos can be seen at


All entries can be seen at


Just email your photos to but make sure you put PHOTO CONTEST and the MONTH in the subject line .


IMPORTANT: Remember, the photo must have been taken in the same month as the contest.




Our November issue contest category will be “Show me Your Colors” and we will be looking for photos of the fall colors in your area. No excuse here for not entering as the colors will be everywhere.

Good Luck and look forward to seeing your “Show Me Your Color” photos.  

 The CRO team




(By Terry Muirhead and William Baird)


Amtrak's “Adirondack” is seen rolling along the shores of Lake Champlain with the Great Dome on a hot & humid fall day. Francois Jolin caught the first southbound trip of the season from Montreal with the dome car on September 25th.


Guy-Pascal Arcouette caught the latest VIA F40PH-2d 6431 with VIA switcher 204 at the VIA MMC

on September 18th.


Aivo Merimets clicked VIA F40PH-2 6414 leading train 73 into Woodstock, Ontario on Sep 3, 2010. Note the lit white classification lights.


Chris Wilson (Marathon, ON) recorded train #1 (Toronto, ON - Vancouver, BC) on the Caramat Sub August 29th with 18 cars.  

VIA 6402 (F40PH-2D)

VIA 6435 (F40PH-2)

VIA 8605 (Baggage)

VIA 8104 (Coach)

VIA 8116 (Coach)

VIA 8510 (Skyline)

VIA 8407 (Diner “Emerald”)

VIA 8517 (Skyline)

VIA 8332 (Sleeper “Laird Manor”)

VIA 8320 (Sleeper “Douglas Manor”)

VIA 8312 (Sleeper “Butler Manor”)

VIA 8335 (Sleeper “MacKenzie Manor”)

VIA 8222 (Sleeper “Chateau Riguad”)

VIA 8211 (Sleeper “Chateau Lassale”)

VIA 8504 (Skyline)

VIA 8409 (Diner “Fairholme”)

VIA 8321 (Sleeper “Draper Manor”)

VIA 8316 (Sleeper “Christie Manor”)

VIA 8308 (Sleeper “Bliss Manor”)

VIA 8708 (Park Car “Kokanee Park”)


GREAT SHOT! Paint slowly fading, preserved LRC still looks great as one can only imagine the sound of the 16 cylinder 251F Alco engine that used to live in such a small frame. EDIT: While searching the web, I've discovered that Exporail actually started 6921 a few days before my visit in cooperation with... Rapido Trains Inc. for recording purposes for their forthcoming LRC model train! (August 31st photo at the CRHA museum by Marc Caya)


In early September, two of the three LRC locomotives at Willowbrook Yard are now at the southwest end of the yard and can be photographed from the industrial complex at the northeast corner of Kipling Avenue and New Toronto Street.   Keith Thomson shot a couple of pictures of them (his first for CRO).  The two units 6914 and 6919 have been moved to CN Mac Yard for furtherance to RB-Recycling for scrap. The last one remaining, ex-VIA LRC 6917, is earmarked for the Toronto Roundhouse Museum.  At press time, Dan Tweedle caught LRC 6914 on (CN 376?) as it was departing September 25th from Mac Yard to Montreal. (2nd link with two photos)


VIA operated an extra (Montreal “Alouettes” Fan Train 660/669) between Montreal, QC  and Aldershot, ON Sept 11th, making one intermediate stop in Dorval.  Running times were as nos. 66 / 67. 

Consist was two 900-series P42DC's with 13 VIA Renaissance cars.  Mtl departure was 05:15. Aldershot arrival 10:52, Aldershot departure was 18:22, and Mtl arrival 23:50.


Mark Forseille clicked VIA F40PH-2d's 6406 and VIA 6402 Vancouver, BC Aug 15, 2010.


Jim McPhereson recorded the VIA consist out of Vancouver last night with two more RMR coaches sandwiched between the 1st and 2nd VIA locomotives (due to incompatibility w/HEP cabling) heading to Toronto for painting.  Bill Chester caught the rare consist as it crossed Hwy 24 near Miniota MB about forty minutes west of Rivers, MB.


TSB report findings on the fire in the engine compartment of the VIA P42DC  on train #46 August 16th,

2009.  The engine caught and stopped at Mile 14.26, on the Smiths Falls Subdivision near Richmond, Ontario.


Consist as recorded by an AEI site on CN

VIA F40PH-2  6426

RMRX   3204   

RMRX   3213

VIA   F40PH-2d  6455

VIA   F40PH-2  6419 

VIA    8615 

VIA    8112

VIA    8107

VIA    8502

VIA    8408

VIA    8501

VIA    8339

VIA    8318

VIA    8342

VIA    1721

VIA    8305

VIA    8214

VIA    8229

VIA    8309

VIA    8331

VIA    8222

VIA    8209  

VIA    8516

VIA    8411

VIA    8330

VIA    8306

VIA    8334

VIA    8710


Rocky Mountaineer Railtours tested  the NRE genset #2020 during August. Here RMR GP40-2W 8013 is shown coupled to the genset on the Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver, BC Aug 28th 2010  (Mark Forseille photos).


RMR GP40-2LW 8015 and CP SD40-2 6019 at River Road MP 101 on the CP Cascade Sub - Maple Ridge, BC on August 16th by Mark Forseille.


VIA Vignette:

In 2001, VIA Rail tested out some radically different equipment, the IC3 Flexliner from Denmark.  This DMU is shown pausing at Smiths Falls where John D. Morin took advantage of his photo opportunity.  This set  was also referred to as "The Donut Train" because of the black padding around the front.  The Flexliner was Danish-built, and this Test set had arrived in Canada by ship from Israel. They're not locomotive-hauled and were self-propelled similar to an RDC.  Following the testing, VIA was unimpressed, and did not buy any.




(By Daniel Dell’Unto)


GO F59PH's sold as of September 4, 2010

GO have 18 still on the roster.


