On Nov 4th, Trevor Mills our Archivist opened a thick envelope, he had just received. The package contained a copy of the BC Government’s file on the PGE 2-6-2 No. 2. This Locomotive is part of the WCRA Collection and scheduled for restoration. The package estimated to contain at least 80 pages is thanks to Martin Howbold of the BC Safety Authority, who took the time to copy the official records for us.


PGE #2, a 2-6-2ST was built by Baldwin in 1910 for the Howe Sound, Pemberton Valley & Northern Railway, became No. 7 on the Comox Logging & Railway Co. sometime in 1920. The file includes a page called the INSPECTOR'S REPORT OF EXAMINATION AND HYDROSTATIC BOILER TEST which shows she is in good condition on the date issued, which was Nov. 4th, 1920 ... (90 years to the day; don’t you love coincidences).



Business car WCXX 8 “Alberta” has now been mounted on its rebuilt trucks and was then moved back to the PGE Carshop from the Motive Power 2 shop across the road. It is now in the very final stages of completion, the brake system completion has just occurred, final interior painting is being done, and the carpet installation is next. Lounge furnishings will then be installed and the car will be inspected and certified. Presently, we expect it operational before the end December. After certification (to Class 1 standards) the Alberta will become part of the WCRA Operational Trainset and will make its display home in the CN Roundhouse and Conference Centre.



The gem of the WCRA collection, the 1890 Business Car “British Columbia”, has received a finishing touch in the form of a set of rear marker lamps donated by Peter Cox.

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Waterloo Central Railway (Southern Onltario Locomotive Preservation Society) announced  they received two (ex-GTW) fully restored passenger cars on November 19th which will be used  on the Waterloo Central 2010 Santa Train.


Ex-CN  snowplow #55400 (built by National Steel Car 1935)  was moved in mid-November from CN's Walkley Yard in Ottawa, Ontario, to the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls, ON. Total distance of the road move was roughly 60 miles, due to detours around some very low wires.

Load height was 16'8", width 11'0". The weight of the body is roughly 29 tons. (Steve Hunter)


Exporail (CRHA-Montreal) News: December 2010

During this year, Exporail has been carrying out a $1.3 million capital improvement project called Plan B. The major elements of the plan call for the modernization of Hays station and converting Building 5 into an open reserve. Also included are the creation of three station gardens, installing three interpretation islands, new signage and the restoration of steam locomotive Maritime Railway number 5 is now complete and it has been placed in the Angus pavilion. Work continues off site on the restoration of Montreal Street Railway tramcar 274.

Hays Station has received all new windows and doors, new floors, is fully climate controlled to today’s archival standards and has been brought up to code. The second floor has been made into exhibition space permitting the installation of the Wellington Tower train control panels and the display of more artifacts for the public. A new large viewing window has been installed on the second floor giving visitors an excellent view of the turntable and yards.

Building 5 has received new doors and its roof has been resealed. Additional lighting has been installed along with new stairways and interpretive signs for each piece of equipment.

There are new station gardens in front of the Angus Pavilion, Hays Station and Delson Station.


December Schedule

Winter hours, Exporail opens Saturday and Sunday only 10:00 – 17:00, (except December 25 and 26), open December 22, 23, 27 to 30. Railway Christmas - Eaton's miniature train exhibit, crafts and storytelling for children, model train layout and rides on a miniature railway. Annual Christmas Tea for adults telephone 450-632-2410 local 235 for reservations. 



Maritime Railway No. 5 posed outside Barrington Station as its display was being marshalled for exhibition in the Angus Pavilion.



Number 5, built by the Pittsburgh Locomotive Works in its final display position. Both photos, Jean-Paul Viaud.


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