Just before midnight on September 23, CP intermodal train 159 derailed both units and more than ten cars in Saint-Lazarre, Quebec near Dorion on the railway’s Winchester Subdivision mainline after encountering a fallen tree and a major washout. However, both crew members suffered no significant injuries in the incident. The area had just received more than 30mm of rain in a short time, prior to the train’s arrival. Several of the derailed cars and containers piled on top of both AC4400CW’s 9703 and 9630, which were heavily damaged in the derailment. The train was heading westbound to Toronto from Montreal and derailed at more than 50mph. The incident affected CP trains operating between Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, which resulted in trains being detoured on CN’s Kingston Subdivision mainline via Brockville, Ontario. The derailment was severe enough that the line was closed for almost four days before it could be re-opened. Officials had said there were no flammable liquids or toxic gases in the affected container cars and that the hazardous materials that were being moved on train 159 did not spill onto the tracks.


The two locomotives involved in the September 23rd derailment at St. Lazarre Quebec have been retired and will be scrapped mainly because bother under frames are twisted and bent.  All salvageable parts with be removed.  The complete assessment of each units condition is below:


Locomotive CP 9630 Model AC4400 built 1997, 4400hp last inspection on September 22/2010.


On site inspection indicates the following visible damages of locomotive CP 9630. Attached are pictures taken prior of clearing the main-line and after.

1. Loco cab crushed and destroyed

2. All engine components, air compressor, main alt, blower broken beyond repairs.

3. Car body demolished

4. Locomotive frame twisted and bent.

5, Fuel tank no leaks, fuel and lub-oil transshipped to the diesel shop.

6. Heavy impact of loaded cars ending up resting on top of Locomotive.


Due to the above visual extreme damages it is beyond all repairs.


Note: Both trucks and Traction Motors can be salvageable pending the qualification of inspection.

All components requires to be stripped and be re-qualified.


Locomotive CP 9703 Model AC4400 built 2002,4400hp last inspection on July 05/2010


On site inspection indicates the following visible damages of  Locomotives CP 9703. appended are pictures taken prior of clearing the Main-line and after.


1.    Left side loco cab collapsed/crushed inward

2.    All engine components, air compressor, main alt, blower broken not reparable.

3.    Car body demolished

4.    Locomotive frame twisted and bent.

5.    Front draw bar with draft gear broken and pushed in.

6.   # 1 truck still attached, no visual damage.

7.   # 2 truck detached and buried under land slide and debris.

8.    Fuel tank intact with no visual damage. Fuel and lub-oil  transshipped to the diesel shop.

9.    Rear draw bar with draft gear broken and pushed in.

10.  Heavy impact of loaded cars ending up resting on top of Locomotive. See picture 007 & 025


Due to the above visual extreme damages it is beyond all repairs.


Note:  Both trucks and traction motors can be salvageable pending the qualification of inspection. All components requires to be stripped and be re-qualified.


In October CP sold GP9u 1695 to the Northern Plains Railroad in Theif River falls, Minnesota. The geep is not expected to be renumbered. 


Teck Resources Ltd reported on October 6th that the company has entered into an agreement to transport steelmaking coal from its five mines in southeast BC to Vancouver area ports.  This ten year agreement has been executed with Canadian Pacific Railway. Under the agreement, CP will provide the necessary investments to achieve growth in the volume of coal shipped from Teck's mines in Canada.  This is a confidential agreement commencing 1 April 2011.


CP 1689 (ex-TH&B 402) is among 24 other units that were moved west on CP ibn October.  The retired units are destined for a consulting firm in Langley, BC  through SRY in New Westminster, for resale.

CP GP9u 1510-1520-1583-1689, CP SD40-2 5599-5611-5643-5683-5684-5692-5696-5702-5709-5714-5715-5720-5772-5778-5805-5808-5816-5830-6057, and CP GP9u  8235.  (Ken Perry) 


In early October, the following retired units (many stored in the Winnipeg deadline for the last two years) had been moved to Montreal, St-Luc Yard and consigned to (RBRX)  RB Recycling in Lachine, QC for scrapping: CP GP9u 1576, 1595 CP SD40-M-2 5494, 5495, 5497 CP SD40-2 5566, 5576, 5669, 5700, 5713, 5721, 5733, 5748 and 5804.

