CN Locomotives Sold:

In early September, CN sold EJ&E SW1200's 302, 306, and 316 to NRE (National Railway Equipment), EJE SW1200 316 arrived in Fulton September 9th enroute to Paducah, KY.     

During the month of September, the following units (out of the dozens retired this summer), have been scrapped at Woodcrest Shop: 

CN SD40-2W 5301, 5384,

IC SD40R's 6007, 6008, 6011, 6017, 6018, 6050, 6054, 6058, 6063, 6064, 6072,

IC SD40-2's 6104, 6108, 6126, 6127, 6134.  Note: 6017 was the only IC 6000-series to be repainted in CN colours.   Most reusable parts were removed and then sold to Larry's Truck Electric (LTEX) and shipped by truck to McDonald, OH.  (Ken Lanovich photos).

On September 9th, four ex-WC/GCFX SD40-3's were pulled out of storage from the Belt Clearing yard, and were lettered WLRS 6900, 6905, 6906, and 6940.  The buyer is Alltranstek LLC in Downers Grove, IL. Still sporting the old GEC-Alsthom paint scheme, this quartet has now been moved to VMV-NRE Paducah, KY.

Dan Dell'Unto compiled the following list of ex-GCFX/WC SD40-3's that have been sold by GCFX: 


Road Old Road New Notes
GCFX 6042 QGRY 6042 Quebec Gatineau Railway  - Bloom Lake Mine
GCFX 6057 QGRY 6057  
GCFX 6062 QGRY 6062  
GCFX 6076 QGRY 6076  
WC 6900 WLRS 6900 Western Labrador Rail Services*
WC 6902 TRX 125 Texas Rock Crusher - Brownsville Texas
WC 6904 QGRY 6904  
WC 6905 WRLS 6905  
WC 6906 WRLS 6906  
WC 6908 QGRY 6908  
WC 6910 ACWR 6910 Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway
WC 6913 QGRY 6913  
WC 6920 QGRY 6920  
WC 6924 TRX 126  
WC 6926 ACWR 6926  
WC 6936 NENE 124 Nebraska Northeastern Railway
WC 6940 WLRS 6940  
WC 6941 DMVW 6941 Dakota Missouri Valley & Western Railroad
WC 6949 DMVW 6949  


Ed Duke, the head mechanic for the DMVW confirmed that 6941 and 6949 will retain their numbers. They also have a trio of former WC SD45's on their roster.

*ACWR = Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Railway

*DMVW = Dakota Missouri Valley and Western Railroad

*NENE = Nebraska Northeastern Railway

*QGRY = Quebec Gatineau Railway (for Bloom Lake mine)

*TRX = Texas Rock Crusher  (Brownsville, Texas)

*WLRS = Western Labrador Rail Services (GWI subsidiary)

**WLRS and QGRY units likely for operation by Genesee & Wyoming Inc over the Bloom Lake Railway Company (BLRC), which is a subsidiary of Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Limited (CLM). 

 New Power:

CN took delivery of ES44DC's 2310-2312  out of Erie, PA and the trio were moved up to Toronto the on September 24.

The GEVO order is for units 2310-2344.  As well SD70M-2's 8915 and 8916 were released from EMCC-London September 24th. The current GM order is for 8915-8949.


In the biggest news this month, Mark Perry caught two freshly painted CN units at Symington Yard   painted in the “15 year's logo on September 25th.   The units are CN GP38-2 7505 and GP9RM 7258.  These are the first non-GE locomotives to wear the 15 years CN logo on the long hood. Interestingly CN 7205 and 7258  were the first to be repainted at the Transcona Shop in Manitoba.



The following 16 of 35 C40-8's are complete and are now in service: 2103, 2105, 2106, 2107, 2111, 2112, 2113, 2114, 2115, 2120, 2122, 2123, 2125, 2127, 2128, and 2131. CN 2131 gets the "Coast to Coast" award having been to Roberts Bank, B.C. and then in Mobile, AL on September 7thCN 2106 had been sidelined at Edmonton, AB in late August with fire damage, but is again in service. CN 2103, 2111 and 2114 have suffered minor failures, but are also back on line.

One of our new contributors Darren Doss sent us these great photos of CN C40-8 2111 at Effingham, CN C40-8 2106 at Centralia and CN 2246 ES44DC  when it was fresh about a year ago.  We look forward to seeing more photos from Darren in the future.





John Leeming caught CN 2113 at Thornton shop on September 2nd. Specially painted CN 2115 arrived in Toronto the second week of September

and we received these images of CN 2115 taken at Centralia September 1




In a pleasant surprise, three more C40-8's have received the Canadian National “The Journey Continues”15 years (1995-2010) logo.  On September 14th Joe Ferguson photographed CN 2112 in fresh paint with the logo at the Centralia Shop. CN 2112's first trip was south on CN A432 September 15th.

