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CN Units retired:


The following CN locomotives were retired during 2010:


 CN SD40-W 5301 Jan 18

CN SD40-2 5384 Jan 20

CN SD40-2W 5248 May 5

CN GMD1m 1422 May 30

CN SD40-2W 5254 Aug 3

CN GP9RM 7030 Aug 17

CN GP9RM 7033 (Date unknown)

CN GP9RM 7041 Aug 24

CN SD40-2 5370 Sep 15

CN GMD1m 1403 Sep 17

CN GP9RM 4022, 4029, 4108, 4111, 7008, 7042, 7053, 7074 all on Sep 17

CN SW1200RSm 7303, 7306, on Sep 17

CN SD40-2W 5251 and  5327 on Oct 13

CN SD40-2W 5241, 5249, 5252, 5260, 5302, 5342, 5353, 5359, 5361, and 5363, all Oct 15

CN SD40-2W 5315, 5324 (Date Unknown)

CN SD40-2 5385 Oct 21

GTW GP9R 4624, 4625 and 4628 Aug 17

GTW GP9R  4612 and 4630 (Date unknown)

DMIR SD40-3 401 Oct 14

IC SD40-2 6100, 6102, 6103, 6105, 6106, 6107, 6109, 6110, 6111, 6112, 6114, 6115, 6118, 6119, 6120, 6121, 6125, 6128, 6129, 6130, 6132, 6135, 6137, 6139 and 6142 (All Oct 14)

IC SD40-3, 6257, 6258, 6259, 6262, and 6265 Oct 14

WC SD40-2 6004 and 6005 Oct 15.


 In early November, locomotives scrapped at the Woodcrest Shop included: CN SD40-2 5370, IC SD40AR 6008, IC SD40-2 6030 (w/o DB), and IC SD40-2 6117.  At month end all the remaining retired IC 6100-series, including ones stored in Memphis, had been moved to Woodcrest for the CN auction sale. On Novemember 12th all scrapping at Woodcrest had ceased for the winter season and CN estimates another 75 units will be stripped and cut up at Woodcrest over the next year.


In November CN-IC SD40-2 6128 arrived from Memphis, TN storage to the Woodcrest Shop in Illinois.  This unit was retired October 14th and looks like it was repainted just shortly before going into storage in Memphis. George Redmond clicked retired IC 6119, 6121, and 6129 at Centralia November 15th, just before their Nov 18th trek north to Woodcrest. for the CN auction.


In early November, retired BC Rail B39-8E`s (BCOL 3901, 3909, 3910, and 3911), were moved to the Woodcrest shop area. These will soon be retired, their traction motors will be removed for use in the 2100-series (ex-UP) C40-8 and (ex-BNSF) C40-8W's CN purchased in 2010.


CN Locomotives Sold:


On November 9th, former CN M636 2338, now lettered RRPX, was moved to Fort Erie, Ontario on CN train A421 moving as the fourth unit dead in tow. It was waybilled to the WESTERN NEW YORK & PENNSYLVANIA (WPNY), at Olean, NY, and was delivered to Buffalo, NY November 9th, then  on the 11th interchanged on NS at Salamanca, NY, to the WNYP. CN M636 2338 was kept as a Y2K power unit and had been stored at CN's MacMillan Yard for several years, until sold last Spring.  It obviously took some time to be authorized for movement.  History: CN M-636 2338 is a class MF-36b and was built in 1971 by Montreal locomotive Works.  It was retired  June  4th 1996, un-retired June 20th 1996, stored serviceable July 3rd 1996, retired August 19th 1996 for the second time, un-retired September 20th 1996 and then retired January 23rd 1998 for the third time!  It was then stored for possible preservation at Point St-Charles Shop during 1998-1999.  In September -1999 it moved from Montreal to Toronto and in November 1999 it was outfitted as an emergency Y2K power source for the MacMillan Yard Diesel Shop. It was up and running on December 31,1999 but was never used.  Since that day she has been stored at Mac Yard, (2000-2010) and over 10 years has been stripped of some parts. (At the CN shop)


On November 12th we received this amazing photo, taken by a CN employee.  (Please let us know if it is your image for us to thank and CRO can credit you!)  RRPX M636 2338 with CN ES44DC 2338 at the Toronto Diesel Shop in MacMillan Yard on November. 13th.  It is amazing to see two CN painted 2338's in the same photo!


In November, CN sold (NBEC) MLW RS-18u's 1835 and 1845, which had been stored at Montreal Taschereau., to the Adirondack Scenic Railroad (ADCR).  Richard Marchi took this shot of ex-NBEC RS18u 1835 in Taschereau Yard 3/7/10.


John C. Mech shared two of his photographs of the MLW pair discussed above, while still on CP.  Looking great in their CP Rail paint, RS18u 1845 was clicked at the Saratoga,  NY Yard in August 1993 during the early years working on the D&H under CP,  and 1835 was photographed in St.Luc

Yard in November 1986.


IBCX (Indiana Box Car) SD18 616, and SD-M 809, 811, and 813 were in transit on CSX in early November. These ex-EJ&E's still wear their DMIR maroon paint scheme.



(The following units are for sale)


CN Locomotive News:


During October and November the following new GE-built ES44DC units were delivered to CN: 2315-2344.  One of the new arrivals CN 2337, was caught by Henry Nye on November 7th at Neenah, WI.


John Soehner was in the right place at the right time November 14th, catching the final two units of the GE order on the same train! He shot just-delivered CN ES44DC #2344 and 2342 (DPU mid-train) at Riley Road, Newcastle, Ontario. Those two were delivered together DIT on the 12th to Mac Yard on train CN train A422.


Brand new GM-built CN SD70M-2's 8925-8934 inclusive and 8936 had all arrived by the end of November. CN 148 showed up with CN 5544 leading and CN 8829 trailing on the 19th in Woodstock Ontario. (Walter Pfefferle)


CRO confirmed in November that 15 locomotives are to receive the 15-Years logo and that CN   intends to complete the CN repaints on all ex-UP C40-8's by year end.  As of November 3rd eight CN units sport the special livery: Six C40-8's, one GP38-2 and one GP9RM, leaving seven more still to come.  As of  November 25th 8 C40-8's still in UP paint have not yet cycled through Centralia paint Shop.  It is interesting to note that CN SD70I 5616 is actually depicted on the “15- years The Journey Continues, 1995-2010" / “L’aventure se poursuit” logo, and would be a prime candidate to wear this livery as this was the first locomotive acquired by CN as a private company.


As of November 21st, 27 of 35 ex-UP C40-8's were in CN livery:  CN 2101, 2103, 2105, 2106, 2107*, 2111, 2112*, 2113*, 2114, 2115*, 2116, 2117, 2118*, 2119, 2120, 2121, 2122, 2123, 2124*, 2125, 2126, 2127, 2128*, 2129, 2131, 2132, and 2134 (Note: * C40-8’s wearing the 15-year artwork, and the most recent repaint CN 2101 should be in service by press time.


On Nov. 12th, George Redmond reported BNSF-painted C40-8W 2138 had moved into the Centralia Engine Facility, and as can be seen has had some CN nose work done on her already.  CN 2138 may become the first of these units to receive CN paint at the Centralia, Illinois paint shop.


On November 15th George clicked CN 2132 in fresh paint outside the Centralia and was ready to enter service  the week of the 22nd.  Note it is the first “AC equipped” C40-8 to date!


On November 4th, CN 2129 was released in the standard new paint and was ready to enter service at Centralia, Il. engine facility. CN 2117 was also released in early November. (Joe Ferguson and George Redmond photos)


George Redmond caught CN 2101 fresh from the Centralia Paint Shop on November 21st.


CN C40-8 2117, which slipped out of Woodcrest, through Michigan, and even romped around Canada for the better part of November, waltzed past Dan Braun's lens on the south side of Neenah, WI leading train A491 to Stevens Point ,WI and beyond on November 24th.


George Redmond recorded the following units in Illinois on November 11th:  Retired GTW SD40 5925 at NRE in Mount Vernon, Il, Woodcrest repaint CN GP40-2W 9579 switching at Du Quoin, Il,  and paint shop fresh CN C40-8 2134 at Centralia, Il, at the CN engine facility.


Sporting this State of Wisconsin sesquicentennial artwork WC GP40-2 3026 (ex-ACR 190, nee MILW ) is currently working on CN at Edmonton and Hinton, Alberta. (May 2006 Sussex WI shot by Ed Weisensel),


On November 1st CN Intermodal #148 had brand new SD70M-2's 8916, and 8915 for power.  This was the first revenue trip for the pair following their release from testing at EMD-McCook, Illinois.  On October 31st  Ken Goslett caught Train 305 blasting through Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC with 8924.


November 6th Henry Nye caught the lone orange EJ&E GP38-2 703 as the trailing unit on stack train Q199. Leading were C44-9W CN 2539 and C40-8M CN 2404. The next day, Sunday, 703 led IC SD40-3 6202 pulling the seldom-run Stevens Point to Fond du Lac Shops L522 south thru Neenah, WI.