Blt 1988

GO 520 to RBRX 18520  Leased to VIA

GO 521 to RBRX 18521  Leased to VIA

GO 522 to RBRX 18522  Leased to VIA

GO 523 to RBRX 18523  Leased to AMT

GO 524 to RBRX 18524  Leased to AMT

GO 525 to TRE 525, renumbered TRWX 120 (overhauled)

GO 526 to CDAC(MMA) 526, refurbished by MMA now leased to AMT

GO 527 to TRE 527, renumbered TRWX 121 (to be rebuilt)

GO 528 to TRE 528, renumbered TRWX 122 (to be rebuilt)

GO 529 to RBRX 18529, to NC Dot to be rebuilt as RNCX 1810

GO 530 to CDAC(MMA) 530, refurbished by MMA now leased to AMT

GO 531 to RBRX 18531 Leased to AMT

GO 532 to CDAC(MMA) 532, refurbished by MMA now leased to AMT

GO 533 to RBRX 18533

GO 534 to RBRX 18534, to NC Dot to be rebuilt as RNCX 1859

GO 535 to RBRX 18535, to NC Dot to be rebuilt as RNCX 1866


Blt 1989/1990

GO 536 to RBRX 18536

GO 537 to RBRX 18537

GO 538 to RBRX 18538

GO 539 to RBRX 18539

GO 540 to RBRX 18540

GO 541 to RBRX 18541

GO 542 to RBRX 18542

GO 543*

GO 544*

GO 545*

GO 546 to RBRX 18546

GO 547 to RBRX 18547


Blt 1990

GO 548*

GO 549*

GO 550*

GO 551 to RBRX 18551

GO 552*

GO 553*

GO 554 to RBRX 18554

GO 555*

GO 556*

GO 557*

GO 558*

GO 559*

GO 560*

GO 561*


Blt 1994

GO 562*

GO 563*

GO 564*

GO 565 to TRE 565, later renumbered 123

GO 566 to TRE 566, later renumbered 124

GO 567 to TRE 567, later renumbered 125

GO 568 to TRE 568, later renumbered 126

Starred units are still on GO.


On September 18th, the following ex-GO units were prepared for movement after being sold to RBRX:  RBRX 18541, 18542, 18546, 18547, 18551, 18554 and will be moving a few at a time because of the drawbar alignment derailment issue.  On September 24th the RBRX units were noted at the locations heading to CAD in Lachine QC. 

RBRX 18541 and 18547 are at CN's Oakville Yard.

RBRX 18542 and 18546 are at CN's Mimico Yard.

RBRX 18551 is at Toronto Yard

RBRX 18554 is at Taschereau Yard in Montreal, QC


As of Sep-13th, the following new MP40's were enroute to GO:

MPEX 647 del' Mimico ON via CN Sep 3rd

MPEX 648 del' Mimico ON via CN Sep 3rd

MPEX 649 at Hillcrest ID via BZRR Sep 3rd

MPEX 650-656 N/A yet.


Brendan Frisina caught new GO MP40 648 in service at Bathurst St., nearly 2 weeks after delivery to GO Transit. It is pictured running with an F59 for backup which will be removed once the new until is broken in.


Brendan also caught one of the remaining F59PH units still in service. As of mid-September, a total of 18 F59's remain on the GO Transit roster, many parked around Willowbrook out of work.




( Jean-François Turcotte)


The first Bombardier dual-mode ALP45DP locomotive was released from the plant at Kassel, Germany.  These locomotives have been ordered by both AMT and NJT.


Late in September, CRO received these detail photos of the first production AMT / NJT dual-Mode lALP-45DP.  Produced by Bombardier BBD the front end is based on the Traxx series loco which have been in production in Europe for over 10 years and up to now, was available in either all electric or all diesel. They are built in Germany and Poland.  It has two Caterpillar engines and is a joint production for NJ Transit and AMT.  These can fit inside the Mount-Royal AMT tunnel.  AMT’s units will be numbered in the 1350 series. It is Interesting to see both commuter liveries combined on the first built!


G-P Arcouette August 21st photo shows a comparison of the ex-GO Transit F59PH's in RBRX patch and AMT livery side by side.


In September, ex-VRE F40PH-2 #V-30 is now in service on AMT as AMT 310.   The unit which had been painted green, is now in full AMT-livery.  This locomotive was originally Amtrak 403.


AMT Hudson Trains 111/112 have been upgraded to 3000-series cars, the old train using 700 series s has been cut in two parts and they have sent to the AMT Candiac line. Here are two shots of AMT action at Lucien L'Allier Station on September 10th by Marc Chouinard.


Montreal Airport shuttle vs West Island service:  A War of Words is warming up between Aéroports de Montréal (ADM), AMT and a group of West Island citizen and elected officials. Since 2006, AMT and ADM have been planning a new rail shuttle linking downtown Montreal with Dorval’s P.E.T.Airport, using a purpose-built electrified double track line.  Two main routing options were considered.  The first would run along CP’s Vaudreuil and Westmount subdivisions to a vastly improved Lucien L’Allier station.  The second would run along CN’s Montreal subdivision through Turcot, St-Henri and Pointe St-Charles to Central Station.  ADM strongly favoured the CN-routing, citing Central station’s better location and amenities, whereas AMT insisted on running along the CP route to Lucien l’Allier station, citing lower costs and shorter travel times.  Moreover, AMT intends to use the new rail link to boost its own suburban service to the West Island, while maintaining service at its busy Montreal West and Vendome stations (which the CN routing bypasses).  In April 2010, ADM terminated discussions with AMT and started promoting a competing project under which it would be the sole user of the new rail link to Central Station.  Much to AMT’s dismay, the Quebec Government (which ironically is AMT’s owner) recently freed 200 million $ for ADM’s project, still far short of expected price tag of 600 million $. By mid-September, AMT president Joel Gauthier fired a well-planned attack at ADM’s Airport Shuttle project, denouncing its modest ridership projections, low cost/benefit ratio and interference with CN and VIA traffic. Citing the growing demand for faster and more frequent commuter rail service in the West Island, Gauthier intends to win the support of the population and elected officials by promoting the Train de l’Ouest: a vastly expanded service to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue joining with the Airport Shuttle service at Dorval, serving Montreal West, Vendome and Lucien l’Allier.  Under such scheme, a third main track would be built all-the-way up to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue.  Two main tracks would be dedicated to passenger trains.  Suburban service would run every 30 minutes off-peak and every 12 minutes during peaks, thus increasing the number of departures per weekday from 25 to 86.  Airport shuttle service would run every 20 minutes.  Presumably, some suburban service would continue running past Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue to Vaudreuil and Hudson. CP freight traffic, currently averaging 16 trains a day, would run along the passenger trains with minimal interference, using the third main track.  The price tag for AMT’s Train de l’Ouest project currently stands at 874 million $, of which 77 million have already been allocated.  The projected ridership is 12 million riders yearly. 

