Good Morning Will,


Devon Generous asked me to send you a bit of our story:


We have been working on this project for about 4 years. When we moved here we found a phenomenal community called Ogema, SK. It was their dream, since they rescued an identical railway station and brought it to Ogema, to have a tourist train. Fortunately for both of us eleven years ago a groups of farmers and local residence made the discussion to purchase the 114.5 kilometres of rail line when CP decided to quit servicing it.


With this team of people deciding to work together we are now at the point where we are able to buy our equipment and can see our launch becoming a reality.  We are in the process of purchasing a GE 44-tonner from the Conway Scenic Railway in New Hampshire and a 1920's ex-Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad coach that is in Gettysburg, PA, currently owned by Gettysburg and Northern Railway.





We are in the process of raising money: we have a 200 club. This is where we need 250 people to contribute $200.00 to the locomotive fund. and 150 people to contribute $150.00 to wards a coaches. Our goal is to have 3 coaches. These clubs will pay off the loan for the purchase of both the locomotive and coach.


We are also in the www.refresheverything.ca contest. We are in the $100,000.00 category. This contest runs until the end of December. We are also in the www.joeysonly.ca until the end of the month of November. Our website is www.southernprairierailway.com where we have quick links to both sites. The project that gets the most votes gets the money.


I have attached a picture of the locomotive and station. Please feel free to use them as space will allow. 




Cheryl-Ann Generous

CEO Southern Prairie Railway




Hi Will,


Effective Monday November 15th, 2010 CP 290/291 have been extended from Bensenville, Il to Sutherland, SK in order for US/North line traffic to bypass the busy yards of Winnipeg and St. Paul.

One expected change will be CP 454/455 are now 452/453, and will get a lot more run-through US-based CP units, i.e. SOO, DME, ICE, CITX, US Class I's repaying HPH, into Saskatoon, SK.

Here's photo of a recent CP 291 - a taste of things to come. 




Note the trailing CITX 3072 in the photo is the one-of-a-kind Alstom demo painted unit.

This train is not without precedent. Years ago there was a direct Edmonton - St. Paul train via Saskatoon. As well CP 654 runs on 290s new routing to be handed off to CSX. To date the only outbound unit potash train I've seen that wasn't DPUd - just two GE's up front. Probably a Saskatoon - Chicago grainer as well.  This is a welcomed reversal of fortune for the line. A couple years ago there was just one train CP 454/455 with 103/104 taking the mainline through Regina.

Roman Litarchuk,

CRO Western Coordinator

Saskatoon, SK


Hi Will,

Enjoyed my first look at your site.  And, the feature on the CN GP40-2 Wide Cabs.  Twenty of them were acquired here in New England by PanAm Rwys (Guilford Rail) and are in freight  service in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and eastern New York.  I believe they are pretty much the same configuration as with the CN.  I have some photos if you are interested.  The units are decorated in three different paint schemes – Guilford gray, PanAm black and blue and Pan Am dark blue.


Ron Palmquist,

Cape Elizabeth, Maine



The Rick Mercer Report in November on CBC, had a super segment on the 125th Anniversary of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the symbolic driving of the last spike in 1885. Some great scenes on Stoney Creek Bridge, and interesting and funny commentary.  If you missed it, check it out here.   http://www.youtube.com/mercerreport


The Montreal Railway Modellers Association MRMA/AMFM (L'Assocition des Modelistes Ferroviaires de Montreal AMFM “60ieme Anniversaire”) held their 60th Anniversary party on November 21st 2010.  We enjoyed a delicious meal and met with several  former members who had many stories to share. Denis Guerin spoke elliquently about the glorious history of our 60-year old club and discussed all the incarnations that have led us to this point in time.  We also operated the HO layout as well. and enjoyed  chatting with first time visitors. We have included some images from our operations in this month's “MODELLERS  CORNER” Section in CRO and our Club President, Yves Cloutier submitted this thank you note:


I have created a new FACEBOOK page for the Montreal Railway Modeler's Association club.

Please join us.



Bonjour à tous!


Notre diner du soixantième anniversaire a été un franc succès. Plus de cinquante personnes ont assisté à l’évènement qui a permis à certains de socialiser, de se retrouver et d’apprécier l’évolution de notre grand réseau. D’autres en ont profité pour rouler leurs trains dans une ambiance agréable.


Une page d’histoire a été tournée aujourd’hui. Nous devons regarder l’avenir de façon positive et manœuvrer pour assurer la pérennité de notre association. Denis Guérin a tracé un portrait historique du passé de l’AMFM qui démontre qu’il est possible de passer à travers bien des épreuves quand les membres sont solidaires.


En après midi, un magnifique cadeau nous a été offert par la famille Desautels, il s’agit d’une photo du pont de Stoney-Creek traitée électroniquement transférée sur toile. L’œuvre sera exposée et mise en valeur dans nos locaux à la mémoire de Guy.


Je tiens à remercier Pierre Legault, Guy Major, William Baird, Denis Guérin et tous les autres membres qui ont collaboré à faire de cette journée un moment inoubliable.


Yves Cloutier

Président de l'AMFM (Canada Central)


Let us know how we are doing by dropping us a line.


Sent to William H Baird Editor CRO


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