CN Locomotives Sold:

CN has sold EJE SD18 616 and DMIR SD-M's 809 and 813 to IBRX Indiana Box Car for scrapping.  The units were moved from Kirk Yard to the Woodcrest Shop in early-October.

Six locomotives that missed our (former GCFX) ex-WC SD40-3 Disposition List in the October CRO were 6901, 6934, and 6935, all sold to the Last Mountain Railway in July 2010.  This new Canadian short line runs north of Regina, Saskatchewan and had been using two B23-7's, which are now used on the Sturt South Railway south east of Regina. 

The other ex-WC SD40-3's are 6933, which was sold to Hubbard Grain, in Hubbard, SD on the DME and 6907 and 6918 which were sold to ACWR Aberdeen Carolina & Western.

Road Old Road New Notes
GCFX 6042 QGRY 6042 Quebec Gatineau Railway  - Bloom Lake Mine
GCFX 6057 QGRY 6057  
GCFX 6062 QGRY 6062  
GCFX 6076 QGRY 6076  
WC 6900 WLRS 6900 Western Labrador Rail Services
WC 6901 LMR 6901 Last Mountain Railway
WC 6902 TRX 125 Texas Rock Crusher - Brownsville Texas
WC 6904 QGRY 6904  
WC 6905 WRLS 6905  
WC 6906 WRLS 6906  
WC 6907 ACWR 6907 Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway
WC 6908 QGRY 6908  
WC 6910 ACWR 6910  
WC 6913 QGRY 6913  
WC 6918 ACWR 6918  
WC 6920 QGRY 6920  
WC 6924 TRX 126  
WC 6933 HG 6933 Hubbard Grain
WC 6934 LMR 6934  
WC 6935 LMR 6935  
WC 6926 ACWR 6926  
WC 6936 NENE 124 Nebraska Northeastern Railway
WC 6940 WLRS 6940  
WC 6941 DMVW 6941 Dakota Missouri Valley & Western Railroad
WC 6949 DMVW 6949  


IBCX (Indiana Boxcar) units stored at Vermilion Valley RR (VVRR) at Danville IL 10/27

Ex-DMIR 616 and 809 

Ex-DMIR 811 and 813 f


CN Locomotives Retired:


CN and GTW retired between February and September 2010 are as follows:

CN GMD1m 1403 and 1422

CN GP9RM 4022, 4029, 4108, 4111, 7008, 7041, 7042, 7053, and 7074

CN SW1200RSm 7303 and 7306

CN SD40-2W 5254

CN SD40-2 5370

GTW GP9R 4624, 4625, 4628, and 4630.

DMIR SD40-3 401,

IC SD40-3 6257, 6258, 6259, 6262, and 6265.

IC SD40A 6004, 6006, 6013, 6016, 6024 6059, 6068

IC SD40-2 6122, 6123, 6124.


During early October, Bad Order BLE SD38-2 878, SD40T-3's 900, 904 and 906 have arrived at Woodcrest for presumed retirement and scrapping. However, outside the Woodcrest Shop October 19th (after spending last week inside the main shop) was B&LE tunnel motor 904 with hood doors open but running with two employees in the cab testing it.  B&LE  906 and 878 were still inside the shop and BLE 900 which arrived in mid-October is still parked outside.


During October, these retired locos were scrapped at Woodcrest:

SD40-2W CN 5248

SD40A’s IC 6004, 6006, 6013, 6016

SD40R’s IC 6059, 6068

SD40-2's IC 6122, 6123, 6124, 6140, 6141

And scrapped at Two Harbors, MN: SD40-3's DMIR 401 and IC's 6257, 6258, 6259, 6262, and 6265


CRO sincerely thanks Ken Lanovich for these reports:  
At the CSX Barr Yard engine terminal October  19th - retired UP Gp40 1337 with all lettering/ numbers painted out, but with no visible shipping reporting marks on the unit. Born as Penn Central 3111 in August 1968, this unit arrived @ LTE following a long journey.

At BRC Clearing Yard engine facility -  ZCAX 1200 SW1200, with Horsehead Corporation on the cab. tied onto UP power in the yard - brand new GO Transit (MPE)X MP40 649.