While AMT publicly states its willingness to strike a deal with ADM, the battle over the Airport Shuttle routing may yet be far from over and the coming months should prove interesting.


Work for a new grade separation is well under way at Jonction de l'Est (Eastern Jct), where CN's single-track St.-Laurent subdivision crosses the electrified double track hosting AMT's busy Deux-Montagnes line.  According to the plan, the Deux-Montagnes subdivision will be depressed in a short half-depth trench while the St-Laurent subdivision will be elevated above the trench.  Existing connections between both lines will be maintained; the Western quadrant connection is used by CN 564 (technically speaking L56421) to reach the Doney spur at Val Royal, while the Eastern quadrant connection will be electrified and used by AMT's future Mascouche line (a.k.a. Le Train de l'Est).

As of mid-September, the Gohier siding and the Eastern quadrant connection had both been pulled-up, while CN workers were moving utilities in anticipation of building a temporary deviation of the Deux-Montagnes line to maintain service while the trench is being built.  The grade separation is expected to enter service in late 2011.


On August 27th, AMT’s famed 900-series double deck gallery cars made their last trip on the St-Jérôme line, arriving at Lucien l’Allier station on train 172 at 07:35.  The same afternoon, a new set of bombardier Multi-levels replaced the 900’s on the 16:10 departure (#191).  The gallery cars were built by Vickers in 1969 and branded as CP’s “Town Train”.  For years, they were a fixture on CP’s Dorion commuter trains, until their permanent relocation to the Blainville line in 1997. While most of the cars are currently stored at AMT’s Vaudreuil yard, they will not be retired immediately. A set is still running on the St-Jerome line (as on Train #193 on Sept. 17th  with F59PHI 1320 - 924 - 921 - 925 - 926 - 923 - 901 for example). Unlike the 1000 and 1200-series GO-Karts which are done for good, the 900’s may eventually re-enter service, despite the massive affluence of Bombardier Multi-levels on the roster. 


While testing AMT trackage the CP TEC train arrived at Rigaud probably the last time for some time on the M&O sub between Hudson and Rigaud and seen coming into Hudson, QC.  An inside view of TEC 64 at Vaudreuil beside the AMT yard and one from on the CP St-Lawrence  Bridge.   (Guillaume Levasseur-Raymond photos).






Global Railway Industries

(RB Recycling / CADRAIL Lachine, QC):


On September 25th former VIA LRC 6914 was on its way from Toronto  to RB Recycling in Lachine QC to be scrapped. It was in-transit on CN 372, and  LRC 6919 will follow soon after.  G-P Arcoutte and Nicholas Houde clicked the remains of ex-VIA LRC 6907 and former-GO F59PH RBRX 18533 at CAD on September 6th.




Edited by Jody Moore




KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN announced the completion of its five-unit EMD GP22ECO rebuild project on Sept. 24. Work was wrapped up on the five locomotives on Sept. 15, 2010 at the KCS shops in Shreveport, LA. According to KCS, “From the beginning, the craftsman in the Shreveport locomotive shop approached the repower project as a learning experience, installing freshly manufactured engines and all of the supporting components, emission controls, wires, etc.  With each locomotive they found better ways to perform the work.  They also found ways to lessen the time to completion.  The first locomotive took 3,500 man hours to complete, while the fifth locomotive took only 1,500 man hours to complete.”


The complete press release from KCS can be found on the railroad’s KCS News website: is working on verifying the numbers of the locomotives involved in the project, and hopes to release a full list in the next issue.


KCS did announce in its initial press releases regarding the project (as reported in the Feb. 2010 Roundup in CRO) that the first unit to be rebuilt would be KCS 2813. Bob Brown photographed her outside the shops in Shreveport post-rebuild and sent us this image: In addition, Bryce Denny caught the KCS 2811 in Shreveport earlier this month looking very rebuilt with Q-fans (a dead giveaway on the conversion) and fresh paint. Here’s the photo:


NORFOLK SOUTHERN will be building two slug-mother sets using GP22ECO-M ECO conversions as mothers, paired with slugs. All work will be completed at NS-owned Thoroughbred Mechanical Services in Altoona, PA. Initial reports are that the slugs will be built from former Conrail GP38’s, NS 2885 and 2888, while at least one of the mothers will be former GP38AC NS 4105. Unconfirmed speculation based on observations has the other mother as NS 4117.


Lance Myers of the website provided this photo of the extent of the work being done to the 4105:





The first CLEAR repowered GE 90-series locomotive for the WHITE PASS & YUKON RAILWAY – WP&Y 91 – was moved by truck from Global Locomotive’s shop at Western Junction, WA to Tacoma, WA for shipment to Alaska in early September. The unit is very similar in appearance and specifications to the CERES rebuilds completed by now-defunct CEECo in 2008. CEECo rebuilt the 90 and 98 in Tacoma, WA and many of the same people (including the former CEO) are involved in the current venture with Global Locomotive. WP&Y sent the 91 and 99 to GL this year for overhauls.