Following a hot phone tip, newly recruited lens man Dan Braun also caught the train a few miles further south winding through Winnebago, WI.


EJ&E GP38-2 703 and EJ&E SD38-2 662 are the only remaining locos wearing the Elgin Joliette and Eastern "J Ball" logo in the orange livery. November 17th 703 works the WC/CN (Fox Valley Division) at Appleton Wi switching cars in the old CNW/FRVR yard . (William Beecher photo).


On October 30th, Doug Wolfe took this great shot of the assortment of IC power at Decatur, IL.


According to its Blue Card CN SD40-2 5351 has been stored for over a year (from 4/25/09 until

9/25/10). This unit is currently used on the former FRVR/Milw Rd pair of isolated branch lines on the

Northwest of Metro Milwaukee, served by CN job L507. This job is fed cars, by a haulage on the Wisconsin & Southern, and works six days a week. This is not the most ideal unit here, as it has no ditch lights on the rear. It is shown here pausing between shifts at the lines major industry, Charter

Steel in Saukville WI 11/1/10.  (Wm. Beecher Jr.).


In late-October, BC Rail Dash 8-40CM 4618 was released in new CN paint, and was spotted in Montreal (Taschereau Yard) on October 31st.  (All of the BCOL Dash 8's have been upgraded to 4400 HP). On November 7th Henry Nye caught BCOL C44-9W 4641 in fresh CN paint at Neenah, WI.


On November 9th NS train 369 lifted BCOL Dash 8-40CM 4617 at Fort Erie, ON  and has now been forwarded to the GE plant in Erie, PA for emissions testing.   


Chris Gertz caught CN train 511 switching Paris, Ontario with nice little surprise GMD1u 1437. After turning them on the pair on the wye, they headed west.


In mid-November CN ran X60031 from the Algoma Central at the Sault to East St Louis, Illinois with the Agawa Canyon train (13 cars) and CN F40 105 for rebuilding, and rumor has it paint.. Seen here on the WC division at 017- Shawno Jct on the Fox River Sub at Neenah Wisconsin, 057 Van Dyne on the Neenah Sub, and 034 at Valley climbing Byron Hill on the Waukesha Sub 11/17/2010.  (William Beecher photo).  We also have an example of the proposed new paint scheme for the Agawa Canyon Tour Train. (Scroll Down)


As of mid-November, CRO learned the CN's Transcona shop at Winnipeg, Manitoba will now be doing all GE overhauls instead of the CN's Woodcrest shop. The former Woodcrest (Illinois) will now be doing all CN SD70I and SD75I engine change-outs.


You may recall Joe Ferguson's great shot of IC GP40R 3133 in the October CRO, the first in CN Paint.  This month Joe sent us some of the GTW units that have been seen in his region over the last several months. GTW blue 5816 and 6225 were only recently cycled into Centralia for their CN re-paint.  The units Joe photographed are:  GTW 5851 Du Quoin, IL; GTW 5816 Du Quoin, IL; GTW 4626 Cairo, IL; GTW 5846 Du Quoin, IL; and GTW 6225 Centralia, IL.


The only Illinois Central SD40-3 units left on the roster are as follows:  SD40-3's  6200-6204, 6250 6251, 6252, 6253, 6254, 6255, 6256, 6260, 6261, 6263, and 6264. Note: IC 6142 was the last SD40-2 on the roster and was retired October 14th (See all the IC retirements at the top of this page).


First as candidates for possible scrapping, the three B&LE Tunnel Motors 900, 904 and 906 (plus SD38-2 878), were all inside the Woodcrest Shop in November under repair, after being removed from the dead line in October.


The ex-Expo '86 unit in 2010: CN SD40-2W 5334 at one time was the famous CN Expo 86 unit, seen here November 2010) being stripped of reusable parts at the Fond due Lac Roundhouse.  Sadly, rear end damage sealed this unit’s fate. There's little paint evidence of its once festive looking past, with only a little patch of green showing on the kick panels. It is expected that this unit will be cut up in Fond due Lac at Adolph Iron & Metal Inc. in late November.


Pierre Fournier clicked CN SD40-2W 5334 at Aston, QC in May 1985 on CN Train 512, with fresh Expo '86 paint!


Dean Splittgerber must have been in 'full cowl Heaven” with this SD60F, Dash-8 40CM, SD60F, SD60F lash-up on November 21st's CSX train Q620 at CP-VO in Voorheesville, NY, three in stripes!


In November, chop-nose DMIR SD18 193 moved from the WSOR at Ackerville, after wheel work, to Fond du Lac for furtherance back to Duluth's Transportation Lake Superior Railroad Museum by L510 on 11/6/10.  It was donated to the museum by DMIR in 1998.  EJE GP38-2 703 was spotted running, trail out on Q199 headed to Canada on 11/6/10.  A photo of this unit appears below. 


Freshly CN painted BCOL C44-9WL 4641 was spotted mid consist also on Q199 11/7/10, all at Fond du Lac, WI.  IC SW7RM (ex-SW14) 1201, has become a regular fixture at Shops Yard in Fond du Lac Shot 11/07/10.  DMIR SD18 193 suns itself waiting transport north, Shops Yard 11/07/10. (Wm. Beecher Jr)


On April 2nd 2010, Ed Weisensel clicked IC SD40-3 6201, assigned to the twin-island northern Milwaukee L507 local, scampering back to DBR (Donges Bay Road) Junction after dropping their day's gatherings in WSOR's Glendale Yard. Long-hood forward 9.4 miles at max of 10 mph over the ex- Milwaukee Road jointed rail - this bridge is over the Little Menomonee River at Bradley Road. 6201 drew another stint on this job in late September 2010 as well.


With 25 of the 50 WC / GCFX SD40-3's disposed of since the summer, all still in Alstom gray and orange paint, the 25 ex-WC/ GCFX units now have new homes as per our CRO chart in the October issue: ex-GCFX 6042, 6057, 6062, 6076, and ex-WC 6900, 6901, 6902, 6904-08, 6910, 6913, 6918, 6920, 6924, 6926, 6933-36, 6940, 6941, and 6949.  The 25 other SD40-3's have yet to be sold, and are stored.


In early November at the CN Woodcrest Shop, Ken Lanovich reported UP SD59MX`s 9905, and 9909.  The pair is enroute back to London. 


Cor van Steenis was out November 15th and shot train Q115 with CN SD75I 5649 and back-to-back CNNA-liveried Dash 8-40CM's 2445 and 2441 at Conrich, Alberta. The prairies are now brown, all leaves are gone from the trees (where there are trees); and winter is not far away!


Raymond Farand clicked this rare visitor to Ottawa October 29th CN SD70M-2 8868 at Walkley Yard.  

The power was used to deliver the CN test train to Ottawa for a Beachburg Sub test later the same day.  My 3rd image shows the test train west of Nepean during the return move from Pembroke.  I have not confirmed it, but the bulkhead flat may have been added to the consist to provide more wheels on the rail to ensure crossing protection activation since the line is seldom used these days.


When a train appears in Pembroke, ON these days, it is fair to wonder if it might be the last one. Hopefully, it is not!  Thanks to a “heads-up” from Ray Farand (above) William Crago caught the CN Track Evaluation Train as it departed Pembroke on the return to Ottawa.  The train had run to the “end of track” and then backed up to the former station.  The CN GP38-2W 4810 then ran around the consist and coupled up to the head end for the return run.


On October 7th, Glen Mounk took these shots of 568 and 569 in Fort Frances, ON. US customs would not allow 342 into the US with roughly a mile of containers.  They don't allow mixed potash trains either, so any potash trains that has a few mixed cars has to leave those cars in the yard.  Those containers stayed on the inside track for day.  Train 438 which was a DPU train which they set off.  Glen also attached pictures of CN SD40u 6011 before it headed out to Barwick several weeks back.


CN suffered a derailment near an elevator in southeastern Saskatchewan on November 20. CN GP38-2W's 4794 and 4796 were pulling train 508 eastbound.  At Mile 68. the locos and two empty grain cars derailed at a gravel road crossing.  The incident occurred just east of Vibank which is 55km from Regina, SK.  No one was injured, and as this is a branch line, the mishap did not adversely effect their rail operations.  The two units will be taken back to Melville, SK if repairs are minor.


Christian White clicked CN A490 with a BC Rail unit trailing crosses the CSX in Holly, Michigan. The old Holly tower is visible to the right of the train.


Renumbered from 5525 to 4725 in 1988, this GP38-2 shows evidence of its former identity as the leader of this geep sandwich. 4728 in the rear was also renumbered, but has been fortunate enough to have received a more recent paint job. GP9RM  4119 - the meat in this sandwich - was remanufactured by the Pointe St. Charles shops in Montreal late in 1989.  Taken November 3rd at Mile 20.8 on the Oakville Sub by W.D. Shaw.