At EMD LaGrange, new CN Sd70m-2`s 8915 and 8916 (emissions testing), and UP Sd70ACe’s 8349, 8632, 8639, and UP-SP 1412.  

CN train 392 departed Markham yard with CN 2592, IC (CN) 1039 , and CN GP9RM 7046. Following work done at Woodcrest, the old geep is returning to service at Toronto Mac Yard.

New Power:

CN C40-8 2124 was released October 28th from Centralia Shop in new paint and is  sporting with the "15 year" logo.



GE-built CN ES44DC's 2313 and 2314 were delivered to CN property on September 28th.  Then on October 13th, Ron Visockis clicked brand new CN ES44DC 2316 at Belleville, ON on CN train #306.  At press time the unit numbers confirmed on CN property were 2313-2331 and 2333, all arriving during October.



After delivery by NS, Mike Folemsbee caught the newest ES44DC's (2331 and 2333) at Fort Erie, ON on October 24th.




Brand new CN SD70M-2's 8915 and 8916 were sent to EMD La Grange, Illinois for emissions testing on September 30th and in October CN received  SD70M-2's 8917-8924. Geoff Williams clicked off eight of the new SD70M-2's (8917, 8918, 8919, 8920, 8921, 8922, 8923,and 8924) as they where moved from EMD to London East by GEXR at 13:00 hrs October 22nd.



During the first week of October Centralia paint shop released CN C40-8 2116 and moved her into the roundhouse for final prep before going out on the road at week end. Joe Ferguson caught CN 2121 fresh from repaint outside Centralia Shop on October 14th.  The unit went out on CN A431 the same night. 



On October 15th, George Redmond took this great shot of a southbound grain train at Ashley, IL with CN C40-8's 2121 and 2128. This was the first assignment for CN 2121 after release from Centralia on the 13th.



During October Centralia Shop released CN 2116, 2118, and 2121, so here is a recap of the 21 (of 35 units) now in service as of October 20th:  CN 2103, 2105, 2106, 2107*, 2111, 2112*, 2113*, 2114, 2115*, 2116, 2117, 2118, 2120, 2121, 2122, 2123, 2125, 2126, 2127, 2128*, 2131. Note: * C40-8’s wear the 15-year artwork. (Thanks to Ed Weisensel)


Interestingly during October, CN 2120 became the first of the reborn C40-8's to venture south all the way into Mexico! One of CN's 15 years (under private ownership)-liveried C40-8's (#2128) arrived in Memphis, Tennessee at E. Hunter Harrison Yard. Most of these units have been staying in Canada since their release from Centralia Shop, but Terry Redeker caught one in the south on October 22nd.


Inside the paint shop in late-October were 2124 (in her CNW livery), 2129, 2132, and 2134. 2101, 2119, and 2133 were noted "on deck" outside in UP yellow (some for electrical work like 2133) and the others in preparation for paint.  CN 2128, already in service, returned to Centralia Shop October 14th for minor repairs.  CN expects all the former UP units will be finished about the first of the year.  For possible mechanical preparation work, units (2117 and  2130), remain stored at Woodcrest. 


On September 30th, George Redmond caught CN C40-8 2126 which had been released from the Centralia paint shop only just days earlier.


On October 22nd, Joe Ferguson took these shots of CN power on the Indiana Railway  at Robinson, IL.  A nice lashup that included freshly painted CN 2116 too! 




Following two months of  no activity to report, on October 8th BNSF-liveried CN C40-8W 2141 was moved from storage at Centralia and lifted up to Winnipeg, returning back to the US  dead-in-tow a week later.  2141 then joined (ex-BNSF) 2148 and 2152 currently stored at Markham freight Yard after also being moved from Centralia.


In early October. CN  ES44DC 2309 was at the Centralia Shop for collision repairs, and GTW GP38-2 5821 and CN GP40-LW 9473 had arrived  at Centralia for assorted work. 


In October CN ES44DC 2244, 2282, and 2285 were released from Quality Rail following GEVO upgrades, and have returned to service. On October 14th Joe Ferguson caught the units heading north at St. John, Illinois with CN 5649 leading.



