Global Railway Industries (RB Recycling / CADRAIL - Lachine, QC):


Update to last months report on the MITRAIN F59PH's.  They will be used in a new Intercity service between Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI a distance of 38-miles.  The trains will operate on NS tracks use ex-Chicago Metra Galley cars, and there are eight RBRX F59PH's to be leased.   RBRX 18533 was moved over CN from Taschereau Yard on an all-CN routing to Durand, MI  where it was handed over to the HESR for furtherance to Owosso, MI.

CAD Railway Industries has now completed a rebuild of 18 of VIA's 54 F-40 locomotives. The F-40PH-2's make up 70 per cent of VIA's locomotive fleet. "Another five F-40PH-2d's will be delivered to the VIA MMC in November and December, and 16 more are scheduled to be released in 2011. The rest will be completed by the end of 2012  The major upgrades made to these locomotives will extend their life cycle by an additional 15 to 20 years, in addition to reducing maintenance costs, improving efficiency and lowering fuel consumption. The modifications include extending the long hood, increased HP, installation of new on-board computer systems, an electronic brake system, digital cameras to serve as event recorders in the event of an accident, and the VIA Renaissance paint application

American Motive Power Canada Montreal, QC.

 CN YPC011-21 left Montreal Taschereau yard for the Pointe St-Charles Yard (near Victoria Bridge) on November 21st with 12 retired ex CP units for the American Motive Power Shop.  CP numbers: CP 5748, 5733, 5713, 1577, 5576, 5721, 5700, 5804, 1576, 5669, 5566 and 1595.  These units are visibly missing parts; numbers boards, bell, headlight etc and 5804 had the right side of her cab completely removed.    The hulks were delivered by CN to to the PSC yard assignement to AMP in the former CN Point St-Charles Shop just south of downtown Montreal.


CRO December 2010