On November 7th Jay Brooks caught a string of brand new (NSC-built) “Saudi” double stack container cars heading west at the SOR Hamilton Yard (Ontario) after arriving via the CN Halton Subdivision. They were heading to Montreal for shipment to Saudi Arabia. Coupled next to the cars was a string of brand new Potash cars. New cars continued to move all month in the DOLTS 6400 and 8500 number series.


NICE SHOT! Check out this steamy CN taconite train shot on November 5th at Biwabik, MN.


On a chilly November 18th Cor van Steenis clicked CNR Snow Plow # 55401, built in 1935 by National Steel Car of Hamilton, ON., was spotted on a CPR spur adjacent to Alyth Yard, Calgary, AB. Apparently the plow is consigned to Caltrax Inc., a rail car repair company that is located next to Alyth Yard that undertakes work for both CP and CN.


CN Vignettes:


GTW F3A #9016 and brethren are seen heading down the Holly Sub, Durand MI 10-28-1966 (Via WK and LBC with thanks).


CNR U2a 4-8-4 #6111 arrives at Toronto's Spadina Yard in May 1956.  (Jim Parker)


CNR E-Series Sleeper “Eureka” was photographed in Saskatoon, SK (10-03-1963) by Peter Cox.


Awaiting the scrapper's torch in September 1967, the end of the line has come to the Canadian Locomotive Company's CFA 16-4's on Canadian National Railways. Lined up in London, Ontario is CN 9342 along with multiple other stable mates, mostly in the green and gold “freight” paint scheme. Even numbered A-units, built as 8700-8744, renumbered 9300 to 9344, were built in 1952-1953 in Kingston, Ontario and retired between 1959 and 1967. CN also owned three CFB 16-4 B-units, odd numbers 8701-8705 and renumbered 9301-9505, built in 1952 and retired in 1966.  (Dave Burroughs photo)


A pair of new CN MLW's (M630's 2010-2018) led a freight extra with a TH&B box car near Hamilton, ON.  (Dave Burroughs Photo)


In April 2004 Chris Lastovitch clicked CNR FPA-4 6789 and restored SGU at the Monticello Railway Museum in Illinois.


CN SD40 5183 at the point of Train U897 a solid train of export sulphur crossing  the North Thompson River near Irvine BC.  (Peter Cox photo).



On November 19, 1984  Mark Perry was the tail-end brakeman on Churchill bound CN Mixed #295 at Gillam MB, with wood flanger 56482, regularly assigned caboose 79858 and VIA combine 7209.




Again this year, the Canadian Pacific Railway will operate two Holiday trains in Canada and the US and have assigned AC4400CW's 9815 and 9824, the same pair as last year. The train will visit over 140 communities across CP's network. Since the program's inception in 1999, more than 4.8 million in cash and over 2.3 million pounds of food has been collected in Canada and the United States for our less fortunate. This year promises to be another great year, with musical acts and of course the awesome sight of seeing these trains at night, decorated with colourful Christmas lights!


Here are the complete consists of both 2010 Holiday trains and schedules:


Earlier in the month (November 12th-19th), CP “dead-headed the equipment for the 2010 Holiday train from Calgary (Alyth Yard) and arrived in Montreal (St. Luc Yard) in the following consist. 


·       CP SD40-2 5903

·       CP 96 - Power Car

·       CP 102 - Smokey Smith Coach Car

·       CP 79 - NR Crump Sleeper Car

·       CP 73 - Mount Royal Business Car

·       CP 82 - Strathcona Business Car

·       CP 424959 - Power Car

·       CP 101 - Dominion Coach Car

·       CP 84 - Banffshire Sleeper Car

·       CP 71 - Killarney Business Car

·       CP 77 - Van Horne Business Car


Locomotive News:


At press time, there were a total of 53 CP SD9043MAC's in service on CP including 9159, which is in the “United Way” paint scheme.  There are also now only eight SD9043MAC's Stored Unserviceable: 9106, 9108, 9115, 9127, 9129, 9156, 9157, and 9158.


Walter Pfefferle caught these two interesting CP lash-ups in Woodstock Ont.  On October 6th he caught SD9043MAC 9120 leading 5996 westbound and on October 7th caught CP 245-06 with CP 3017-DME 6366-DME 6085-DME 6080 blowing through. Seems CP has the best colors these days.


An update on last month’s news:  CP is forwarding 24 units to the Southern Railway of BC.  We have learned some of the GP9u's may be repaired, but the SD40-2's are likely going for scrap.  At press time six units had arrived at the SRY: 5599, 5692, 5702, and 5816 for scrap and 5643 and 8235 for lease or sale  The others as of November 29th are all in Moose Jaw, SK and Calgary, AB. The unit’s numbers were all in the October CRO. 


On November 15th Walter Pfefferle caught CP train 243 with an attractive lashup of CP 5833 ICE 6407 ICE 6404 and DME 6069 as it rumbled through Woodstock Ontario. He also caught CP 5875 CP 6613 and CP 5980 on a wb the same day.


Lest we forget: As they do each year, CP brought all their trains across Canada and the United States to a halt at 11 a.m. local time on November 11, to observe two minutes of silence in honour of those who have served their country in war in the past and today.  The silence was followed by one long train whistle blast as our salute to those men and women.  “On Remembrance Day, Canadian Pacific recognizes the contributions our employees made in times of war” said Mike Franczak, group vice-president Operations. “On land, sea and in the air the company, its people, its resources, its ingenuity and expertise were needed, at home and abroad.”  Some 33,127 Canadian Pacific employees served in the last century’s two world war conflicts alone with 1,774 giving their lives.


Early morning in Plattsburgh, NY as ten thousand plus ton CP ethanol train 666 passes the ex-D&H station on its last CP leg of the route over from Enderlin, North Dakota, to the P&W in the east. The elderly SD40-2s and SD60 leader have powered the train for its entire run without missing a beat

Gary Knapp took this great shot in Plattsburgh, NY on November 19, 2010 at 05:48AM with the 5D and Zeiss ZF 100/2 (Nikon) lens set at f2.


Ghost of the TH&B!  Basking in the November sun at CP London Quebec St. Yard is a true survivor.  GP7u 1682 doesn’t look that different from the many remanufactured geeps on CP, until the lack of dynamic brake blisters above the CP Rail logo is noted. CP GP7u 1682 is currently Stored Unserviceable in Toronto and has been TUUS since February 2010 with severe engine freeze damage.   The engine started life as TH&B GP7 #72 in September 1950, at GMDD London, almost 60 years ago! The TH&B diesel units replaced steam locomotives, and were ordered without the dynamic brake option. (David Howard photo)


Dan Tweedle took a trip up to Guelph Junction November 6 and caught CP train 627 (Ethanol Empties) returining to London, ON via the Hamilton and Galt Subs. For power, it had CSXT 645 and 7725!  Very interesting to see two of em leading a CP train through there!


STLH SD40-2 update:  (by Luc Lanthier)


·       STLH 5560 Dep. Franz, ON Nov.22 at 11:20am(east)

·       STLH 5593 Arr. Hochelaga, (Montreal) QC Nov.22 at 06:40am

·       STLH 5615 Arr. Chapleau, ON Nov.22 at 09:04am(west)

·       STLH 5651 Dep. Milwaukee, WI Nov.22 at 06:28am


CP-CN Lakehead Report (By Craig Konopski)



·       CP caboose 434639 in Thunder Bay on November 21st.  About to be added to the tail-end of train 220-21 for transport and service to Schreiber.


·       The last 'active' SD40M-2's on the CP roster... CP 5499 and CP 5492 in Thunder Bay (with the van).  Sister units 5491 + 5493 have been sitting at the Lakehead shops in a dead/unserviceable line for over a year now.


·       The 0700 West End ("UE13" assignment) in Thunder Bay on November 16th, 2010 with GP40-2 4657 + GP9u 1694 for power.


Sound Files:

·       CN2259.mp3 -- CN train Q111 at mile 221.3 Redditt Sub east of Winnipeg with a '1+1+1' DPU arrangement (2259 leading, 8018 mid-train, 8825 rear-train) and over 12,000 feet of double stacks!  That tail-end SD70M-2 sounds pretty sweet pushing away in notch 8.  Recorded on October 8th, 2010.


·       CP9620.mp3 -- CP AC4400CW 9620 is heard blowing for the crossings in downtown Minot, ND on October 5th, 2010 with train # 499.


Here is a smaple of some interesting CP unit lash-ups in the area from mid-November:


·       Nov. 22nd:

221-20 with 9112, 6602, 6022, 9619


·       Nov. 21st:

221-19 with 9154, 9147, 5988, STLH 5560

223-20 with 5980, 5875, 5759

421-20 with 9011 + 5792

623-010 with 9114 + 9017

341-071 with 9022 + 6601


·       Nov. 20th:

222-19 with 5929, 9004, 9102

CWR-19 with 6015 + 5976

221-17 with 9022, 9114, 5857, 6601, 5873


·       CP yard units in service in Thunder Bay as of November 22nd.......