On October 18th CN Train 368 derailed near Cornwall, ON on the Quebec Ontario border, derailing 13-16 cars. Here are some photos of the boxcars, centerbeams, and tankcars that derailed at mile 59/59 just East of Summertown Rd. With CN crews working efficiently, quickly and safely, the mainline was reopened on October 19th, around 23:30, after the ballast had been dumped, track lifted, and the trains started rolling one after the other.



September 30th two DMIR taconite trains collided head-on in northeast Minnesota, injuring some crew members. The two DMIR ore trains were moving towards each other on the Iron Range Sub 13 miles north of Two Harbors, MN, at the south end of “Highland”siding. It has been determined the cause was human error. The northbound empties were to take the siding, yielding the main. The southbound loaded ore train failed to stop short of the south end of the siding. CN spokesman Patrick Waldron said the trains collided about 4 p.m. Three of the 5 crew members were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Each train’s three locomotives derailed, but all remained upright. CN train U78982-30 had IC Sd40-3's 6258, 6262, 6259. The other had IC Sd40-3's 6265, 6257, and DMIR Sd40-3 401.  6057 and 6059 wore IC black with OLS gates. 15 of the 116 cars loaded with iron ore pellets derailed. The “empty” train was also 116 cars; only 2 cars derailed.  All six locos, retired October 1st, were stripped and scrapped at the crash site. Thanks to Dave Schauer for these revealing photos.

Darren Doss caught the EJ&E SW1200 and EJ&E 666 in late September. This EJ&E SW1200 at Fulton, KY on 9/11/2010. It was one of 3 EJ&E SW1200's that were sold to NRE and shipped to Paducah, KY via Fulton. The other two that when to NRE were EJ&E 302 and 316.   #666 made several trips to Fulton, KY,  but this was the only day he was able to catch it by itself in good sunlight.

Jesse Acorn submitted this great shot of CN SD60F 5537 sporting the 1990's-era CN North America paint scheme and shown October 2nd rolling through Walker yard on the Bypass with train 443.  



Craig Walker took this shot on October 4, 2010 while railfanning CN's Bala Subdivision south of Parry Sound.  He caught WC GP38-2 2005 (ex ACR 204) as the fourth unit on CN train 106. 




The City of Burlington, Ontario wishes to receive proposals for the acquisition, relocation, restoration, and re-adaptation of the historic Freeman/Burlington West It was built in 1906 for the Grand Trunk

Railway, which became part of CNR.

On October 8th while in Belleville, Ontario John D. Morin caught  CN C40-8 2127 in the middle of a 3 unit consist behind CN C44-9W 2550.  2127 was formerly UP 9092, nee-CNW 8544.  CN 2314 a brand NEW ES44AC that crept onto the yard siding track from Toronto trailing with SD70M 8000 and two GP9RM 7081 & 7082 and whole train went into the yard.

Ed Duke sent these shots of ex-CN/WC units now working on the Dakota Missouri Valley & Western (DMVW), including GP38-2W 9421 and ex-WC SD40-3's 6941 and 6949 now all lettered for DMVW,  This railroad also has ex-CN SD50F's.




DMVW ex-CN GP40-2LW 9603 and the 9504 were scrapped on site following a severed derailment. DMVW got  a lot of good parts from both of them.  The derailment was caused by a large slide below the track on a blind curve.


As shot's at Woodcrest Shop are hard to obtain, CRO appreciates these  images:   Ed Duke of the DMVW's Mechanical Department was sent to Woodcrest Shop to obtain parts off of the retired CN SD40-2W 5248, (the picture with the Ford truck backed up to it).  DMVW needed the parts off of her for their ex-WRIX GP38-2W 9421 (see photo above).  It has been operating on the DMVW for the last month, but as the weather has been nice they have not yet needed a heater which is missing, hence the trip to Homewood, IL.  The loco was also missing the fridge and two cab seats and the conductors desk.  The bathroom door and the intermediate door between the outside and the nose was missing. It was originally a CN GP40-2LW but has been converted to a GP38-2W.  In Ed's photos take note of all the recently retired IC and CN units being cut up at Woodcrest as well as retired BLE Tunnel Motors, IC switchers and some rarely seen CN business cars. 