On October 4th the Delon way freight had forwarded the first three (5494, 5495 and 5497) to the CP spur outside the Cadrail facility. The next day, Marc Caya caught the following power in a panoramic snapshot at CAD : MLW RS-23, BBD LRC-2, MLW RS-18u, EMD MK rebuild SD40M-2 x3. Numbers: CAD 2001, VIA 6914, CAD 1825, CP 5495, CP 549, CP 5494


On October 2nd, I met up with Bryan Passifiume and we visited St-Luc Diesel Shop. We caught several interesting units including leased (NJT) AMT GP40FH-2, CP gensets 3G521B-DE 2100, D&H GP38-2 7312 and SOO GP38-2. We unfortunately had cloudy skies but a pleasurable afternoon.  (Sincere thanks to the Planner “Peter” as well). Here are some of Bryan's shots that day of the above units, several GE's undergoing engine change outs and major repairs, retired CP GP9u  and CP GP38-2 3072 and GP9u 1509 taken behind the shop. That's Bryan on the GE and William in the pit






Bryan Passifiume and William H. Baird 







CP posted the following surplus equipment for sale with some classic equipment including an old Cape solarium passenger car, T-Series Sleeper “Trapper”, some round roof smoothside baggage cars, a snowplow and an assortment of old boxcars (among other things).


On October 2, 2010 Kenneth Borg took this great shot of CP Train #666 (a loaded ethanol train) moving east at Delray in Detroit, MI, routed to Toronto, Montreal and Whitehall, NY.



The 2010 Candian Pacific “Holiday Train” Schedule:


Michael Berry caught CP ES44AC 8769, AC4400CW 8553 and SD9043MAC 9113 heading out of Lachine intermodal yard with a long train of containers, heading east, to St-Luc or Hochelaga yard.  It is so nice to see the SD9043MAC's in service again! In the background were two GP9u's, lead unit was CP 1690.



Jeff  Pluemer took this shot of DME GP40Q 4001 repaired and repainted verison after a deadly derailment.  On July 14, 2009 a BNSF train operating on DM&E track left a main line switch open at Bettendorf, IA.  DME 914 (Clinton Local) was to pass but DME 4003 and DME 4001 entered the siding hitting the BNSF train.  DME 4003 was reduced to a flat car, and DME 4001 had rear-end damage.  The unis is former MKT GP40 181, which became EMD 181and was stored at VMV/NRE Paducah KY before being sold to DME 4001.



After crossing over from NS and clearing Windsor Ontario at 9:49 CP train train 626-549 headed east along the Windsor and Galt subs. Here we see CP 6046-ICE 6411-DME 6086-ICE 6407 and a solid string of ethanol tankers as it blows through Innerkip, mile 82 on the Galt sub. The track speed sign says 60 and they were wasting no time when they came rumbling by Walter Pfefferle on October 14th.





CP Ethonal train #666 is always interesting to follow and the October train was no exception with CP 666-803 rolling by Guelph Jct at Campbellville, ON) at 1710-17 with CEFX 1029, CSXT 500, CITX 3065, CITX 3100.  (thanks to Brendan Frisina, Steve Hostovsky and Bill Miller)


On October 14th CP ran this Vern Gram retirement special over the ICE property and up the CP (ex-Milw) from Bensenville to the Twin Cities as train 41B. Three views are: 083- at Milwaukee on the CP C&M Sub near the Cutoff, 105- at Duplainville Westbound crossed the CN waukesha Sub on the CP Watertown Sub. 150- thats Vern with the coat and other officers, wbd at Portage Jct, Portage WI, Watertown Sub.  William Beecher photos.



Dan Tweedle took this shot of CP 627 with a colourful lash-up with SOO 6045, CITX 3054, DM&E 6078, and IC&E 6216.The trains 626 and 627 are unit ethanol trains that enter the United States by the Hamilton Subdivision and are recent additions as of mid-October.  Dan Tweedle photo.

Chris Wilson provide this railfan report from October 4th, 2010 from the Sault Ste-Marie and Sudbury, Ontario. I arrived in the Sault just in time to get the passenger departing. I drove into Searchmont road, in the fog and sort of gave up.