5499 + 5492

5945 + 1643

5791 + 3128

5962 + 5981

1633 + 1629


On September 15th Karen Buckarma snapped ex-SOO GP9R 4203 moving Southbound on CN at Neenah WI. with this locomotive now lettered SVGX 8625.


With severe winter conditions forecast for Calgary and area starting on Nov 16th 2010; Cor van Steenis decided to spend one of the last days of autumn (14 Nov) in the Rocky Mountainns.  As they  passed Lake Louise, where there was no snow, and they climbed to the Great Divide. With road conditions deteriorating the Kicking Horse Pass received its first significant snowfall of the season!  Cor caught CP 9563 with a mixed manifest freight as it decended the 'Big Hill' through the rock slide shed and the rock tunnel in Mount Stephen, between Cathedral siding and the Town of Field, B.C.  With all but one of the channels of the Kicking Horse River dried up, he was able to hike to within a short distance of the Mount Stephen tunnel.  (Cor van Steenis photos).


The Bow River was running low as its water sources at higher elevations were now frozen, and Cor took the time on the way back from his  trip to the Kicking Horse Pass on Nov 14 to catch a now standard westbound 142 car unit CPR potash consist from Saskatchewan with 4 locomotives (2 on the point, one mid-train remote, one rear remote, 17,600 HP in total) along the Bow River at M113 Laggan Subdivision, Morant's Curve. Probably the last shots of the year without snow on the ground in the Bow River valley.


November 18th was a bitterly cold day in Calgary. The Alyth Terminal Switcher with GP9u's # 1632 & 1528 was attempting to lift a 75 car consist from 'N' Yard to 'P' Yard but was unable to move the train even at full power. SD90MAC's # 9109 & 9151 were just coming off the diesel shop fast track to connect to their eastbound train when the Yard Controller asked the crew to assist the Terminal Switcher. With the added power, the consist was easily moved to 'P' Yard.  (Cor van Steenis).


CP - ALYTH YARD REPORT: Cor van Steenis spent 4 hours in bitterly cold weather at CP Alyth Yard (Calgary, AB) on Nov 18th  and took these images and socumented every movement, mostly routine daily traffic at the west end of the yard near the tower.


Begining in September 2010, Canadian Pacific offered a number of heritage cars stored at Ogden Yard in Calgary for sale on its web site. What I found interesting is that a number of those former passenger cars (as shown in the images from Feb 2010) in that line-up at Ogden were not offered for sale. Are these to be scrapped? Or were they already sold prior to the public tender notice? Of particular note is the 1918 Railway Post Office Car # 3774 (now marked as company Work Service Car # 401807) designed by CPR master car builder R.W. Burnett which has had the word 'SOLD' painted on it for the past few months. One wonders where is is destined to go after siting at Ogden for some 22 years.  (Cor van Steenis).


Canadian Pacific also offered a number of heritage freight equipment on its web site; seven of these cars are stored at Skiff, AB., on the Stirling Subdivision in southeastern Alberta. A view of the line of cars stored there adjacent to the former Parrish & Heimbecker 1929 elevator and some of the cars offered for sale were captured on a trip Cor photographed in May of 2009.


Cor van Steenis submitted the great shots of the CPR 4-6-4 Hudson # 2816 “The Empress” from its inaugural run from Calgary to Bassano on 06 June 2010 and its '125th Anniversary of the Last Spike' Tour from Calgary to Revelstoke from 12-16 Aug 2010.


Kevin Dunk also photographed the recent RCP (Royal Canadian Pacific) trip through the Crowsnest Pass area on its way to Craigellachie. This image taken at the Robinson Rd crossing at Cokato (west of Fernie on the north side of the Elk R), about a mile and a half east of the 40.3 HBD (Hot Box Detector), the Three Sisters sets the background under a very moody sky.


CPR Vignettes: 


Following the November 2010 125th anniversary of the Last Spike on the CPR, (driven at Craigellachie, BC), Kevin Dunk dug deep into my collection and offered this recollection of the 100th anniversary events back in 1985:  “As some of you might remember it was a dreadful dreary day, well before the advent of digital technology, so I think I shot this train at ASA 400 or some beastly high ASA speed film.  It’s not my best by a long shot but it’s history and it was a great event.  My talents with Photoshop are meagre and so it was a struggle to lift the best of what I captured on that dank day back in 1985.  Thankfully the weather gods cooperated enough to keep the rain away and even provided a smidgeon of brightness when it counted, especially on the photo runby immediately after the ceremonies.  At that time the 1201 normally operated out of Ottawa doing Bytown Railway Society excursions in the Ottawa Valley. With the Last Spike anniversary in 1985 and the Steamfest’86 event during Vancouver’s very successful Expo’86 world’s fair she remained out west for almost a year before heading back home.  CP1201 now resides at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa Ontario”


The St-Luc Diesel Shop Roundhouse under construction west of Montreal in the ealy 1950's, this was the last roundhouse built in Canada.


Stan Smaill and Phil Mason visited Souris, Man.itoba in 1976 and photographed CP RAIL GP9 8655 sunning itself next to the sand tower and caboose, with a snow plow stored in the background.




    (By Terry Muirhead and William Baird)


Under a “Simpson's” sky, Ron Visockis caught VIA F40PH-2 6428 speeding train #57 at Belleville, ON Nov 15-2010.


Special VIA Express trains were tested in November:  On November 16th: Train #67 operated a P42 coupled to seven Renaissance cars.  The train departed Montreal at 17:00 (regular schedule), and ran non-stop to Toronto Union Station (Dorval and Oshawa will be skipped as well). At Toronto, Train 67 continued as normal to Aldershot (and Oakville).  On November 23rd: Train #67 operated a P42 coupled to four LRC cars.  Departed Montreal at regular scheduled departure time of 17:00 non-stop to Toronto Union Station.  At Toronto, Train 67 will continue as normal to Aldershot (and Oakville).  Also, the newly refurbished HEP car was reported in a consist in the West in early November and will be in Montreal MMC sometime in January for marketing purposes.


While visiting Toronto in late-October, Terry Muirhead took these photos from the Islington Ave. overpass of VIA's TMC. Note in his panoramic views  of GO, ONR (ex-GO) and VIA cars, there are also some Rocky Mountaineer coaches that have been moving from Vancouver on VIA #2 for the past few weeks for repaint in the newest RMR Paint Scheme. Canadian Rail & Collision & Refurbishment is doing the repaint. Shown are 2 RMR Coaches, 1 Gold Leaf Dome, & a Diner.  Also in the foreground it #2's Equipment from this morning.  Across from the VIA's TMC is GO's Willowbrook Main Facility, and six ex-GO F59PH's that have been retired from GO, awaiting disposition.


VIA Vignettes:


Now being scrapped at VIA Montreal Maintenance Center following her severe wreck on the "Ocean" in 2009, CADRAIL's Prototype for the F40-2PHd #6400 looks gorgeous as she sits at the Palais Station in Québec City. April 22, 2007, two years before it would be over.  Note she was unique as the only rebuild with a rear walkway Photo by Pierre Fournier.


Sobering image of VIA #6400 during the crash scene clean-up in 2009.  (Jean Francois Dumont).


Ozark Mountain Railcar has former VIA RAIL “Riding Mountain Park” dome-observation for sale:




Edited by Daniel Dell’Unto (GO) and J-F Turcotte (AMT) 

Please submit your GO Transit train news and photos to our Co-Editor Daniel Dell'unto at:


MPEX 651 (GO MP40PH-3C) was released from hold at West Toronto ON (on CN) Nov 8th. 


Because of delays caused by wet leaves on the tracks, Barrie-line trains 800 and 802 (morning) and 801 and 803 (evening) will be running with F59PH's on both ends of the train. Wet leaves that fall on and are crushed onto the tracks leave a slippery residue that can make it hard to gain traction.


GO MP40PH-3C 612 is shown on morning Lakeshore West train 910 (captured by W.D. Shaw), leaving Oakville Station.


Tim Organ brought these images to our attention, showing former GO F59PH's in their new liveries (photographers listed on photo pages):

Note the NC Dot units, which received a number of modifications when rebuilt. Among them are a different style plow and air conditioning unit, as well as relocated number boards, bell, and classification lights.   Finally, one more former GO unit - only external change I see is the removal of the green and white class lights:


GO Transit announced in November expansion of the Georgetown corridor to Guelph, including development of stations and facilities for an initial 2 trains each way per day.


Doug Stark caught one the new Bombardier "Toronto rocket" TTC subway cars instrumented for clearance testing at Davisville on Nov. 12th.


AMT Montreal Commuter:


In AMT news, Quebec’s Ministry of Transportation intends to proceed with a 3B$ rebuilding of the Turcot highway interchange, starting in 2012.  Located at the junction of highway 20, 15 (Décarie) and 720 (Ville-Marie), the worn-out interchange was built in 1967 and currently handles 280000 vehicles a day.  Back then, CN’s massive Turcot yard required the highway lanes to be built high above the ground.  CN closed Turcot in 2001, moving its intermodal terminal to Taschereau and selling the land to MTQ. With the yard gone and concrete structures reaching the end of their useful lives, MTQ elected to replace them with a new, lower-standing interchange.  Among other aspects, the plan involves moving the CN main line (3 main tracks plus a service track) closer to the Falaise St-Jacques (i.e. the steep cliff located immediately North of the former yard).