Two photos of the move were posted on by user Railhead 1956:





New ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND MP14B gensets ADMX 1402 and 1403 were spotted being shuffled around MotivePower’s plant in Boise, ID on Sept. 13. It is not yet known where the three MP14B’s being ordered by ADM will be deployed. Photo by Rob Boes:


The units are a different color from the ADMX 1401, which was sighted at MPI in Boise back in July:





Joe Ferguson sent us photos of two new 3GS21B’s that are being completed for CSX TRANSPORTATION at NRE’s Mt. Vernon, IL shops. The units are CSXT 1315 and 1321, and are the first of four that are being built at Mt. Vernon on the frames of retired GE B36-7 locomotives. These are the first 3GS21B’s to be built on recycled frames by NRE. Here’s a shot of the pair by Joe Ferguson:


Additional BNSF 3GS21C gensets are beginning to ship from different locations. In addition to the BNSF 1308 mentioned last month, BNSF 1302 and 1303 were shipped from NRE Paducah in late August. It also appears that the 1308 was built in Paducah but shipped to NRE Silvis for finishing work and paint prior to delivery.


Joe Ferguson provided these two photos of the BNSF 1303 on BNSF at Joppa Junction, IL: and


BNSF 1304 was also seen in transit on BNSF on Sept. 19, but it is not known which plant it originated from. BNSF 1307 has also been delivered and is at work in Commerce, CA. Photos:

BNSF 1304 by Ryan Kertis:

BNSF 1307 by Scott Garcia:





BNSF 1211 (an RP14BD) and 1210 (an unconverted 1st Generation GG20B) were spotted last week at MetroEast Industries in East St. Louis, IL. It is not yet known why they are there, but we are seeking additional information.


Last month we mentioned a prime red RP20BD at TMS that we suspected was the new genset for RJ CORMAN. Turns out we were correct. Moving as RPRX 2010, the new RP20BD was delivered to RJCP’s lines in Clearfield, PA for testing before it was painted. Tony Kimmel caught the unit underway in Cresson, PA and sent this photo showing the new cab design and heavily modified frame:


Green Rail News drove past the Defense Non-Tactical Generator and Rail Equipment Center (DGRC) in Sunset, UT early in the month and observed that the scrapping of the first generation GG20B Green Goats appeared to have commenced. When we visited on Sept. 5 (a Sunday, so nobody was around to speak to) the USAX 6000, 6001 and 6002 had all been taken off of their trucks, and were sitting on blocks with various access doors on the hoods open. So far, USAX 6003 and 6004, which were upgraded to Gen. IV standards, haven’t been touched. Photos:


USAX 6000 and 6001:
USAX 6000, 6001 and 6002:

USAX 6002:

USAX 6003:

USAX 6004:




(By Don McQueen)


EMD Family Day


EMD held their Employee Appreciation Day on Sunday Sept 26 which was well attended by employees and invited guests. A tour of the plant was part of the day and everyone was impressed. A number of units were on display inside as well as outside. Here are a couple of photos from the event.


Summary during August 2010:


No units were shipped from London during August. 


During the month BHP (EDI Rail Proprietary Ltd., Australia for Broken Hill Proprietary) 4356 to 4364, shipped on JumboShip FAIRLIFT arrived at Port Hedland, Western Australia and 4365 to 4373 on Jumboship JUMBO CHALLENGER was expected in Port Hedland on September 2.


As well, the first six of 25 SD70ACe units for Saudi Arabia (SAR), 4000 to 4005 on JumboShip STELLA NOVA arrived in the port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


CDTX 2013, the second of six Amtrak California F59PH-Is, arrived at the plant for ECO repowering.


Seen about the plant are what are believed to be the first of 35 SD70DCe (SD70M-2) in the latest order for CN, likely to be 8815 to 8849.


On August 2nd, the sale of Electro-Motive Diesel by Berkshire Partners L.L.C. & Greenbriar Equity Group L.L.C. to Progress Rail (a division of Caterpiller Incorporated) was made official.


More background about those SAR SD70ACe 4000-4024 (EMCC 20088067) from the Arab News of 2010.08.23 FIRST LOCOMOTIVES FOR MINERAL RAILWAY ARRIVE by MD RASOOLDEEN (Arab News) [translated, I presume – Don] RIYADH: The first consignment of six of the 25 locomotives for the mineral railway line project was received Sunday by the Saudi Railway Company at the King Abdulaziz Seaport in Dammam. " The locomotives are imported from EMD (Electro-Motive Diesels)," Fawaz Al-Magati, rolling stock supervisor of SAR, told Arab News on Monday. Al-Magati said that the remaining 19 locomotives will arrive here by the end for this year. These 4,300-hp engines will be used for transporting mineral on the North-South Railway." They are designed to suit the climatic conditions of the Kingdom and are equipped with pulse and sand filters to travel through desert conditions," said Al-Magati.  Early last month, SAR received 125 of the 688 wagons for the mineral freight line. The locomotives are manufactured in Canada for the US-based company, while the wagons are produced by the Chinese CSR company,  Al-Magati said training for the engine drivers and other technicians would start in October. The company's target is to start operations before the end of the year. "We may do a test run in early November, Insha Allah," he said. "The 2,400-km North-South Railway is given priority due to its important role in industrial development of the Kingdom. It would ferry minerals from mines in the north and central zones of Al-Jallami and Al-Zabirah to Ras  Al-Zour in the east for processing". The rail line -- sponsored by Public Investment Fund - is integral to planned phosphate and bauxite mining projects in the north of the country that will link up with processing plants and smelters on the Gulf coast. The new railway would transport 15,000 tons of minerals in a single trip, the equivalent of 600 cargo trucks. AI-Magati said each locomotive would pull 100 wagons



EMCC delivers more SD70ACes for Saudi Arabia:

9-10-2010 EMDX 3008-3014 sitting in CO19 in GEXR Stratford yard. They were transferred to CN Mac yard by GEXR #432-10 FEC 709, GSCX 7362, 7369. Model designation on the cab of EMDX 3014 (4014) is "SD70ACS" They will be forwarded by CN to the Port


EMDX 3007 was left out of the list of the bunch at Mac yard, (EMDX 3008 to 3014)

They all were still at Mac Yard as of yesterday 15:00 Sept 13th


M 37631 14 Departure MACYD 2010-09-14 18.10.00

with CN 8018

EMDX 3014

EMDX 3013

EMDX 3012

EMDX 3007

EMDX 3011

EMDX 3010

EMDX 3009

EMDX 3008

& CN 2259 Pos 87 (DPU)

If EMCC procedure has remained the same, the SAR road numbers would be 4006 to 4013 inclusive.





