As of mid-October, units 647 and 648 have been delivered, with 649 and 650 in transit. These units are part of the final group of MP40PH-3C’s (647-656) being built for GO Transit by Motive Power Industries.


Shots of 2/3 ex-GO F59's repainted for NC-Dot, taken by Harold Hodnett in Raleigh NC recently.

 1810 is ex-RBRX 18529, nee-GO 529

1859 is ex-RBRX 18534, nee-GO 534

(and there's an 1866 which is ex-RBRX 18535, nee-GO 535)






On October 4th, morning MP40-powered GO train #834 derailed on the Richmond Hill line. The incident occurred south of Richmond Hill GO station on the Bala Sub. No injuries were reported, but GO service was suspended on that line for the morning. Only the locomotive 610 derailed, which appeared to be pushing the train southbound. MP40 647 later came to rescue the train. The cause of the derailment has not been released yet.





A train of Toronto’s new subway cars were unveiled to the media on October 14th 2010 at the TTC’s Downsview Subway Station. The new trains, dubbed the “Toronto Rocket”, are permanently mated 6-car consists with a cab at each end. The trains feature full openings between cars and more passenger safety and accessibility-friendly options, among other things.


A total of 39 6-car sets are being built in Thunder Bay by Bombardier and are expected to enter service early in 2011. They will be numbered 5381-5766, in 6 car groups (5381-5382-5383-5384-5385-5386 would be the first set, 5391-5396 the second, 5400-5406 the third, etc). They are expected to serve exclusively on the Yonge-University-Spadina line, allowing the current Bombardier T1 cars to be allocated other lines. They will fully replace the older H4, H5 and H6 subway cars (5580-5935) built by Hawker Siddeley and UTDC/Can-Car in the 1970’s and 1980’s.





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