The right-of-way will also be widened to house a fourth main track aimed to remove conflicts between slow-moving CN freight trains and VIA Rail’s Ottawa and Toronto service (and paid for by the Federal Government).

The MTQ’s plan also makes room for an eventual light-rail line linking downtown with Lasalle and Lachine, as well as for a new double-track line dedicated to the airport shuttle service along the CN main line.  Funding for those transit projects has not been allocated yet. The rebuilding is expected to last until 2018.  To alleviate congestion during such massive roadwork, AMT intends to add up to four inbound morning and four outbound afternoon departures per day on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line, starting in 2012, as reported by the Montreal’s Gazette. This would represent a 50% increase over current peak service.  To handle this increase traffic, AMT is currently rebuilding the antiquated signalling system on CP’s Westmount subdivision and will also add a third main track between the former Glen yards (near Vendôme station) and Montreal West, at a cost of 77M$.


No word yet on the rolling stock to be used on these extra runs.  While it is implied that this service increase is temporary, every “temporary” AMT service previously introduced since 1997 has been made permanent a few years later.  Further expanding service on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line would however require a third main track all-the-way to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, at a cost of at least 600M$. 


We also have some AMT Deux-Montagnes Line news to report. AMT has finally received authorization to proceed with the long-awaited double tracking of the Deux-Montagnes subdivision between Val Royal (near the Bois-Franc station) and Roxboro-Pierrefonds.  The plan involves building 4.5 miles of electrified second track with CTC, a second passenger platform at Sunnybrooke station in Pierrefonds and a new station near highway 13, with up to 2000 parking spaces.  The final plan will be submitted to MTQ within the next months. Among other Deux-Montagnes line-related projects already under way, a new grade separation is being built at Jct de l’Est (as reported 2010 in October CRO issue) and the line will receive three new ALP45DP locomotives and 22 Multilevel cars in 2012.




Global Railway Industries: (RB Recycling / CADRAIL Lachine, QC):


Update to last months report on the MITRAIN F59PH's.  They will be used in a new intercity service between Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI a distance of 38-miles.  The trains will operate on NS tracks use ex-Chicago Metra Galley cars, and there are eight RBRX F59PH's to be leased.   RBRX 18533 was moved over CN from Taschereau Yard on an all-CN routing to Durand MI.  where it was handed over to the HESR for furtherance to Owosso, MI.


CAD Railway Industries has now completed a rebuild of 18 of VIA's 54 F-40 locomotives. The F-40PH-2's make up 70 per cent of VIA's locomotive fleet. "Another five F-40PH-2d's will be delivered to the VIA MMC in November and December, and 16 more are scheduled to be released in 2011. The rest will be completed by the end of 2012  The major upgrades made to these locomotives will extend their life cycle by an additional 15 to 20 years, in addition to reducing maintenance costs, improving efficiency and lowering fuel consumption. The modifications include extending the long hood for increased HP, also a separate HEP engine, as opposed to the current setup of running the HEP off the main engine.  Other improvements including installation of new on-board computer systems, an electronic brake system, digital cameras to serve as event recorders in the event of an accident, and the VIA Renaissance paint application.


American Motive Power Canada – Montreal, QC.


CN YPC011-21 left Montreal Taschereau yard for the Pointe St-Charles Yard (near Victoria Bridge) on November 21st with 12 retired ex CP units for the American Motive Power Shop.  CP numbers: CP 5748, 5733, 5713, 1577, 5576, 5721, 5700, 5804, 1576, 5669, 5566 and 1595.  These units are visibly missing parts; numbers boards, bell, headlight etc and 5804 had the right side of her cab completely removed.    The hulks were delivered by CN to to the PSC yard assignement to AMP in the former CN Point St-Charles Shop just south of downtown Montreal.   We had originally assumed these were going to Cadrail because they were consigned to RBRX and had been at St-Luc Yard.. Now on the CN ...strange. 



(Edited by Jody Moore)


 No News this month




(By Don McQueen)


Summary of EMCC activity during October 2010:


Twenty-one locomotives were shipped from London during October for two customers. 


·       The last eight (4016, 4018 to 4024) of 25 SD70ACe units for Saudi Arabia (SAR) left the plant for Montreal via GEXR and CN. 


·       The first 13 deliveries of 45 CN SD70DCe (SD70M-2) were made in two batches (8917 to 8924 and 8925 to 8929) at London East.  


·       Repowered UP SD59MX 9905 and 9909 were returned to the plant during the month.


In mid-November, Walter Pfefferle caught the following new CN EMD SD70DCes (SD70M-2's):

CN 8930, 8931, 8932, 8933, 8934 and London East



New GM Locomotive orders:

(by Sean Graham-White)


The following 2011`orders have all been publicized in some manner:

Freightliner PH37ACmi 70013-70020 NS ES44AC 8067-8091 (8024-8066 in 2010)

Transnet C30ACi #s? (South Africa - Qty of 10 built in USA)

NS SD70ACe 1000-1024 SNIM SD70AC CC122-CC127 (Mauritania)

BHP Billiton Iron Ore have further 10 SD70MACe locomotives numbered #4374 thru #4383 on order from EMCC of London Ontario Canada whose delivery is anticipated in August/September 2011.

Further BHP Billiton Iron Ore SD70MACe have been named over past two months with

#4324 being named Tjilla,

#4325 being named Jimblebar,

#4333 being named Karlkura,

#4337 being named Osuma Maru,

#4338 being named Pepper,

#4340 being named Woodstock and

#4344 being named Tenacity.


Note: There are other GM orders out there but they have not been announced yet.


Recent developments regarding London-built JT42CWRs (66 classes):

(From Michael Hunt)


Former Fastline No. 66304 has been fitted with a replacement Works Plate decal, this time with the correct information! All five of the former Fastline locos, 66301 - 305, have now been leased by DRS, and are going through the facility at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent, for a mini overhaul, since they have been out of use for a protracted period since Jarvis went into administration. When this work is completed, DRS plan to return 66411 - 66415 to HBOS leasing. All of this because they have secured a better leasing deal from BTMU Capital Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts. Things are tight financially over here!




Western Canada:


The Great Sandhills Railway (GSRY) will soon be operating with only a trio of GP38-2's:  LLPX 2267 (a new arrival from the Kelowna Pacific), as well as GMTX 2674 and 2683. The NREX B23-7's 4221, 4227, and 4253 have now left Swift Current, SK (as of November 13th) and on November 19th were on the ICE west of Nahant, IA, enroute to NRE at Silvis, IL..


In late November, Genset demonstrator NREX 3GS21B-DE #2020 was lifted from Swift Current, SK to Sylvite, SK for Potash Corp of Saskatchewan.


On October 31st, Mark Perry shot Greater Winnipeg Water District RS-23 #200 on a work train just outside of Winnipeg, crossing the Red River Floodway Bridge.  Notice the two different trucks on the ex Devco unit.   One of them is off a retired lightweight ex-CPR RS-23.


On November 12th Mark Perry visited the old Simplot fertilizer plant in Brandon, MB (now owned by Koch Nitrogen), and clicked WRIX GP30 2253 (ex-WC 2253, nee-C&NW 820) as one of two yard engines switching around their plant, nice catch!


On September 1st, Mark Zulkoskey clicked HBRY GP30 2508 currently stored in Prince Albert, SK. 

It started out as D&RGW and was purchased by Omni-Trax. It spent it's time being hauled around from one short line to another and got dumped on CTRW. It has an electrical problem and has caught fire on occasion. Carlton Trail has stored it at the Prince Albert Pulp Mill along with OMLX GP9 3372 (ex-SP GP9E).  No word on their future disposition.


Saskatchewan is finally getting its own tourist railroad.  Southern Prairie Railway has acquired a 1947 built GE44T for $17,000 from Conway Scenic Railroad, as well as a 1922 coach for $15,000, currently in North Conway, N.H. and Gettysburg Pennsylvania respectively.  The operation will be running on 115km of Red Coat Road & Rail trackage, located 90km south of Regina between Pangman and Assinboia. Plans are to have the train running by next summer. The start-up shortline currently needs money to move their acquisitions home.  One way to help is by visiting the Pepsi Refresh Project at clicking on the $100,000 link and voting for the Southern Prairie Railway.


Engine No.15 is the one currently in the black and red scheme and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.   See “Letters to the Editor” for photos from the railway's CEO and more info on this line).



 Jeff Keddy went out to Selkirk, MB November 20th and took these shots of ex-CP SW900 6719 at the old Manitoba Rolling Mills plant, now owned by Gerdau Ameristeel.  The unit is now numbered 70208 and has been modified belt pack operation.  Jeff confirmed this unit is earmarked to be rebuilt in the near future, and an employee he spoke with said they have a second unit at the plant, an SW8. Bruce Mercer believes it is former HBRY SW8 2512, ex.-Georgia Woodlands 45, nee-Chicago West Pullman 45 (EMD 16827, 11/52, order 6462-1).  It was forwarded to Selkirk, MB in Nov 2002 but  as no one has seen it, we cannot confirm if the SW8 is operational or simply a parts source.  The photos show their working SW900.


