Near Port Henry NY Frank Jolin caught D&H 930 with NS power (ES40DC) along the shores of Lake Champlain on July 15th.


We received these fantastic shots via Wayne Koch from the Steamtown Railfest 2010, Past & Present....   ENJOY!!!


This locomotive was built by NS Juniata Locomotive Shop from parts supplied by

Brookville Equipment Corporation, using the frame of former NS EMD GP38 #2911/CR/PC #7732.

Unit equipped for regenerative dynamic braking, which coverts excess energy for use in battery charging Equipped with EMD Blomberg type-B  trucks. Unit is totally battery powered.

The unit is painted in special green, white and black scheme and was photographed at Steamtown during  their Railfest celebration. 



CSXT GENSET 2GS14B Ultra Low Emissions diesel locomotive at Steamtown


Union Pacific BIG BOY


Delaware-Lackawanna  RS3s


More Delaware-Lackawanna locomotives including ex- CP RAIL M636 4743.




Reading Company FP7 locomotives



Steamtown Canadian Pacific 2-8-2, built 1917

Steamtown Canadian Pacific MLW 4-6-2, built 1923







UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4012, DL&W F3A, ex CNJ, ex BAR nos. 663 and 664, and the D-L RS-3s




Tioga Central ex-D&H Alco's and Wellsboro & Corning (Ex-QNS&L SD40-2CLC's  from Doug Hately


CRO received photos of the first Montana Rail Link  locomotive out of Progress Rail in Tacoma with new MRL paint scheme.  MRL is getting their GP35 fleet repainted in the new red circle lion head logo over at Progress Rail (former CEECO facility) in Tacoma. So far MRL 401 and 402 have gone over for paint. Since we canít have more than two GP35s gone at a time, and have also sent over SD40-2XR 255 and 256 to utilize the available paint booth. 

Former Ottawa Central (Nee-CP) RS1 8u 1828 still looking good at her new home on the Grenada Railway in Mississippi. 


Robert I. Warick took these terrific photos, the first being NKP #765 at Owosso, Michigan on 10-10-09 .  The steam engine #765 arrived on the CVSR (Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway) in mid September and Robert caught some of the CVSR and B&O Alco's as well from August in Canton and Akron, OH.





Michael  K. Fair provided the following photos chasing NKP 765 on the CVSR for 3 weeks then up to Michigan (unconfirmed). Started out at Port Clinton, Ohio and then on to Bellevue, Ohio.  Before 765 showed up, there were several trains that ran including 2 Wheeling and Lake Erie trains.  He had thought that the Wheeling would tow the 765 to the CSRV, but alas, it ran under it own power after NS 7051 was cut off. He had waited and waited for this one, and finally at 2:45 PM it showed up. He was going to chase it to Monroeville, Ohio, but ended up getting lost on the chase. He then decided to head back and get some chow, and have a look at that way the pictures would be on the computer.  These pics are from the Lake connection in Bellevue, and that last one is a broadside of the 765 with the support car.  It was a dream to finally see the photographs and feel the rumble from a 66 year old fire breathing machine! 






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