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Intermountain has announced their new HO scale Canadian Pacific GEVOs (ES44AC). They are due to be shipped this month. KCS and UP shots are also up on their page.


A photo has been posted of a revised pre-production shell for Intermountain HO scale SD 40-2W which appeared at a recent US train show:


 MTH has announced O scale versions of CNís ex UP/CNW 8-40C locos, scheduled for a July 2011 release. Locos will feature digital command and sound in powered units.

CN powered locos 2114, 2122, 2125 $449.95

CN 2131 non-powered $199.95


On The Bench


For those wondering what has happened with my VIA F40PH-2's featured previously, I had intended to paint and decal them this summer, but found out about an etched stainless steel detail fret being produced in conjunction with Kaslo Shops. This fret will include parts that I had not modelled on my units and other items that will make the models more accurate. For those who may be interested in this fret, details can be found here:


Once I receive the new details and upgrade the models, they will be painted in the spring and I will post an update here."


Models and Layouts


CN C40-8 2125 and 2105 were custom painted by this modeller just before Atlas announced they are running several numbers in the CN Noodle and the "15 years" artwork. (The 15 years logo commemorates CNís first 15 years as a publicly traded company and features CN 5616 which was the first loco accepted by the public-traded CN.)




Terry Muirhead likes to shoot VIA trains but when he visited us in Montreal last week he clicked this great shot of several CNR trains being prepared in the St-Malo Passenger Yard at Port Harcourt, ON. This is the western end of the HO Scale Canada Central Railway which operates east from Georgian Bay region into Quebec through the Maritimes and then to the Quebec - New Brunswick border.



With the VIA "Canadian" detoured over branch line trackage and holding at West Waterford, ON, two CN SD70M-2's have a chance to pass down the westbound Main at Bellevue Junction enroute to St-Paul Yard (Port Harcourt). The signals indicate both block occupancy and switch position.


CN SD75I's roll past the St-Charles yard  near the Coucelles Tower.

A Youtube video of our (Montreal Railroad Modellers Assoc) Canada Central Railway mainline in the

mountain region:




A complete list of Decembers train shows can be found at


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