Mark Zulkoskey submitted his photos showing a change-out of one of the traction motors on Carlton Trail Railway.  CTRW GP10 1064 is being lifted by the rear coupler on Nov 24th, at Prince Albert, SK.


Grant McVittie provided this updated (Hudson Bay Railway) HBRY and (Keewatin Railway) KRC roster, and provided a recent shot of one of the KRC's two M420W's




BC RAIL Big M's Vignette:

BCR 730 in N Vancouver, BC in Aug 1989, BCR 706 in N Vancouver, in July 1989, BCR 710 in N Vancouver, BC in Mar 1990,  BCR 713 still in the green livery at Williams Lake, BC in July 1989 (All by Mark Forseille).




Steve Thomas (a Conductor on the Orangeville Brampton Railway- OBRY) sent these shots to CRO. 1st photo is taken south of Orangeville, Ont. at Cataract Falls {Owen Sound Sub.] mile 22.5. Fall tour train through the Folks of the credits. Oct.14/10 with consists of three- four ex-VIA coaches.


The Credit Valley Explorer with CCGX 4009 sits at the Orangeville Station waiting for its guests for another dinner train excursion. Photo taken by Walter Pfefferle on Aug 28th, 2010


Trillium Railways has completed the acquisition of six Algoma Central coaches, which are stored in Port Colborne, Ontario, and will be placed in service eventually for shipper’s specials on the Port Colborne Harbour Railway.  The numbers are 3210, 3236, 5442, 5483, 5571, and 9301 all ex-ACR, ex.-VIA nee-CN. 


Ontario Southland Railways latest acquisition, OSRX RS23 506 is in transit from North Bay, ON via CP.  OSR is using OSR 506 to transport it and it should become OSR 507.  Locomotive was former Tembec RS23 109 (ex-Devco 201), and was built by MLW 8/60 and was moved from their plant in Kapuskasing.  (Note: The “real” OSR 506 is a solid-black painted unit that was originally CP 8013. OSR is just using 506's reporting marks for the new unit as none of their own units leave home rails often.   (Bob Merriam photos).


ONR Report (by Mike Robin)


Dave Emmell sent Mike this shot of The Santa Claus Express lead unit (ONR GP38-2 1801) sitting in the drop pit track North Bay Yard, awaiting a trip to the North Pole in late November.  The train is configured with a unit on both ends and utilizes some of ONR's heavyweight coach fleet, The train goes on a 3 to 4 weekend schedule throughout late November and into early December running "Santa Claus Expresses" on Saturdays and Sundays from most of ONR's major terminals. Volunteers from local charities in each town served are provided to assist in boarding and entertaining the children. It's a busy time for the consist as it is deadheaded to almost 10 ONR terminals every Christmas season.


In Earlty November, the ONR had the following cars are for sale: 901 "Moonglow" Dome top Diner and 903 "Rainbow" Diner; (these cars were part of the former BC Rail dinner train consist purchased by ONR).


ONR shots from November taken by W.D, Shaw:


Chris Wilson submitted this very personal Marathon, Ontario Vignette, off of Ray Kennedy's website.




On the unseasonably snowy morning of October 31st 2010 the last run of the year for the Hull, Chelsea and Wakefield was photographed by Stéphane Éric Bisson.  Since the excursion train has not operated over the winter months since the mid-90's, it has been a very rare opportunity to see the Swedish equipment in snow conditions. Even rarer for local railfans is the sight of 2-8-0 909 surrounded by the white stuff.  The first shot shows the train leaving the station as it passes the Laman station board (Laman being the junction of the former CP LAchute and Manniwaki subdivisions). The second photo was taken at Mill Road as the train is about to arrive at the site of the former Chelsea station. The last image is of an unfortunate couple from New Brunswick who were led to believe the train left at 10:30 (10 o'clock is the usual departure time)... A very accommodating employee of the HCW had driven them to this crossing in order for the couple to reclaim their seats on the brunch train. By this point, the bacon was probably still in the frying pan anyway.   As a side note, in order to snap the picture of the train passing the Laman sign, I'm standing on a mountain of worn out ties. What you can't see under the snow is that much tie replacement has occurred over late summer. A rather good sign for the future of this tourist operation.  That's all for now. Merry Christmas to all!



On October 29th G-P Arcouette clicked these Pennsylvania lettered coaches at CANAC (just outside CN Taschereau Yard beside Lafarge Cement) These cars were used on the "Keystone" and were built by Budd for the PRR in 1956. The "Keystone" train was self-contained (included a power car), with six or eight coaches as seen in the shot. They were used on NY-DC expresses, and then in NY-PHL clockers. But Amtrak dumped them as were neither steam nor head-end power compatible.  In the '70s they were sold to an outfit in Michigan but never turned a revenue wheel.  Now it appears the set has finally been broken up. There are suggestions these are to be used as miner cars on one of the iron ore roads in Quebec - Labrador.


Eastern Canada - “Atlantic Report  (by David Othen)


CN freight trains seem to have been getting longer with train #408 from Moncton, NB to Truro and Dartmouth, NS  often with three engines, instead of the usual two. David Othen photographed the train arriving about three hours late in Dartmouth on November 15th 2010 about 8 am. It was powered by 2324, 2622 & 5768.


The Windsor & Hantsport Railway Company (WHRC) operated what is expected to be its last freight between Windsor and the interchange with CN at Windsor Junction on November 2nd 2010. The train was powered by the two B23-7s 4069 & 1968 and comprised 11 empty and one loaded grain car (which had not been emptied in time). David’s video can be seen on YouTube at


Grain for Merck’s Farms  is now unloaded at Fairview yards in Halifax and for the other two customers in the yards at Truro, Nova Scotia.


The WHRC has been operating gypsum trains as needed, lately one or two days a week with up to three trains in a single shift.  David photographed a loaded 15 car train passing a former apple storage shed at Falmouth Nova Scotia on November 15th 2010


On the morning of Sunday November 20th 2010 the gypsum boat “Centennial” called at Hantsport and took about 24,000 tons of gypsum on board in about three hours. The boat has to load very quickly because of the tides in the Bay of Fundy. There have been two previous trips in 2010 and there may be one more this year.


VIA Rail will again be operating the “Ocean” with a  Park-series dome/obs over the Holiday Season.


Remember the narrow guage CN NF210's?   A bunch were sold to FCAB in Chile after Terra Transport (The CN operation in Newfoundland) ended service. Look, they're still running!:



(Edited by Mike Pebesma)


Updates and Announcements:


Intermountain has announced their new HO scale Canadian Pacific GEVOs (ES44AC). They are due to be shipped this month. KCS and UP shots are also up on their page.


A photo has been posted of a revised pre-production shell for Intermountain’s HO scale SD 40-2W which appeared at a recent US train show:


MTH has announced O scale versions of CN’s ex UP/CNW 8-40C locos, scheduled for a July 2011 release. Locos will feature digital command and sound in powered units

CN powered locos 2114, 2122, 2125 $449.95


 CN 2131 non-powered $199.95


"On the bench” update:


For those wondering what has happened with my VIA F40PH-2's featured previously, I had intended to paint and decal them this summer, but found out about an etched stainless steel detail fret being produced in conjunction with Kaslo Shops. This fret will include parts that I had not modelled on my units and other items that will make the models more accurate. For those who may be interested in this fret, details can be found here:

Once I receive the new details and upgrade the models, they will be painted in the spring and I will post an update here."


Models and Layouts:


CN C40-8 2125 and 2105 were custom painted by this modeller just before Atlas announced they are running several numbers in the CN Noodle and the "15 years" artwork. (The 15 years logo commemorates CN’s first 15 years as a publicly traded company and features CN 5616 which was the first loco accepted by the public-traded CN.)


Terry Muirhead likes to shoot VIA trains but when he visited the HO Scale Canada Central Railway in Montreal last week he clicked this great shot of several CNR trains being prepared in the St-Malo Passenger Yard at Port Harcourt, ON. This is the western end of the Canada Central Railway which operates east from Georgian Bay region into Quebec through the Maritimes and then to the Quebec - New Brunswick border.


With the VIA "Canadian" detoured over branch line trackage and holding at West Waterford, ON, two CN SD70M-2's have a chance to pass down the westbound Main at Bellevue Junction enroute to St-Paul Yard (Port Harcourt). The signals indicate both block occupancy and switch position.


CN SD75I's roll past St-Charles yard near the Coucelles Tower.


A YouTube video of our (Montreal Railroad Modellers Association) Canada Central Railway mainline in the mountain region and a funny minor AMT derailment at Wellington as the camera car passes.


We invite you to share your Canadian prototype model photos, layout construction articles and videos of your models with the readers of CRO.

