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KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN announced the completion of its five-unit EMD GP22ECO rebuild project on Sept. 24. Work was wrapped up on the five locomotives on Sept. 15, 2010 at the KCS shops in Shreveport, LA. According to KCS, “From the beginning, the craftsman in the Shreveport locomotive shop approached the repower project as a learning experience, installing freshly manufactured engines and all of the supporting components, emission controls, wires, etc.  With each locomotive they found better ways to perform the work.  They also found ways to lessen the time to completion.  The first locomotive took 3,500 man hours to complete, while the fifth locomotive took only 1,500 man hours to complete.”


The complete press release from KCS can be found on the railroad’s KCS News website: is working on verifying the numbers of the locomotives involved in the project, and hopes to release a full list in the next issue.


KCS did announce in its initial press releases regarding the project (as reported in the Feb. 2010 Roundup in CRO) that the first unit to be rebuilt would be KCS 2813. Bob Brown photographed her outside the shops in Shreveport post-rebuild and sent us this image:


In addition, Bryce Denny caught the KCS 2811 in Shreveport earlier this month looking very rebuilt with Q-fans (a dead giveaway on the conversion) and fresh paint.

Here’s the photo:


NORFOLK SOUTHERN will be building two slug-mother sets using GP22ECO-M ECO conversions as mothers, paired with slugs. All work will be completed at NS-owned Thoroughbred Mechanical Services in Altoona, PA. Initial reports are that the slugs will be built from former Conrail GP38’s, NS 2885 and 2888, while at least one of the mothers will be former GP38AC NS 4105. Unconfirmed speculation based on observations has the other mother as NS 4117.


Lance Myers of the website provided this photo of the extent of the work being done to the 4105:




The first CLEAR repowered GE 90-series locomotive for the WHITE PASS & YUKON RAILWAY – WP&Y 91 – was moved by truck from Global Locomotive’s shop at Western Junction, WA to Tacoma, WA for shipment to Alaska in early September. The unit is very similar in appearance and specifications to the CERES rebuilds completed by now-defunct CEECo in 2008. CEECo rebuilt the 90 and 98 in Tacoma, WA and many of the same people (including the former CEO) are involved in the current venture with Global Locomotive. WP&Y sent the 91 and 99 to GL this year for overhauls.

Two photos of the move were posted on by user Railhead 1956:




New ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND MP14B gensets ADMX 1402 and 1403 were spotted being shuffled around MotivePower’s plant in Boise, ID on Sept. 13. It is not yet known where the three MP14B’s being ordered by ADM will be deployed. Photo by Rob Boes:


The units are a different color from the ADMX 1401, which was sighted at MPI in Boise back in July:




Joe Ferguson sent us photos of two new 3GS21B’s that are being completed for CSX TRANSPORTATION at NRE’s Mt. Vernon, IL shops. The units are CSXT 1315 and 1321, and are the first of four that are being built at Mt. Vernon on the frames of retired GE B36-7 locomotives. These are the first 3GS21B’s to be built on recycled frames by NRE. Here’s a shot of the pair by Joe Ferguson:


Additional BNSF 3GS21C gensets are beginning to ship from different locations. In addition to the BNSF 1308 mentioned last month, BNSF 1302 and 1303 were shipped from NRE Paducah in late August. It also appears that the 1308 was built in Paducah but shipped to NRE Silvis for finishing work and paint prior to delivery.


Joe Ferguson provided these two photos of the BNSF 1303 on BNSF at Joppa Junction, IL:


BNSF 1304 was also seen in transit on BNSF on Sept. 19, but it is not known which plant it originated from. BNSF 1307 has also been delivered and is at work in Commerce, CA. Photos: BNSF 1304 by Ryan Kertis:


BNSF 1307 by Scott Garcia:




BNSF 1211 (an RP14BD) and 1210 (an unconverted 1st Generation GG20B) were spotted last week at MetroEast Industries in East St. Louis, IL. It is not yet known why they are there, but we are seeking additional information.


Last month we mentioned a prime red RP20BD at TMS that we suspected was the new gensets for RJ CORMAN. Turns out we were correct. Moving as RPRX 2010, the new RP20BD was delivered to RJCP’s lines in Clearfield, PA for testing before it was painted. Tony Kimmel caught the unit underway in Cresson, PA and sent this photo showing the new cab design and heavily modified frame:


Green Rail News drove past the Defense Non-Tactical Generator and Rail Equipment Center (DGRC) in Sunset, UT early in the month and observed that the scrapping of the first generation GG20B Green Goats appeared to have commenced. When we visited on Sept. 5 (a Sunday, so nobody was around to speak to) the USAX 6000, 6001 and 6002 had all been taken off of their trucks, and were sitting on blocks with various access doors on the hoods open. So far, USAX 6003 and 6004, which were upgraded to Gen. IV standards, haven’t been touched.


Photos: USAX 6000 and 6001:

USAX 6000, 6001 and 6002:


USAX 6002:


USAX 6003:


USAX 6004:



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