G-P Arcouette snapped Amtrak's “Adirondack” with the full length dome which has returned to the Montreal-NY passenger train.  It is seen September 25th at Cantic, QC.




Dan Tweedle caught  VIA 70 with VIA 1750 on the tail end. It is a lounge car built in 1954 and is Ex CN coach 5585, ex BCOL Club Car 1750 Glen Fraser. Walter Pfefferle also caught the same car at  Ingersoll, Ontario.





Another unique VIA paint scheme bites the dust. VIA F40PH-2 6411 which is painted in “Operation Lifesaver” livery was moved in late-September to CADRAIL in Lachine Quebec for it's rebuild. As of October 1st VIA has only two F40H-2 still wearing wraps, 6480 "Spiderman and 6414 "Lotto Quebec".


Chris Gertz caught the last Spiderman unit going through Paris, Ont. Oct 21st. It was a promotion for "Spiderman 2" and looking good considering it's age. Walter Pfefferle took both these images near Woodstock, ON showing the Spiderman and Operation Lifesaver units 6408 and 6411. The other shot of 6411 is by Terry Muirhead at the VIA Vancouver Maintenance Center.






In late October G-P Arcouette clicked the remains of the prototype Cadrail F40PH-2 rebuild VIA #6400  now stripped to the bone at VMC in Montreal. The unit was involved in a derailment in 2009.



VIA train #14 “The Ocean” with Renaissance equipment leaves Montreal on a Thursday and Saturday evenings and also departs Halifax NS as #15 on Mondays and Fridays.  However as of late-October these trains will now be  running with a new rebuilt-Renaissance baggage car recently released from IRSI (Industrial Rail Services) in Moncton, NB.  The car now has a large sliding door: about 6-7 feet wide by 6.5 feet in height, located about 25-feet back from the front end of the car controlled manually by sliding it back & forth like a HEP car baggage car door & latching it shut. There's a door opposite each other on each side of the Baggage car.  (Chris McMahon)



With (ex-GO) RBRX leased F59PH units on the head end, passenger train VIA 601 is seen crossing the Ste-Ursule trestle on a very hot and humid summer day in September. In Hervey Junction, about 50 miles north, the consist will be separated in two sections ; one bound for Senneterre, and the other one for Jonquière.  (Ste-Ursule, Québec, MP 76.0, on the CN Joliette Subdivision by Samuel Thibodeau).



October 20th VIA #2 Pacific Central Station


6441 Vancouver Assigned Unit

RMRX 5726

RMRX 5449

6448 Vancouver Assigned Unit

8605 Baggage


8517 Skyline

8320 Douglas Manor

8312 Butler Manor

8408 Empress - Dining Car

8321 Draper Manor

8316 Christie Manor

8308 Bliss Manor

8707 Kokanee Park

2 Units, 12 Cars


On October 25th VIA P42DC 905 on train #43 from Ottawa to Toronto, hit an automobile near Joyceville ON few miles East of Kingston, killing the car driver.  Later on, VIA #43 passengers were transferred to the following #57 which arrived in Belleville 1:30 minutes late.  After #57 when by Belleville the empty #43 with the damaged 905 stop in Belleville without passengers to change one engineer who was taxied from Toronto. Attached two pictures by Ron Visockis of the damaged 905:



Photos and video of the incident above:


High Speed Rail


High Speed Rail In Canada Princess Twin Cinema Presentation High Speed Rail Canada in cooperation with the Princess Twin Cinema present an evening full of presentations, guest speakers, and video about high speed trains.

The Princess Twin Cinema in cooperation with High Speed Rail Canada on Wednesday November 18th, 2010 at 7pm is hosting a premier high speed rail event in Waterloo Ontario.
"High Speed Rail in Canada – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" will be a multimedia event featuring video, slide presentations and guest speakers from two of the largest passenger rail manufacturers in the world, Alstom and Bombardier and from High Speed Rail Canada.

From a vintage 1967 promotional 4 minute film on Canada 'legendary high speed Turbo Train to modern video of the record breaking 574km/h high speed train run in France this event promises to educate and entertain. Guest speakers include Paul Larouche - Bombardier, Ashley Langford - Alstom and Paul Langan – High Speed Rail Canada.

Paul Langan states," We are fortunate to have such an intimate and quality venue for this event. I am excited about the quality of our two guest speakers from the passenger rail car industry and the chance to educate Canadians on the past, present, and future of high speed rail in Canada and around the world."

Tickets are only $10.00. Advance tickets are strongly recommended as the cinema has limited seating capacity. The cinema is located at 46 King Street North Waterloo. For more information on the event or directions to the cinema go to the Princess Twin Cinema website,

or the High Speed Rail Canada website

Paul Langan can be reached at 519-654-0089




Ross Harrison caught this meet with VIA #1, the westbound 'Canadian' with F40PH-2 6436 and VIA #2 with F40PH-2 433 at Mackey, Ontario on the North Bay Subdivision October 27th, 1989.



Due to Mechanical issues in early October with one of the West Coast Express locomotives, westbound train 4, and eastbound train 4 has been using VIA F40PH-2 6453.  On October 5th Terry Muirhead clicked these photos of Train 4 with 6453 prior to leaving Waterfront Station. He also managed to get a ride on  the newest West Coast Express Coach 405, which was just pressed into service last week. The last batch of Photos were taken at Port Haney and the train had 11 coaches.




Terry also caught WCE 550PHI 902 outside the VMC in October 5th. It was being  used at times as the VMC Switcher while at the facility.



Mike Allen clicked these CP SD40-2's passing leased VIA F40PH-2 6453 pulling the West Coast Express at Waterfront Station, in BC on October 5th.



ROCKY MOUNTAINEER train 609 (Jasper to Kamloops) on October 3rd handled the Whistler to Jasper train equipment (new paint scheme) as well for a total of 21 cars. (RMRX) 8011-8017-8013- and "genset" NREX 2020 power train #609 at Mile 135 Clearwater Sub - in beautiful BC Oct 3-10 Photo by John Leeming. As can be seen in the photo, most of the RMR units now sport the new image. John shot the train on the lower end of the Clearwater Sub.


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