Western Canada:


SW1500 #1500 from a former lumber company in Crofton, BC on Vancouver Island, has been shipped on BNSF to Washington State.   The units was sold to Western Railroad Dismantlers (WRIX)


David Hancock caught the newest  Kelowna Pacific (KPR) locomotive GMTX GP38-3 2258, September 9th, 2010 at KPR's Headquarters in Vernon BC.  The unit came from Pacudah, Kentucky on the Paducah & Louisville RR, and then over CN from Chicago to Kamloops BC, where it was received by the KPR, and then transported here to Vernon, BC.  The unit itself started life as Devco #224


Deane Motis submitted these great shots of the rebuilt White Pass & Yukon narrow-gauge diesels: 

Here we find White Pass & Yukon Route #91, the fourth unit to be completed in the planned 90 Class rebuild program, awaiting authorization to proceed from Steilacoom, Washington to Seattle.  91 is aboard the largest truck transport in the Pacific Northwest.  The trailer is comprised of 20 individually controlled axles powered by two Kenworth high horsepower tractors.  The lead tractor is the primary moving force where the second Kenworth with over 20 tones of concrete ballast provides both pushing and braking power.  The approximately 40 mile move took approx 4 hours to complete.


Upon arrival in Seattle the morning of September 8, #91 was lifted by two 250 ton cranes and placed aboard a 12 axle custom designed dolly.  Here, #91 hangs in the air waiting for the transport dolly to placed under the unit.  Later in the morning when the tide level was even with the loading dock, the dolly was pushed aboard an Alaska Marine Lines barge for its voyage to Skagway.


On September 13, five days after leaving Seattle, #91 arrives to its home of Skagway.  This view provide a good look at the transport dolly. 91 will wait three more days before being placed on the rails due to heavy passenger traffic.  When 91 was being moved off the barge, the unit's prime mover was started and the horn sounded to mark the occasion. A week later, #94, the fifth unit in the planned eleven unit rebuild program would depart for Seattle for further transport to Global Locomotive in Tenino, Washington.


White Pass rebuilds #'s 98 and 99 head past Baldwin #73 at the summit of White Pass on September 11.  Two of the Cummins UK powered rebuilds effectively replace three Alco powered units.  The Cummins prime movers meet or exceed the latest environmental standards being imposed by the US Environmental Protection Agency. As the learning curve progresses, the time required to rebuild the units will be lessened. For those wanting to the hear the burble of Alcos, one best make their way to Skagway while the window of opportunity is still open.




A wave from the cab of Huron Central (HCRY) GP40 802, as the train heads Sudbury bound on the 305 km route leased from the CPR between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Have a close look at the car body of the second unit #802, while it looks like another GP40, the radiator area has been plated over and the roof fans are missing. This unit is a Road-Slug, no diesel engine but 4 traction motors to share the 3000 H.P. output of the mother unit #3802, acceptable for the slow speed operation of this line.    (David R Howard photo)


From the ashes of the CP Owen Sound subdivision.... pieced out, dismantled and divided from within comes a fine example of municipalities and government working together to preserve rail access

for businesses and the community.   Formerly the Toronto, Grey and Bruce railway, the line once ran over a hundred miles north from the Toronto area to access the shipping lines of Lake Huron. Many rail lines throughout what is now Grey and Bruce counties were centered around a rail and industrial hub in the small town of Orangeville. Over the years, as Ontario's rural branch lines rusted over and were eventually pulled up, only a single line of steel remained, snaking north from Streetsville through Brampton and Orangeville to the once mighty ports of Owen Sound. In the 1990s, both CN and CP abandoned operations to Owen Sound (with CN's line taking a more westerly route through Listowel and Palmerston), resulting in 77 miles of CP rail north of Orangeville were pulled up. The line south

of Orangeville was doomed to meet a similar fate, until a consortium of Businesses and the Town of Orangeville saved the line from being torn up. Now owned by the Town and operated by CANDO Contracting, the Orangeville and Brampton Railway runs freight, passenger and scenic

rail operations between the CP Galt Subdivision in Streetsville to the end of steel in Orangeville

Bryan Passifiume clicked the southbound Orangeville & Brampton Railway train at Brampton, Ontario, lead by CANDO CCGX GP9RM 4009 in late August.  It is former Athabasca Northern (nee-CN).


While in Kitchener September 26th, Brian Thompson caught a Goderich-Exeter local taking 2 tank cars from the yard up to the old station in Waterloo, (which is now a men's clothing store), complete with an ex-CN caboose with the store's name on the side.  In the photo attached, a crew member has hopped off to protect the crossing.  Power was LLPX 2236 and 2210.


Correction to last months report  regarding the lead truck from Trillium HR412 #3582 at Tillsonburg being  removed and taken to Port Colborne for use on one of the other locos.  This is in error. 3582 was removed from service for a major mechanical issue, namely several bolts on the bottom of the

truck sheared off.  The truck was in fact removed and sent to Lambton Diesel in Sarnia for repairs. 


James Lalande sent CRO his shots of the ONR Dream Catcher Express, the first 3 of 6 trips to Temagami September 24-26.  Despite the dismal weather James got some nice shots going by "White Rock" south of Tomiko at M-25.1 and at Widdifield, M-13.4 returning. Sunday, back at Widdifield M-13.4 going North and returning at M-5 just outside of North Bay.  The northbound consist:

ONR 1805/1735 and 202/410/857/855/900/Otter Rapids/854/850.