CN and IC deadline and scrap:





Bessemer & Lake Erie repair que:




Illinois Central dead line:






Business cars and stored ex-VIA passenger equipment:





Brendan Frisina clicked Port of Montreal (RPRX) GS20BD 1001 in transit to its owner on CN A42231, and is seen here passing (CN) Aldershot East on October 15th.  (See the Quebec News in “Shortlines” for more)

CN has implemented a new service supplying jet fuel to airlines serving Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport. The effectiveness of CN's rail pipeline for jet fuel to Pearson prompted the construction of a C$65-million new Jet Fuel Rail Offloading, Storage and Distribution Facility near the airport, adjacent to CN's Malport rail yard in northwest Toronto.

Today, CN and airline and supplier representatives celebrated the official opening of the terminal. James Foote, executive vice-president, Sales and Marketing for CN, said: “The changing dynamics of jet-fuel supply for airlines serving Pearson airport now require the carriers to strategically source fuel across the globe, and this has opened the door to rail to play an increasingly important role in these longer supply chains. We've developed a substantial business at Pearson – one that didn't exist a half-decade ago – and we see potential for future jet-fuel traffic moves in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg.”  New jet-fuel sourcing strategies in Canada follow the closing of some refineries and the decisions of some oil companies to shift production from aviation fuel to diesel and other distillates in greater demand. While only 10 per cent of Canada's aviation fuel was imported eight years ago, imports accounted for 33 per cent last year.

Air Canada was the impetus for the new terminal. It began sourcing jet fuel for use at Pearson by rail from an import terminal near Quebec City six years ago. Until this year, the jet fuel was unloaded at a facility at CN's main classification yard in York Region north of Toronto and trucked to the airport. Rail infrastructure at the terminal includes track sidings permitting the unloading of 26 tank cars at once on two tracks. The initial phase of the new facility is almost fully utilized, and additional track is being constructed and expected to be in service by the third quarter of 2009 to add another 20 car spots for unloading.  CN transports jet fuel by rail to the Pearson terminal from a facility at the port in Quebec City and from a CN World Wide North America transload terminal in Flat Rock, Michigan supplied with product from Toledo, Ohio. John Morin caught the train in October.

On October 20th, Chris Gertz caught eastbound CN train 332 at Paris, Ontario with CN SD60F 5518, SD40u 6013, with trailing GMTX GP38-2 2192 and 2183.

Best CN lash up this month?  CN #148 with paired BCOL-liveried Dash 8-40CM's  4623 and 4605!

At Ingersoll Ontario

At Copetown, ON:

At MP 30 on the CN Halton Sub:


Tour Train 633:Check out these Agawa Canyon train photos by Wayne and Judy Shaw:


Passenger Train 632:


Camp Car:


Unlikely Survivor ex DT&I GP40 lives! 6401 has been hanging around the CN Valley Division.It is seen 10-24-10 on L504 (burlington Job) at Waukesha and Midway.



CN Vignettes:

Bruce Chapman took this great shot of CNR train #141, the morning Brockville passenger train about to head by the tower at Hurdman, just east of Ottawa, on the CP wye from the M&O Subdivision to the CP Sussex Street Subdivision 7/22/66, 9 days  before the new station opened in Ottawa.  Normally he would have headed out the CNR Alexandria Subdivision and then turned west to the CNR Beachburg Subdivision.  However, both these tracks were blocked by construction, so he used the CP track.  At the time, CN was short of coaches as many were being overhauled for Expo 67, so CN leased several CP coaches for the summer.

 In 1984, Norm Conway took this terrific shot of the motive power line-up at Windsor, Ontario with a VIA FPA4, N&W C30-7, and CN GP40-2LW awaiting the next assignments. 

Peter Cox clicked CN SD50F 5400, the class unit, resting between assignments in Jasper, AB in 1988.  All are now off the CN roster.  A very rare photo of CNR FPA2 6706 taken in Vancouver, BC in 1956, and  wearing a set of first generation ditch lights.  As Peter pointed out in his email to us, there are plenty of photos of Canadian National and VIA FPA-4s, including those which went on to further careers in the US, but not very many of the earlier CN FPA-2s.   Peter also sent us CN parlour car “Berg”, one of several varieties of parlour cars found in Canadian National trains during the 1960s.

Classic EMD-built brachline power, (ex-Milwaukee Road) WC SDL39 584 in June 1989.  (via Wayne Koch with thanks)



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