Don McQueen


Summary of EMCC activity during October 2010:


Twenty-one locomotives were shipped from London during October for two customers. 


    The last eight (4016, 4018 to 4024) of 25 SD70ACe units for Saudi Arabia (SAR) left the plant for Montreal via GEXR and CN. 


    The first 13 deliveries of 45 CN SD70DCe (SD70M-2) were made in two batches (8917 to 8924 and 8925 to 8929) at London East.  


    Repowered UP SD59MX 9905 and 9909 were returned to the plant during the month.


In mid-November, Walter Pfefferle caught the following new CN EMD SD70DCes (SD70M-2's):

CN 8930, 8931, 8932, 8933, 8934 and 8936.at London East



New GM Locomotive orders:

(by Sean Graham-White)


The following 2011`orders have all been publicized in some manner:

Freightliner PH37ACmi 70013-70020 NS ES44AC 8067-8091 (8024-8066 in 2010)

Transnet C30ACi #s? (South Africa - Qty of 10 built in USA)

NS SD70ACe 1000-1024 SNIM SD70AC CC122-CC127 (Mauritania)

BHP Billiton Iron Ore have further 10 SD70MACe locomotives numbered #4374 thru #4383 on order from EMCC of London Ontario Canada whose delivery is anticipated in August/September 2011.

Further BHP Billiton Iron Ore SD70MACe have been named over past two months with

#4324 being named Tjilla,

#4325 being named Jimblebar,

#4333 being named Karlkura,

#4337 being named Osuma Maru,

#4338 being named Pepper,

#4340 being named Woodstock and

#4344 being named Tenacity.


Note: There are other GM orders out there but they have not been announced yet.



Recent developments regarding London-built JT42CWRs (66 class):

(From Michael Hunt)


Former Fastline No. 66304 has been fitted with a replacement Works Plate decal, this time with the correct information! All five of the former Fastline locos, 66301 - 305, have now been leased by DRS, and are going through the facility at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent, for a mini overhaul, since they have been out of use for a protracted period since Jarvis went into administration. When this work is completed, DRS plans to return 66411 - 66415 to HBOS leasing. All of this because they have secured a better leasing deal from BTMU Capital Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts. Things are tight financially over here!


CRO December 2010