(By Don McQueen)


EMD Family Day


EMD held their Employee Appreciation Day on Sunday Sept 26 which was well attended by employees and invited guests. A tour of the plant was part of the day and everyone was impressed. A number of units were on display inside as well as outside. Here are a couple of photos from the event.




Summary of August Activity


No units were shipped from London during August. 


During the month BHP (EDI Rail Proprietary Ltd., Australia for Broken Hill Proprietary) 4356 to 4364, shipped on jumbo ship FAIRLIFT arrived at Port Hedland, Western Australia and 4365 to 4373 on jumbo ship JUMBO CHALLENGER was expected in Port Hedland on September 2.


As well, the first six of 25 SD70ACe units for Saudi Arabia (SAR), 4000 to 4005 on jumbo ship STELLA NOVA arrived in the port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


CDTX 2013, the second of six Amtrak California F59PH-Is, arrived at the plant for ECO re-powering.


Seen about the plant are what are believed to be the first of 35 SD70DCe (SD70M-2) in the latest order for CN, likely to be 8915 to 8949.


On August 2nd, the sale of Electro-Motive Diesel by Berkshire Partners L.L.C. & Greenbriar Equity Group L.L.C. to Progress Rail (a division of Caterpillar Incorporated) was made official.


More background about those SAR SD70ACe 4000-4024 (EMCC 20088067) from the Arab News of 2010.08.23 FIRST LOCOMOTIVES FOR MINERAL RAILWAY ARRIVE by MD RASOOLDEEN (Arab News) [translated, I presume Don] RIYADH: The first consignment of six of the 25 locomotives for the mineral railway line project was received Sunday by the Saudi Railway Company at the King Abdulaziz Seaport in Dammam. " The locomotives are imported from EMD (Electro-Motive Diesels)," Fawaz Al-Magati, rolling stock supervisor of SAR, told Arab News on Monday. Al-Magati said that the remaining 19 locomotives will arrive here by the end for this year. These 4,300-hp engines will be used for transporting mineral on the North-South Railway." They are designed to suit the climatic conditions of the Kingdom and are equipped with pulse and sand filters to travel through desert conditions," said Al-Magati.  Early last month, SAR received 125 of the 688 wagons for the mineral freight line. The locomotives are manufactured in Canada for the US-based company, while the wagons are produced by the Chinese CSR company,  Al-Magati said training for the engine drivers and other technicians would start in October. The company's target is to start operations before the end of the year. "We may do a test run in early November, Insha Allah," he said. "The 2,400-km North-South Railway is given priority due to its important role in industrial development of the Kingdom. It would ferry minerals from mines in the north and central zones of Al-Jallami and Al-Zabirah to Ras  Al-Zour in the east for processing". The rail line -- sponsored by Public Investment Fund - is integral to planned phosphate and bauxite mining projects in the north of the country that will link up with processing plants and smelters on the Gulf coast. The new railway would transport 15,000 tons of minerals in a single trip, the equivalent of 600 cargo trucks. AI-Magati said each locomotive would pull 100 wagons


EMCC delivers more SD70ACes for Saudi Arabia:

9-10-2010 EMDX 3008-3014 sitting in CO19 in GEXR Stratford yard. They were transferred to CN Mac yard by GEXR #432-10 FEC 709, GSCX 7362, 7369. Model designation on the cab of EMDX 3014 (4014) is "SD70ACS" They will be forwarded by CN to the Port 

EMDX 3007 was left out of the list of the bunch at Mac yard, (EMDX 3008 to 3014)

They all were still at Mac Yard as of yesterday 15:00 Sept 13th


M 37631 14 Departure MACYD 2010-09-14 18.10.00

with CN 8018

EMDX 3014

EMDX 3013

EMDX 3012

EMDX 3007

EMDX 3011

EMDX 3010

EMDX 3009

EMDX 3008

& CN 2259 Pos 87 (DPU)

If EMCC procedure has remained the same, the SAR road numbers would be 4006 to 4013 inclusive.