To date 2107 2112, 2113, 2115 and 2128 are the only five units in this livery.


George Redmond caught repaint CN 2107 (sporting the 15 years logo) on September 21st.

The locomotive then was marshaled as the 3rd unit on a N/B CN grain empty out of Centralia.



George Redmond caught the newest CN 2128 newest 15 years logo 2128 September 25th fresh from the Centralia Shop. 


Two of CN's specially painted C40-8's 2113 and 2115 were sent to Walker Yard in Edmonton, Alberta for a presentation during the first week of September, and Phil Mason took these shots of CN C40-8 2113 at the CN Kamloops Railway Day, Sept. 11Th

Robert Smith caught CN 2114 at Ingersoll running back and forth between Port Robnson and Sarnia on CN trains 330/331 the first week of September.


Aivo Merimets caught CN C40-8 2114 leading 331 at Woodstock, Ontario on September 1st


Walter Pfefferle CRO Staff caught CN 2105 leading 148 through Ingersoll Ontario Sept. 27, 2010

Video of the train can be seen here


The following ex-CNW- C41-8 shots were taken on September 22nd  by George Redmond outside and awaiting cycling through the

Centralia Shop into CN colours.





There is very little new to report on CN's ex-BNSF C40-8W's (2135-2161).  The ones at CN – Centralia had not moved in September and there are still a handful down in Memphis, TN at CN - E. Hunter Harrison Yard. However. Here is proof the ex-BNSF C40-8's do indeed have air conditioning.

George Redmond clicked CN 2138 at Centralia Shop on July 17th


Ron Visockis caught CN C40-8 2103 looking fine at Belleville, ON, September 14th


On August 28th CN C40-8 2120 was photographed inside the WC shop at Fond-du-Lac, WI.

CN ES44DC 2309 was at Centralia Shop in September with wreck damage to the front plow, handrails and step well, and corner of the nose.  Easily repairable, it will likely be done there.  

WC GP38-2 2001 arrived at Woodcrest on September 19th for heavy repairs.  This unit has been working on the former BC Rail for the last four years. WC GP38-2 2001 was seen outside Woodcrest Shop on the 20th. This unit had been here for the past few months for an engine change-out and will be likely returned back to service in British Columbia after the testing of the engine is completed at Markham Yard in late September.

 In faded and peeling CN paint GP40-2LW 9473 moved south on train 336 out of IC`s Markham yard September 15th. The unit was dead in tow and heading to the Centralia paint shop.


Ron Visockis photographed CN GP40-2LW 9566 in fresh paint from Woodcrest at Belleville, ON, September 14th and the following day had arrived at Joffre, QC, and then departed for New Brunswick on CN 308.


IC 3133 was released from the paint shop in fresh CN paint August 25th. (Joe Ferguson)


Joe Ferguson sent these shots of CN and IC units from September 23rd: CNNA SD40-2 W 5319 at Gilman, IL; and IC GP40R 3102 with IC GP38-2 9602 at Kankakee, IL.




One of our new contributors Darren Doss, Darren Doss sent this great September 24th shot of METRA F40PH-3 112 at Fulton, KY outside the  Progress Rail Shop tracks. For some reason it had been bad ordered by CN. Delivered to CN 9-23, it was departing the 24th or 25th on A431.  Reworked at Progress Rail's Mayfield facility - the builders decal notes: Model: F40PH-3, Serial No. 766062-13, Rebuilt Date: August 2010, Gross Weight Wt: 268,400 lbs, Traction: 3200 HP 

Earlier this year Savage CANX GP9 8625 (ex-SOO 4203) was to be scrapped at Winnipeg, MB. However in September the jeep arrived at Woodcrest and appears to be destined to NRE.  We are still to receive new info on this engine.


On September 21st, Jason Jongen caught CN 314 at Washago, Ontario (mile 89.1 Bala Sub),

with CN 8838 SD70M-2, CN 5768 SD75I, CN 2449 C40-8M and 113 Cars including 

Algoma Central Coach 3236 and VIA RDC 6133 (placed before the tail end freight car). VIA RDC1 6133  was heading to IRSI to get refurbished. Tom Jankowski shot it heading southbound on the Bala Sub with an ex-Algoma Central passenger car;   This car was sold at the CN Auction sale to Trillium who  will be receiving two others later this year.




Sporting the handsome 1954 paint CNR paint scheme, former CN business car “Metis” was spotted  on the Halton and Kingston subs September 17th placed near the rear of an eastbound CN freight was  The car was moved from Effingham, IL to Champaign, IL on M396 a week earlier, up from St. Louis, MO.  It was handled from DuQuoin, IL to Effingham, IL on CN A431, and later moved east  through Quebec and at press time was  still in Saint John, New Brunswick. “Metis” started its life in 1928 as a sleeper, In 1973, CN converted it to a business car.  In 1991 it was sold to a private individual, and was now owned by Historic Rails Inc.  The car was sold by Ozark Mountain Railcar to the New Brunswick Southern (NBSR), for their special trains. As this car is very old, it can no longer be moved at passenger trains speeds (Hence the CN move and why it was it was no longer needed by Historic Rails).  The NBSR passenger specials generally operate at slow speeds, so this car will be suitable.