Mike Pebesma at:


This month we again had many excellent photos submitted for the WINTER PREVIEW photo contest. I am again impressed by the quality of photos we receive from our readers and it was again difficult to pick a winner. We at CRO hope you enjoy the photo contest and your comments are welcome.

Canadian Railway Observations is happy to announce


is the winner of Winter Preview Photo Contest


Bruce's photo is a true image of winter with the cold air and escaping exhaust of towering smokestacks. Although there is no snow in Bruce's photo, it still reminds you of those cold days of November that are just a Winter Preview of things to come.


Congratulations to Bruce and thank you to all that submitted photos.


Winning photo and runner up photos can be seen at


All entries can be seen at


Just email your photos to

but make sure you put PHOTO CONTEST and the MONTH in the subject line .



Remember, the photo must have been taken in the same month as the contest.

To make sure your photos are not rejected, read the photo submission guidelines


December is the month that separates the fair weather photographer from the all weather type. This month we are looking for the best "Winter Bite Me" photo. One that makes you want to go and turn up the thermostat. So put on the long underwear, get the thermal socks, your favorite warm drink and wait for the next snow storm and head out there.




We have a special prize for those that brave the cold and capture the winning photo. A set of marker lights from CN 4104 that was scrapped after a switching error.





On Nov 4th, Trevor Mills our Archivist opened a thick envelope, he had just received. The package contained a copy of the BC Government’s file on the PGE 2-6-2 No. 2. This Locomotive is part of the WCRA Collection and scheduled for restoration.

The package estimated to contain at least 80 pages is thanks to Martin Howbold of the BC Safety Authority, who took the time to copy the official records for us.


PGE #2, a 2-8-2ST was built by Baldwin in 1910 for the Howe Sound, Pemberton Valley & Northern Railway, became No. 7 on the Comox Logging & Railway Co. sometime in 1920.  The file includes a page called the INSPECTOR'S REPORT OF EXAMINATION AND HYDROSTATIC BOILER TEST which shows she is in good condition on the date issued, which was Nov. 4th, 1920 ... (90 years to the day; don’t you love coincidences).



Business car WCXX 8 “Alberta” has now been mounted on its rebuilt trucks and was then moved back to the PGE Carshop from the Motive Power 2 shop across the road. It is now in the very final stages of completion, the brake system completion has just occurred, final interior painting is being done, and the carpet installation is next. Lounge furnishings will then be installed and the car will be inspected and certified. Presently, we expect it operational before the end December. After certification (to Class 1 standards) the Alberta will become part of the WCRA Operational Trainset and will make its display home in the CN Roundhouse and Conference Centre.


The gem of the WCRA collection, the 1890 Business Car “British Columbia” has received a finishing touch in the form of a set of rear marker lamps donated by Peter Cox.

All photos:


Waterloo Central Railway (Southern Ontario Locomotive Preservation Society) announced  they received two (ex-GTW) fully restored passenger cars on November 19th which will be used  on the Waterloo Central 2010 Santa Train.


Ex-CN snowplow #55400 (built by National Steel Car 1935) was moved in mid-November from CN's Walkley Yard in Ottawa, Ontario, to the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls, ON. Total distance of the road move was roughly 60 miles, due to detours around some very low wires.

Load height was 16'8", width 11'0". The weight of the body is roughly 29 tons. (Steve Hunter)


Exporail (CRHA-Montreal) News: December 2010


During this year, Exporail has been carrying out a $1.3 million capital improvement project called Plan B. The major elements of the plan call for the modernization of Hays station and converting Building 5 into an open reserve. Also included are the creation of three station gardens, installing three interpretation islands, new signage and the restoration of steam locomotive Maritime Railway number 5 is now complete and it has been placed in the Angus pavilion. Work continues off site on the restoration of Montreal Street Railway tramcar 274.

Hays Station has received all new windows and doors, new floors, is fully climate controlled to today’s archival standards and has been brought up to code. The second floor has been made into exhibition space permitting the installation of the Wellington Tower train control panels and the display of more artefacts for the public. A new large viewing window has been installed on the second floor giving visitors an excellent view of the turntable and yards.

Building 5 has received new doors and its roof has been resealed. Additional lighting has been installed along with new stairways and interpretive signs for each piece of equipment.

There are new station gardens in front of the Angus Pavilion, Hays Station and Delson Station.


December Schedule

Winter hours, Exporail opens Saturday and Sunday only 10:00 – 17:00, (except December 25 and 26), open December 22, 23, and 27 to 30. Railway Christmas - Eaton's miniature train exhibit, crafts and storytelling for children, model train layout and rides on a miniature railway. Annual Christmas Tea for adults telephone 450-632-2410 local 235 for reservations. 


Photo captions:

Maritime Railway No. 5 posed outside Barrington Station as its display was being marshalled for exhibition in the Angus Pavilion. Number 5, built by the Pittsburgh Locomotive Works in its final display position. Both photos, Jean-Paul Viaud.




Steve Schmollinger submitted his terrific shot showing side by side CSXT SD40-2's at the Port of Cincinnati.  Looking like scale models, CSX 8805 and 8380 are seen at Queensgate.


Ex-SOO SD60 now owned by lease company CEFX seen in Dalton, Georgia on October 28, 2010 (photo by Matt Meadows).


Fortescue Mining Group have recently been looking at used locomotive market in USA to obtain some AC units. Withdrawn SD90MAC-H previously operated by Union Pacific but retired in 2008 to EMLX the lessor and owners being stored at Brewster Ohio were inspected and five obtained.

FMG have purchased ex UP numbers 8522, 8527, (both built in London) 8539, 8541 and 8554 as spare. These locomotives will be rebuilt and converted by Norfolk and Southern at its Juniata Shops in Altoona Pennsylvania into SD70MACe type locomotives fitted with EMD 710G3C 4300hp engine. Other modification and refurbishment including repainting in FMG livery will be undertaken with the locomotives anticipated to be shipped to Port Hedland, Western Australia in early 2011. 


Progress Rail Services announced in October the site selection for a state-of-the-art locomotive assembly, paint and test facility to serve the diesel-electric locomotive market and allow the company to better participate in future transit projects. After an exhaustive nationwide search, Progress Rail has identified Muncie, Indiana, as the site for its newest operation.  Progress Rail made the decision to open the facility in Muncie in order to leverage logistics advantages, proximity to customers, and the well-trained workforce that the region offers. The plant will occupy 740,000 square feet and will be situated on 75 acres. This will be the first locomotive factory opened in the United States in many years. 


“UNSTOPPABLE” Hits the big screen!


With the release of the Hollywood blockbuster “UNSTOPPABLE” in November starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine and of course the quartet of leased and made-over CP AC4400CW's,  We thought this would interest you before heading out to see it.  Here is a link to see the locomotives used in the film including the famous curve scene in Bellaire, Ohio:


The film “Unstoppable” is somewhat based on a true CSX runaway from back in 2001.  Here is the true story behind CSX SD40-2 #8888 with the Ohio runaway, and how 'heroic' actions to halt the train by three brave employees helped bring the runaway train safely to a halt.  

(Much thanks to Keith McCann for submitting this to us).


On May 15th, 2001, human error caused the runaway of a crewless 47-car CSX train in Ohio.   No one was injured in the runaway incident, which began around 12:25 p.m. in Toledo, Ohio and ended two hours and nearly 70 miles later in rural Kenton.   The engineer on the train, whose name was not released, told investigators from CSX and the Federal Railroad Administration that he had made an error in controlling the train while in Stanley Yard near Toledo.  Prior to dismounting the locomotive to line a switch, the engineer intended to engage the three types of brakes on the locomotive, CSX said. He applied two brakes, but then inadvertently grabbed the throttle lever instead of the third braking lever.   By the time he realized the mistake, he was already off the locomotive, and it was moving too quickly.  CSX yesterday praised the "professionalism and heroic" actions of the employees who played starring roles in efforts to stop the train: Senior Trainmaster Jon Hosfeld, a 31-year CSX veteran; Jesse Knowlton, an engineer with 28 years' experience; and Terry Forson, a conductor with one year of service.  Together, they brought new meaning to the phrase "catch a train" as they pursued southbound SD40-2 No. 8888 and its 47 cars.  Knowlton and Forson, aboard their locomotive, chased the runaway from behind and slowed it from about 45 mph to about 10 mph. That enabled Hosfeld, who was following the train in his car, to climb aboard at a grade crossing and bring the train to a stop. "I can't praise these employees more highly," said CSX Transportation President Mich. CSX and sources close to the incident said events unfolded this way:


a. At around 12:25 p.m. On May  5th 2001, CSX #8888 and its train of 47  cars - 25 empties and 22 loads, including two cars containing molten phenol, a non-flammable chemical used to manufacture dyes, paints and pharmaceuticals - begins moving out of Stanley Yard. The train heads south on the former Conrail Toledo Branch at speeds nearing 50 mph.  After being alerted of the runaway, Hosfeld and colleague Mike Smith begin chasing the train by car. "We decided we were going to chase it down and catch it," Hosfeld told The Washington Post.


c. At Dunbridge, routes the train onto a 6,864-foot siding in the first unsuccessful attempt to derail it. The siding has a 10-mph speed limit.