Mike Robin's ONR "Pic of the Day":


ONR Vignette:


On May 29, 2005, Ontario Northland eastbound Kapuskasing-Cochrane train #514 trundles across the bridge over the Groundhog River as it approaches the village of Fauqier, Ont. near Mile 50 of ONR's ex-CNR Kapuskasing Subdivision.  The 30-car train is being powered by GP38-2 #1805 and GP40-2 #2202 and is composed mostly of wood products from the Tembec pulp and paper mill in Kapuskasing.  The road at right is Ontario's "northern route", Highway 11, which parallels the railway for much of the distance between Cochrane and Hearst.  Photo by Bill Sanderson.




Patrick DeLarue caught  Arcelor Mittal leased ES44AC's #301 and #302 at Lac Walker, Québec September 2nd on “301 South”. The other photo shows Baker road crossing (or mile 23.5). The Cartier Railway has installed a CTC  powered switch at the south end and a spring switch at the north end, so every northbound train has to take the siding for a meet. (With the exception of Fox & Love sidings, witch have power switches at both ends).


Cartier (QCM) ore trains don't run on a timetable or schedule. They run as the mine production goes, normally 5 or 6 trains per day with two AC4400CWs assigned.  These images by Patrick DeLarue of QCM 24 near South Lac Walker, Québec at mile 36.


GREAT SHOT! Patrick DeLarue caught QCM AC4400CW 20 leading the southbound Cartier mining ore train at South Lac Walker, Québec, and QCM 17 North with empties at the Tunnel on September 2nd


CN is suing Charlevoix Railway owner Groupe Le Massif over failure to adequately maintain the rail line and to provide freight service.  A derailment closed the line on March 15th 2010 and there has been no regular freight movements East of Beaupré since.  Neither party issued comment so far, as the case is expected to be heard on September 21st. Groupe Le Massif currently is rebuilding the whole line between Québec and Clermont in anticipation of running tourist trains and skiers shuttles, a situation which has hampered resumption of freight service so far.  The most severely impacted customer is the Abitibi-Consolidated paper mill in Clermont (formerly Donohue), which for now must rely on trucks to handle their products.   Groupe Le Massif states the trackage upgrade work is progressing as expected and will end in early November, with bridge work to follow through Spring 2011. CN is asking the Court to force Groupe Le Massif to complete all work within 30 days.  Failure to comply may prompt CN to force a buyback of the rail line, despite its obvious disinterest at operating it.  Groupe Le Massif and the Quebec Government (through the shortline assistance program) already poured millions of dollars to upgrade the trackage, so the consequences of a potential CN buyback are, at best, unclear at the moment.

Dominic Girard caught the following CSX power in Quebec:  CSX AC4400CW 492 and SD50 8531 were taken September 4th in Huntingdon QC.


Francois Gagne Audet submitted his photo of "Elephant Eared" Quebec North Shore Labrador 4-6-2 #702 on display in Sept-Iles, QC.


Dominic Girard caught a variety of motive power at the yard in Farnham, QC on September 12th. MMA B39-8E's 8553 and 8592 in LMX and corporate paint and several multi colored GE C30-7's, SD40-2's etc!   Eight engines and 105 cars! The road numbers starting from the leading locomotive: MMA 5078, 3614, 758, 5016, 8583, 2005, 8525 and 2003!


As well, Mario Vincent caught the following MMA action on the same day.  The photos show the Orford Express waiting at Magog, QC and a meet with  the Sherbrooke bound MMA monster freight near Lac Orford on September 12th.


Four former CGFX units relettered for their movement last year to Northern Quebec, QGRY SD40-3's 6042, 6057, 6062 an 6076, are still at the dock in Pointe Noire, QC. They never actually got moved up to Bloom Lake Mine!


Eastern Canada - “Atlantic Report”

 (by David Othen)


New Brunswick Southern Railway has been operating a number of passenger trains for special events. On 28 August they ran three scheduled trains to take people from Harbour Station Saint John to Renforth for the Dragon Boat races.  There was so much demand for the train that they ran an extra trip to bring passengers back from Renforth. On 11 September they operated a special train from McAdam to Harvey station in conjunction with the annual get together of CP retirees. Mike Gerrits took a collection of photos on the train ride see


On 24 September NBSR ran a train from McAdam to St Stephen to raise funds for UNICEF. They were three coaches carrying 190 paying passengers. The train had a caboose on the rear.


Former CN business car “Metis”, built in 1928 as a special compartment-library-observation lounge car for service on the Canadian National's "St. Lawrence Special", is reported to have been purchased by NBSR and was on CN train #306 on 21 September. Matt Landry (Saintjohnrailfan) captured this video of it near Rothesay New Brunswick

For more information on this car go to


National Gypsum has exchanged leased GP9RM CN 4102 for 4121 for use at its Dartmouth terminal at Wright’s Cove. For a while both units were on the property and National Gypsum used whichever unit was working!


Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway returned CN 5279 to CN on 1 September 2010. The TSB did an inspection of the railroad after a derailment earlier in the summer. They listed 103 items that needed attention – mainly sight lines, crossing surfaces, cross ties that needed replacing, signage and loose, worn or missing frog bolts. This report attracted a lot of media attention and the provincial Minister of Transportation gave several interviews indicating that he wanted better maintenance of the tracks.


CN operated a rail train on the Campbellton and Sussex subdivisions and they are now using a Flash-butt welding technique to join the rails together.


By contrast WHRC had a broken rail near Windsor Junction on 12 September and cut out part of the broken rail with a gasoline operated rail saw and replaced it with part of another rail which they also cut and drilled with gasoline powered equipment.


One of the WHRC’s two B23-7 locomotives, 4079, is in the shops because it is making a peculiar noise. So when they began gypsum hauling operations on 13 September between Wentworth Road and Hantsport the single locomotive,1968, stalled with five loaded gypsum cars despite hand sanding (the sand in the sanders was wet and blocked up the nozzle) and was only able to haul two loaded gypsum cars up the grade out of Falmouth over damp and weed covered track that had not been used for about four months. David Othen managed to get a photo of the hand sanding on the first run of the train a few minutes before it stalled (See photo).  As the track became cleaner the locomotive was able to haul longer trains with about 7 cars being its maximum.