These photos are by Darren Doss taken at Effingham, IL on September 10th 2010 on CN M39671-09.





Thomas Blampied submitted these shots of CN 308 (2708 with 8805 mid-train DPU) through Whitby on September 20th.  As you can see, the front end of the train was made up of army vehicles.



In Mid-September former CN M636 2338 was wyed at Mac Yard in Toronto, possibly in preparation  for her movement to the WNYP.  At press time, the Big M was still stored in Toronto Yard.  (Dan Tweedle)




CN Management training to operate freight trains in time times of need.

Dean Brown caught CNNA GP40-2W 9424 in a training exercise moving West and East at Mile 9.40 on the CN Grimsby Sub (Merritton)

on September 10th.

Chris Gertz caught the IC business train at London, Ontario on Train 148 on September 17th with CN 2516 and BCOL 4623 deadheading IC E9A 101 and two cars behind the power.



An organization is interested to purchase the CN Beachburg Sub, which runs the Ottawa Valley to the City of Ottawa.   Transport Pontiac Renfrew, a community-based non-profit corporation with a board of directors from Pontiac and Renfrew counties as well as city representation, has been working for a couple of years now to take over the line. If the organization succeeds, the long-term plan is to not only operate it as a commuter line, but also use it for freight transportation and tourism. A business plan has been completed and the net salvage value for the line has been determined. Both were key requirements before consideration could be given to offer to purchase the line

Chris Wilson took these shots that show track work progressing on the CN Caramat Sub

near Hornepayne, Ontario, all of which was interrupted for but a moment by VIA #1 and CN Q115. 

On September 12th, Chris Wilson took this great shot at MP 292.0 CN Ruel Subdivision, at Hornepayne, ON.  CN Q11131 an Intermodal from Toronto BIT, ON  to Vancouver Thornton, BC hauling 175 platforms.  The consist was CN 2241 (ES44DC), CN 5696 (SD75I),-97 platforms- CN 8816 (SD70M-2), -78 platforms- and CN 2301 (ES44DC).


On September 12th, Chris Wilson took this great shot at MP 292.0 CN Ruel Subdivision, at Hornepayne, ON.  CN Q11131

an Intermodal from Toronto BIT, ON  to Vancouver Thornton, BC hauling 175 platforms.

The consist was CN 2241 (ES44DC), CN 5696 (SD75I),-97 platforms- CN 8816 (SD70M-2), -78 platforms- and CN 2301 (ES44DC). 



Mark Forseille caught the following great looking motive power at  Roberts Bank, BC on Aug 25 2010: CN SD60F 5547, CN SD70M-2 8859,

CN SD40-2W 5350 and CP AC4400CW 8643.

On June 9, 2010, Bill Sanderson found one of CN's Track Geometry Test trains resting outside the CN yard office in Portage La Prairie, MB.

CNNA SD40-2W 5316 is powering ballasted boxcar 15007 and track geometry car 107600 (formerly 15003).

In the following days the train would be testing on the CN Carberry and Cromer Subdivisions east and west of Brandon, MB.


CNR Vignettes


Derek Henderson photographed brand new MLW-built CN M636 2335 and  five decorated CN freight cars on display at Belleville, Ontario, during 6218's retirement party in 1971. The cars stayed painted this way until scrapped.

Photos of the CN locomotives and two of the cars:

Earl Minnis Photos

Patrick DeLarue caught brand new GE-built (class unit) CN DASH 8-40CM #2400 on April 5th 1990 at Tashereau Yard, Québec.

The subsequent order of this model sported the CN Noodle.


Dead Line shots at Edmonton's Walker Yard, taken during 2007 by Kevin Cameron including CN's first SD40 delivered #5000 enjoying her last days

of retirement.  A few months after Kevin took this picture she was shipped to Homewood, Illinois and scrapped.

Also here are CN GMD1m 1063 which remained in the dead line till the end of 2007 and then scrapped.  Wrecked GP38-2W  sits on the dead line in 2007 as you can see at the time this picture was taken she is all ready being parted out.  Retired Grand Trunk Western GP9 4520 sits on the dead line on a very cold winter day in January 2009 it is minus 50 when I took this photo.  

Here's a couple of more shots of CN SD40 #5000, first at the fuel pad at Walker Yard being prepped for movement at Walker Yard Edmonton, June 6 2007, and the remains of CN 5000 in the Athabasca Northern Yard Lac La Biche Alberta August 16th 2007.

(Trevor Sokolan photos) 

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