I really enjoy getting CRO each month…ESPECIALLY when I see pictures taken about 3 blocks from my boyhood home!!   The picture of a CP RDC-1 (taken in 1969) shows “The Dayliner”  (as we knew it) at the intersection of First Avenue (parallel to the tracks) and Sydney Street.  It appears the RDC is headed for the old CPR wharf (now long gone) to interchange with the first “Princess of Acadia” (nee “Princess of Nanimo”) because the headlights are not on at the end of the RDC facing the camera.  The spur ran down behind the buildings see just beyond the RDC, crossed the corner of Water Street and Birch Street, crossed the corner of Prince William Street and Maiden Lane, and headed to the wharf.  The brown building with the pale yellow stripe is the old Capital Theatre which later the Little Cinema.  It was lost by fire about 20 years ago IIRC.   The crossing of Water and Birch was always a treat for me as it had a most unusual “protection“ system.  A man would come and stand in the middle of the road with a hand-held STOP sign.  As the train came up or down the spur he would direct traffic until the train was about 50 feet from the crossing.  He would then hold up the sign until the train was past.  There is a video on YouTube with a segment showing this protection system.

 The tracks visible to the left of the RDC lead to the yard and station (now long gone), and then on to Yarmouth.  Accessing the spur was a bit of a frustration for motorists as any train would block the intersection.  The switch for the spur was (not kidding here) about 10 feet from the intersection (less than 5 feet from the pole visible beside the “rear” end of the RDC). The grey building behind the RDC is the Bank of Nova Scotia which was still under construction.  The old bank was a marvelous stone structure that was torn down to make room for the more modern structure still there today.


Thanks for the trip down “memory lane”!


Charles Jeffrey

Stellarton, NS (formerly of Digby)


Well its that time of the year where I send you folks an invite to our Annual Invitation to the Public to come down and visit our Model Railroad Club, the Quebec Model Railroad Society, here in Quebec City.  During the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, Sat-Sun-Mon the 9-10-11 October 2010 we open our doors to the general public to come in and view our model train layouts in O-HO-N scale and outdoors where young and old can ride on our 1/8 scale trains.  We are located at 3350 Chemain de la Gare, Quebec City, QC, right next door to the VIA Rail station in Ste Foy just off the Quebec Bridge.  

Drop in and if your lucky you may even see a VIA Rail or CN Rail train pass by as we are sitting about 50 feet from the CN main line of the Bridge Subdivision.


Ronald Pelletier

Quebec City, QC


© CRO October 2010