(by  Mike Pebesma)

Updates and Announcements


Athearn has announced the release of their HO scale GP38-2 in Ontario Northland’s current scheme (numbers 1800, 1801 and 1809) and CN stripes (numbers 4701, 4709 and 4711). Due for release in March 2011


Rapido Trains has announced the HO scale 6-4-6 sleeper which was to be released in 2011 will be available in October 2010. Paint schemes include CN 1954 and 1954 US Pullman service.


Walthers will be releasing a run of HO Proto 2000 SW 8/900 switchers in March 2011 which will include CN. The locomotives will be available in standard DC or DCC with sound.

Wheels of Time has released an N scale ‘old look’ bus in various paint schemes including Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) red and cream.


Atlas O has released their EMD switcher decorated for TH&B (numbers 56 and 57), in both 2 rail and 3 rail. 


Mark Perry sent us shots of once common and now rare Slab Side Covered Hoppers. CN, CP, TH&B and PGE all owned fleets of these. In September, Mark traveled out to Selkirk MB to shoot some pictures of a Junior Hockey game between the Winnipeg Saints and the Selkirk Steelers and on highway 59 and then cut across through East Selkirk, going past the Manitoba Hydro's Thermal Generating Plant located there, he glimpsed two CN slab side hoppers that have been sitting at the plant for years and years. The plant now burns natural gas instead of coal and does not receive rail service anymore and it's GE 35 ton diesel was moved to Pointe du Bois years ago. The weedy and very rusty storage and balloon unloading track is full with stored BCOL 60 foot boxcars, put there by the CEMR. The cars are CN 353633 and the 353647 and are painted grey with the large red noodle [one in Transcona shops in 1981] note that there is NO graffiti on them! They were used for storage of the silica sand, used in some glass making experiments in the outbuildings near the power plant (Dow Corning was the company I think). The sand may have come from Lake Winnipeg. As these models are available in HO Scale from Trueline Trains, modelers can now even use one or two of them in a modern setting! These cars were retired from revenue service in the mid 1990’s, but some were put into company service as sand cars and a few were used as spacer cars for dimensional loads in Guelph ON. One was converted to a scale test car.


On September 12, I attended the Buffalo Train Show which was held at the historic Buffalo Central Terminal. One of my main reasons for going was to see this beautiful art deco style building which has been un-used since the late 1970’s and is generally not open to the public. The current owners are the Central Terminal Restoration Association and all proceeds from the show are going towards their efforts to restore the terminal. My photos can be found here:

Michael Folemsbee sent us photos of his HO Scale CP C630M 4507 and SD9043MAC 9123 models.




On the Halton sub September 17th and placed near the rear of an eastbound CN freight was a former CN coach “Metis” in the 1954 paint CNR scheme. The passenger car from Effingham, IL to Champaign, IL on M396 a week earlier, and had came up from St. Louis, MO.  It was handled from DuQuoin, IL to Effingham, IL on CN A431.   It later moved east on Train 406 through New Brunswick. Darren Doss sent us these great photos.


Updates of Canada's Railway Historical Associations and Museums are available on our CRO MUSEUMS


Due to circumstances beyond their control the West Coast Railway Association regretfully announces that the classic steam excursion has been cancelled. The threat of labor disruption has made it impossible to commit to the plan of operating the Royal Hudson between North Vancouver & Squamish on October 2, 2010.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact them by phone

604-524-1011 or 1-800-722-1233 or email at:


The Royal Hudson did steam up and take a shorter ride on September 11 and 12 at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park for the annual Steamfest event





Near Port Henry NY Frank Jolin caught D&H 930 with NS power (ES40DC) along the shores of Lake Champlain on July 15th


We received these fantastic shots via Wayne Koch from the Steamtown Railfest 2010, Past & Present.  First we have this NS locomotive was built by their Juniata Locomotive Shop from parts supplied by

Brookville Equipment Corporation, and using the frame from retired NS GP38 #2911/CR/PC #7732.

Unit equipped for regenerative dynamic braking, which coverts excess energy for use in battery charging Equipped with EMD Blomberg type-B  trucks. Unit is totally battery powered.

The unit is painted in special green, white and black scheme and was photographed at Steamtown during  their Railfest celebration.


CSXT GENSET 2GS14B Ultra Low Emissions diesel locomotive at Steamtown


Union Pacific BIG BOY


Delaware-Lackawanna  RS3s


More Delaware-Lackawanna locomotives including ex-CP RAIL M636 4743.


Reading Company FP7 locomotives


Steamtown Canadian National 2-8-2 #3254, built 1917

Steamtown Canadian Pacific MLW 4-6-2 #2317, built 1923


UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4012, DL&W F3A, ex CNJ, ex BAR nos. 663 and 664, and the D-L RS-3s


Tioga Central ex-D&H Alco's and Wellsboro & Corning (Ex-QNS&L SD40-2CLC's  from Doug Hately


CRO received photos of the first Montana Rail Link  locomotive out of Progress Rail in Tacoma with new MRL paint scheme.  MRL is getting their GP35 fleet repainted in the new red circle lion head logo over at Progress Rail (former CEECO facility) in Tacoma. So far MRL 401 and 402 have gone over for paint. Since we can’t have more than two GP35s gone at a time, and have also sent over SD40-2XR 255 and 256 to utilize the available paint booth.


Here is a shot of former Ottawa Central (Nee-CP) RS18u 1828 still looking good at her new home in the Grenada Railway in Mississippi.


Robert I. Warrick took these terrific photos, the first being NKP #765 at Owosso, Michigan on 10-10-09. The steam engine #765 arrived on the CVSR (Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway) in mid September and Robert caught some of the CVSR and B&O Alco's as well from August in Canton and Akron, OH.


Michael  K. Fair provided the following photos chasing NKP 765 on  the CVSR for 3 weeks then up to Michigan (unconfirmed).  Started out at Port Clinton, Ohio and then on to Bellevue, Ohio.  Before 765 showed up, there were several trains that ran including two Wheeling and Lake Erie trains.  He had thought that the Wheeling would tow the 765 to the CSRV, but it ran under its own power.   These pictures are from the Lake connection in Bellevue, and that last one is a broadside of the 765 with the support car.  It was a dream to finally see, photograph, and feel the rumble from a 66 year old fire breathing machine!