After the departure of the passenger, I made my way to the Huron Central yards and found a CP SD40-2 and QGRY 2008 up ahead of the CP.!


Chris caught CN 8841 + CN 5351 pulling across the interlocking with the OVR at Coniston, near Sudbury.


Over to the yard, full of stuff... CP 6604 was coupled to the HCRY 3012... notepad is in car! VAEX 2006 was also on the property. Coupled to some sort of GE mid cab.


I did check out Ottawa, nothing around Walkley... Missed CP 153, sat at the CP for 2 hours and nothing so drove to Cornwall for the cycle....


CP Vignettes:


Photos taken in Montreal's Windsor Station on July, 4th,1954 by John Dziobko:



CPR 4-4-4 “JUBILEE”-class:


Named for the Jubilee (50th. anniversary) of transcontinental passenger service this wheel arrangement was quite rare the CPR being the only railway in Canada to have it. In the US only two were built, the 4-4-2 Atlantic being preferred for light, fast passenger trains. The CPR used them on light, fast passenger trains, branchline passenger and freight trains across the system. The earlier Jubilees were the famed F2 class 3000's that hauled lightweight passenger equipment newly designed and built to modernize service.


Courtesy Old Times Trains


More information can be found at Ray Kennedy's Old Time Trains web page.


Bruce Chapman took this image on February 6th, 1964.  CPR had leased some Alco FA/FB's from Union Pacific. Here are a couple at Ottawa West on a bright winter's day, having arrived from Montreal St-Luc Yard on freight train #85. The CPR FP7/9's on the outbound track are for afternoon and evening passenger trains to Montreal Windsor Station.



Norm Conway took this great shot of CP Rail M630 4563 leading other MLW's at Highwy #97 just west of Orr's Lake, Ontario, in 1985. Just imagine the sights and sounds!  Interestingly, CP 4563 is now preserved in operating condition at the CRHA ExpoRail Musem in Montreal in full CP Rail paint.



Bruce Chapman  took this image August 20th, 1965, and shows CP  train #75 from Montreal to Ottawa West about to cross Bank Street, in Ottawa.  This right-of-way is now Kilborn Avenue in the southern part of the old City of Ottawa.  #75 brought carloads of beer from Montreal to be delivered to the distribution points in Hull Quebec.  At the time, Quebec beer could not be sold in Ontario (probably still can't), so #75 on the south shore and #85 on the north shore brought carloads of beer in insulated boxes to Hull...#85 could set them off in Hull, but #75 terminated at Ottawa West, so a transfer then brought them across the border.  These CP 35000-series insulated boxes usually had beer for Labatts;(you can see quite a bunch near the head-end of the train), the CP 165/166000 series yellow insulated boxcars had O'Keefe, and then we also got beer transferred from the CN for Labatts in Hull.  The power is a relatively-new CP MLW C424, which were supposed to be only used on fast transcon freight trains at this time, but this unit may have just come out of St. Luc from repairs, and could be on a testing run.


Ron Visockis clicked handsome CPR G5 #1201 on an excursion from Ottawa to Montreal on the CN Alexandria Sub passing through Coteau QC June 30th, 1984.



Phil Mason submitted these terrific images of a pair of brand new 5800-series CP Rail SD40-2's at St. Luc Yard in 1974.  These locomotives were delivered new from GMDD London, ON, and went to Montreal for installation of equipment required for in service locomotives.  They were later equipped with the Locotrol equipment at the Ogden Shop in Calgary, AB.  They are now off the roster with 5828 retired in 2004 and 5829 in 2008.



This is the best photo I have ever seen of the coal chute at St-Luc Yard (Montreal, QC). It is a very modern one because the yard was built in the 1950's! Phil Mason caught this CP RAIL (FM) H-Liner, RS10 and RS3 near the chute in 1974. Interestingly many CP diesel shops employs still refer to this part of the yard as the "COAL CHUTE",  even though it is now the Diesel Refueling Station and the coal tower was torn down years ago.



Taken at St. Luc shop on December 23rd, 1993 by Ross  Harrison. CP president Rob Ritchie, had just arrived in a Buick Century from downtown to shut the last big MLW #4706 down via the fuel stop button above the tank. However, in a severe power shortage, several of the units were reactivated for several months in the spring until they were finally re-retired due to their many ailments.



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