At Galatea, about 32 miles south of Toledo, the train is routed into a 7,382-foot siding but again stays on the rails. As a precaution, officials order the evacuation of about 75 workers at a nearby meat packing plant.


d. At Mortimer, about 39 miles south of Toledo, derails are placed on the tracksbut the train simply sends the derails flying as it passes.


e. At Dunkirk, Control Point 61 some 61.2 miles south of Toledo, northbound train Q636 sits in the siding. The crew of the northbound train -Knowlton and Forson - are ordered to uncouple their locomotive, SD40-2 8392, and prepare to chase the runaway after it passes.


f. After the runaway passes at more than 40 mph, the dispatcher lines the switch and Knowlton runs the 8392 onto the main.


g. The 8392, running long-hood forward, approaches the runaway train in just four or five miles, and couples on between Mileposts 65 and 66. Although a CSX press release says the 8392 couples onto the train at 25 mph, sources close to the incident say the 8392 ties onto the runaway at about 50 mph. The crew informs the dispatcher that they've got the train, and Knowlton fully applies the 8392's dynamic brakes.


h. In a tug-of-war between SD40-2's, the 6392 begins winning and slows the train to about 11 mph. Despite the ascending grade near milepost 70, the 8888 is able to pull the train and the 6392 along. And then the train gains speed, rolling downgrade toward Kenton.


i. Looming just ahead is a 25-mph section of elevated track.


j.. A couple of miles later, as the train slows to between 10 and 15 mph while crossing State Route 31, Hosfeld grabs the 8888's handrail and climbs aboard as a news helicopter hovering overhead broadcasts the event. The chase ends at Milepost 74, just south of Kenton, when the train is brought to a stop at 2:30 p.m., reportedly with the throttle in Notch 8.


Investigators this morning tried to recreate the incident using the same train in Stanley Yard. As part of the investigation, CSX and the FRA interviewed all employees involved and analyzed the data from the locomotive's event recorder. All mechanical equipment was found to be working as intended, CSX said.


It was unclear whether the locomotive had an alerter. Although the FRA does not require alerter devices on freight locomotives operating outside the Northeast Corridor, the vast majority of locomotives are equipped with alerter systems that stop the train if the crew does not respond in a certain time period after the alerter sounds.  Al Crown, CSX's executive vice president-transportation, said the engineer had no prior rules violations. "This is a good employee, with 35 years of service and clean record," Crown said. "He acknowledged that he made a serious error in judgment, and he will be held accountable."  Crown said that despite the fact that CSXT has never experienced a similar incident over millions of locomotive moves, the company plans to inform all operating employees of the circumstances surrounding the incident, as well as alerting.   Crown also recognized the extraordinary support of CSXT's employees and the community agencies in the emergency. "A debt of thanks goes to every agency up and down this rail line who responded," Crown said. "Their efforts were critical to ensuring the safe outcome of this incident."  After being notified about the runaway, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency launched its disaster plan along the rail route. The State Highway Patrol, along with local police and fire departments, blocked roads at many grade crossings in the path of the runaway.  Ohio Gov. Bob Taft said “it was a miracle that there was no loss of

life or property." 

Runaway Report:

Terry Illingworth forwarded us this derailment report on the Augusta, Kansas collision which occurred

On the BNSF in 2008.

D&H Vignettes: (via Gay Knapp and Larry Marnes) Back in 1973 I took some photos of the D&H Sesquicentennial Train.  I got thinking about this and began some "file digging" which produced the two attachments:  #302 running about 60 mph headed south just south of the Cooperville crossing and #653 headed south at RO.  Hope you enjoy them.  (Larry Marnes photos).  P.S. (Technical note from Gary Knapp).  These photos taken in the days of film and chemical photography.  Camera was a Crown Graphic 4X5.  Taken at 1/200 sec., f-8, Kodak Plus-X film.  Printed in the basement using a Graflarger.  How far we've come since then!   Larry-




No news this month



Good Morning Will,


Devon Generous asked me to send you a bit of our story:


We have been working on this project for about 4 years. When we moved here we found a phenomenal community called Ogema, SK. It was their dream, since they rescued an identical railway station and brought it to Ogema, to have a tourist train. Fortunately for both of us eleven years ago groups of farmers and local residence made the discussion to purchase the 114.5 kilometers of rail line when CP decided to quit servicing it.


With this team of people deciding to work together we are now at the point where we are able to buy our equipment and can see our launch becoming a reality.  We are in the process of purchasing a GE 44-tonner from the Conway Scenic Railway in New Hampshire and a 1920's ex-Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad coach that is in Gettysburg, PA, currently owned by Gettysburg and Northern Railway.


We are in the process of raising money: we have a 200 club. This is where we need 250 people to contribute $200.00 to the locomotive fund. and 150 people to contribute $150.00 to wards a coaches. Our goal is to have 3 coaches. These clubs will pay off the loan for the purchase of both the locomotive and coach.


We are also in the contest. We are in the $100,000.00 category. This contest runs until the end of December. We are also in the until the end of the month of November. Our website is where we have quick links to both sites. The project that gets the most votes gets the money.


I have attached a picture of the locomotive and station. Please feel free to use them as space will allow. 




Cheryl-Ann Generous

CEO Southern Prairie Railway


Hi Will,


Enjoyed my first look at your site.  And, the feature on the CN GP40-2 Wide Cabs.  Twenty of them were acquired here in New England by PanAm Rwys (Guilford Rail) and are in freight service in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and eastern New York.  I believe they are pretty much the same configuration as with the CN.  I have some photos if you are interested.  The units are decorated in three different paint schemes – Guilford gray, PanAm black and blue and PanAm dark blue.


Ron Palmquist, Cape Elizabeth, Maine


Hi Will,


Effective Monday November 15th, 2010 CP 290/291 have been extended from Bensenville, Il to Sutherland, SK in order for US/North line traffic to bypass the busy yards of Winnipeg and St. Paul. One expected change will be CP 454/455 are now 452/453, and will get a lot more run-through US-based CP units, i.e. SOO, DME, ICE, CITX, US Class I's repaying HPH, into Saskatoon, SK.

Here's photo of a recent CP 291 - a taste of things to come.


Note the trailing CITX 3072 in the photo is the one-of-a-kind Alstom demo painted unit.  This train is not without precedent. Years ago there was a direct Edmonton - St. Paul train via Saskatoon. As well CP 654 runs on 290s new routing to be handed off to CSX. To date the only outbound unit potash train I've seen that wasn't DPUd - just two GE's up front. Probably a Saskatoon - Chicago grainer as well.  This is a welcomed reversal of fortune for the line. A couple years ago there was just one train CP 454/455 with 103/104 taking the mainline through Regina.

Roman Litarchuk,

CRO Western Coordinator

Saskatoon, SK


The Last Word:


Hi all,


The Rick Mercer Report in November on CBC had a super segment on the 125th Anniversary of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the symbolic driving of the last spike in 1885. Some great scenes on Stoney Creek Bridge, and interesting and funny commentary.  If you missed it, check it out here.


The Montreal Railway Modellers Association MRMA/AMFM (L'Assocition des Modelistes Ferroviaires de Montreal AMFM “60ieme Anniversaire”) held their 60th Anniversary party pn November 21st 2010.  We enjoyed a delicious meal and met with several  former members who had many stories to share.  Denis Guerin spoke elliquently about the glorious history of our 60-year old club and discussed all the incarnations that have led us to this point in time.  We also operated the HO layout as well and enjoyed  chatting with first time visitors. We have included some images from our operations in this month's “MODELLERS  CORNER” Section in CRO and our Club President, Yves Cloutier submitted this thank you note:


Bonjour à tous!


Notre diner du soixantième anniversaire a été un franc succès. Plus de cinquante personnes ont assisté à l’évènement qui a permis à certains de socialiser, de se retrouver et d’apprécier l’évolution de notre grand réseau. D’autres en ont profité pour rouler leurs trains dans une ambiance agréable.


Une page d’histoire a été tournée aujourd’hui. Nous devons regarder l’avenir de façon positive et manœuvrer pour assurer la pérennité de notre association. Denis Guérin a tracé un portrait historique du passé de l’AMFM qui démontre qu’il est possible de passer à travers bien des épreuves quand les membres sont solidaires.


En après midi, un magnifique cadeau nous a été offert par la famille Desautels, il s’agit d’une photo du pont de Stoney-Creek traitée électroniquement transférée sur toile. L’œuvre sera exposée et mise en valeur dans nos locaux à la mémoire de Guy.


Je tiens à remercier Pierre Legault, Guy Major, William Baird, Denis Guérin et tous les autres membres qui ont collaboré à faire de cette journée un moment inoubliable.


Yves Cloutier

Président de l'AMFM (Canada Central)


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