Canadian Railway Observations will try and get out to as many local railway events as we can and will publish reports here. Make sure we are aware on any events you may be involved in and if we can’t attend, maybe you can send us a report of the event.


Here is a couple of events we did attend.


Niagara Railway Museum Open House


CRO attend the opening of the Niagara Railway Museum located at Fort Erie Ontario.

Ken Jones and his team of dedicated volunteers are turning the old CN diesel repair facility into a railway museum.

Lots of work to do but I am sure they will succeed. Drop in and see them when in the area.

You can read the report by clicking Niagara Railway Museum Open House

Additional photos can be found at



Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society

St Jacobs Shop Grand Opening


CRO was also in attendance at the Grand Opening of the SOLRS Shop in St Jacobs. Everyone can be very proud of what they have accomplished.

The shop is a real showplace and will be put to work right away getting their steam engine ETR No. 9 ready for next year.

They are very proud of it and I am sure willing to show it off.

The event was well attended with politicians from all levels there to cut the ribbon.

A full report of the event can be found here Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society

Photos of the event can be found at



CNR Pt St Charles Caboose


CRO has added their support to saving a CN caboose owned by SOLRS-W ( Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society Windsor).

It is a CNR Pt St Charles Caboose. They are looking for donations and we can offer tax receipts.

Please email me at

Visit the web page at






I really enjoy getting CRO each month…ESPECIALLY when I see pictures taken about 3 blocks from my boyhood home Digby, NS!  The picture of a CP RDC-1 (taken in 1969) shows “The Dayliner”  (as we knew it) at the intersection of First Avenue (parallel to the tracks) and Sydney Street.  It appears the RDC is headed for the old CPR wharf (now long gone) to interchange with the first “Princess of Acadia” (nee “Princess of Nanimo”) because the headlights are not on at the end of the RDC facing the camera.  The spur ran down behind the buildings see just beyond the RDC, crossed the corner of Water Street and Birch Street, crossed the corner of Prince William Street and Maiden Lane, and headed to the wharf.  The brown building with the pale yellow stripe is the old Capital Theatre which later the Little Cinema.  It was lost by fire about 20 years ago IIRC.   The crossing of Water and Birch was always a treat for me as it had a most unusual “protection“ system.  A man would come and stand in the middle of the road with a hand-held STOP sign.  As the train came up or down the spur he would direct traffic until the train was about 50 feet from the crossing.  He would then hold up the sign until the train was past.  There is a video on YouTube with a segment showing this protection system.

 The tracks visible to the left of the RDC lead to the yard and station (now long gone), and then on to Yarmouth.  Accessing the spur was a bit of a frustration for motorists as any train would block the intersection.  The switch for the spur was (not kidding here) was about 10 feet from the intersection (less than 5 feet from the pole visible beside the “rear” end of the RDC). The grey building behind the RDC is the Bank of Nova Scotia which was still under construction.  The old bank was a marvelous stone structure that was torn down to make room for the more modern structure still there today.


Thanks for the trip down “memory lane”!


Charles Jeffrey

Stellarton, NS (formerly of Digby).


Well its that time of the year where I send you folks an invite to our Annual Invitation to the Public to come down and visit our Model Railroad Club, the Quebec Model Railroad Society, here in Quebec City.  During the Canadian Thanks Giving weekend, sat-sun-mon the 9-10-11 October 2010 we open our doors to the general public to come in and view our model train layouts in O-HO-N scale and outdoors where young and old can ride on our 1/8 scale trains.  We are located at 3350 Chemain de la Gare, Quebec City, QC right next door to the VIA Rail station in Ste Foy just off the Quebec Bridge.  

Drop in and if your lucky you may even see a VIA Rail or CN Rail train pass by as we are sitting about 50 feet from the CN main line of the Bridge Subdivision.


Ronald Pelletier

Quebec City, QC





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The first leaves have turned and Autumn is upon us, therefore how bout some pumpkins?  Check out this gorgeous BNSF HO Scale club:


Martin Cloutier's  submitted this YouTube video from September 19th with our two CP trains side by side on the club layout.


I look forward to see what great fall shots you  send us during October. 


Thank You: Guy-Pascal Arcouette, Bernard Babin, Paul Burgess, Guilio Capuano, Bruce Chapman, Bill Chester, Marc Chouinard, Alex de Léry, Patrick DeLarue, Daniel Dell’Unto, Darren Doss, Kevin Dunk, Michael  K. Fair. Ray Farand, Joe Ferguson, Brendan Frisina, Francois Gagné Audet, James Gardiner, Lisa Gibson, John Godfrey, Sean Graham-White, David Hancock, Bob Heathorn, David R. Howard, Francois Jolin, Ken Jones Jr, Wayne Koch, James Lalande, Ken Lanovitch, John Leeming, Roman Litarchuk, Phil Mason, Don McQueen (Froth), Doug McKenzie, Jim McPhereson, Bruce Mercer, Jody Moore, Glen Mounk, Brent Mueller, Terry Muirhead, Peter Murphy, Cody Newman,  Jason Noe (Railpace), Mark Perry, Donna Peters, Walter Pfefferle, John Read “GR17f”, Earl Roberts (Branchline), Mike Robin, George Redmond, Bill Sanderson, Wilco van Schoonhoven, Dave Slater, John Soehner, Trevor Sokolan,  Dean Splittgerber, Cor van Steenis, Rob Sterne, Michael Taylor, Wayne Thompson, Jean-François Turcotte, Dan Tweedle, Mario Vincent, Ron Visockis, Craig Walker, Robert I. Warick, Ed Weisensel, Chris Wilson, Joe Zika, The Bridge Line Historical Society, and The Canadian Trackside Guide.  Merci: James, John, Michel, Tony, Denis, Richard, Mohammed et tous les bon gars a St-Luc Diesel.


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